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10 Awesome Gift Ideas for Guys with Beards

10 Awesome Gift Ideas for Guys with Beards

Looking for some great gift ideas for guys with beards?  Well then you are in luck, because these days, having a beard is kind of a “thing”, and that thing brings bearded guys into this whole lifestyle of sorts where beards take on a life of their own.   

As someone that has a beard, I personally think it’s all a bit much, but I’ll be the first to say, what a great time to have facial hair!  The amount of cool stuff out there for guys with a bearded face is amazing, so if you have a guy in your life that needs a solid gift and a special occasion is coming up (Valentines, Fathers Day, Birthday, Christmas, etc..) then do we have some great gift ideas for you!  


Gift Ideas for Beardy Guys

Getting gifts for guys with facial hair can be a little bit challenging. The issue is always trying to get the perfect gift. There’s no telling what the ideal gift is for such individuals as they each have different tastes and preferences. Several products are available on the market that focus on beard care. In the modern world, for quite a while beards didn’t have a place in the workforce as a clean shave was considered ideal. But slowly and over time they are being welcomed back to the corporate world, boardrooms included.

Finding a guy an appropriate gift can be a bit challenging especially when you don't truly understand their needs. For guys with beards, you have your work cut out for you. Below are 8 beard care and 2  fun beard gifts that you can give beardy guys during any season, whether it’s Christmas, Valentine or their birthday.


1.    Beard Shaping Template

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To give the beards the perfect styles for less, a shaping tool is necessary. To achieve the different facial hair styles men need a shaping tool and the best trimmer. Facial hair care has advanced in recent years, and the introduction of such shapers is one such development. Several brands are available on the market; Aberlite Shaper is a good example. The shaping tool will save them lots of time and helps them avoid a disastrous look.


2.   Best Trimmer

The majority of men tend to have corroded very aged clippers which they will use to trim off the edges of their beards. It’s time to change that by giving them a shaving set or trimmers. On the market is a range of shaving accessories and accessing the best electric shaver will be easy. Providing good beard care will require getting the best facial hair trimmer. For mens haircuts, they can come in handy. The Muhle R89 Chrome Shaving Set is an excellent example.


3.    Get a Beard Kit


For beard care, you can get a complete kit which comes in various designs and packaging. It's critical to establish the man's needs and preferences before settling on the perfect set. The sets are ideal for various facial hair styles. Instead of having a range of items spreading all over the bathroom, you can have everything in one place. Several packaging options are available; each designed to suit one’s preferences. You can purchase a kit with leather or cigar-like packaging. The kit come with the following items inside:

  •         Beard brush
  •         Beard comb
  •         Oil
  •         Soap
  •         Moisturizer
  •         Conditioner
  •         Shavers/trimmers


4.    A Safety Razor Double Edged


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To achieve the desired facial hair styles, facial hair care requires the use of a safety razor that's double-edged. It's an essential item since a poor shaver will affect the skin in the long term. Some companies have succeeded in creating the perfect shaver, one that will not cause ingrown hairs to appear or keep bacteria that will affect your skin. The shaver will give several styles for less time and money.


5.    Beard Care Requires Oil

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Beards need oil for the perfect shave. Before applying the shaving cream, it's critical to use oil - it reduces friction that would otherwise be created without its use. If your guy has bumps on his beard/neck region, the oil is the perfect gift. Get them the best oil for the perfect hurt-free shave.


6.    Go For the Best Beard Brush

The beards too need their own unique brushes. A beard brush serves many purposes other than keeping the beard looking sharp. There’s a shaving brush which prepares the hairs for shaving by making them soft and lifting the hair. The brushes are also critical for beard care because they help on how to grow a beard. How? Using a beard brush stimulates the production of sebum oils and follicle movement. They also remove beardruff by exfoliation the skin underneath the beards. It’s advisable to have both a facial hair comb and a brush.


7.    Beards Need Moisturizer

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For the best beard care, a moisturizer must be included on our list. Several options are available on the market. The key is to identify the ones ideal for the man you're gifting. When learning how to grow a beard, among the aspects one has to consider is the use of a moisturizer which serves the following purposes:

  •         Keeps the skin protected, hydrated and soft
  •         Has leave-in conditioning power
  •         Eliminates skin irritations


8.    Beards Need Soap

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Yes, part of facial hair care requires identifying the ideal soap to use. Find out which detergents work well with the various skin types. If you know which soap type works for the man you are gifting the better, if not go for the ones that work well different skin. Avoid soaps that will cause skin irritations or dry out the skin. Although the best soaps will need a brush and take some time to lather, they are worth it.


Fun Beard Guy Gift Items

Guys who love their facial hair will enjoy having these two gifts, though several other alternatives exist.


9.    Beard T-shirts and Hoodies

Other than beard care items, hoodies and t-shirts can make for the perfect gift. On the market is a range of T-shirts and hoodies with slogans and other fun writings and designs.


10.  Beard Mugs

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Like the t-shirts and hoodies, beard mugs will definitely bring some joy to the gift recipient. They are a playful but fantastic gift. Several cups for facial hair loving persons with unique designs and slogans can be found on the market.



Well, finding the most suitable gift on beard care isn’t going to be challenging anymore. Whether it’s for someone learning how to grow a beard or if they've had it for a long time, our list of gifts will definitely work. The list focuses on a few critical items. There are several other items not on the list but available on the market. With a bit of research finding the perfect item for your bearded husband, boyfriend, dad, uncle or friend will be easy.

What other beard care gifts have worked for you? Please share with us and also let us know if the list was useful.


Author's bio: Joshua is the guy who started growing his beard as soon as the first hairs appeared on his face. During this time, he learned a lot about how to properly care for his beard and is ready to share his experience with others.