By gavincaganoff / July 21, 2022 /
10 Awesome Thank You Gift Ideas For Coworker's

Here is a round up of our top 10 thank you gift ideas for Coworkers

Being part of a team means has a certain give and take, which is why it’s important to acknowledge your coworkers’ support and show your gratitude when someone goes the extra mile and lends a helping hand.    Now, in most situations, a sincere thank you and a coffee or a flower bouquet should be enough. Also, in the spirit of being a good team member and in an effort to get along with your coworkers, it’s a good idea to offer your services and/or assistance should the situation arise. Still, it’s equally important to avoid coming off as a pushover, since there are people who won’t think twice about dumping their work responsibilities on you.    Therefore, the best way to thank a coworker for being supportive and helpful is to offer them an office-appropriate gift (unless you have a more personal relationship). Now, choosing a useful and interesting gift for someone you don’t know can be a challenging task, so if you have trouble coming up with a corporate gift idea, here a few amazing suggestions to get you started: 

#1: A Voucher or Subscription

Most people have their small guilty pleasure (coffee, tobacco, yogurt) that they usually like to talk about or even indulge in while at the office. That’s an extremely good thing when you’re looking for gift ideas as all you have to do is observe their daily habits.    For instance, if your giftee is passionate about coffee and likes to talk about roasted beans, special blends, and always pays attention to how the barista is making their favorite caffeinated beverage, you should make their day with a voucher at their favorite coffee shop. On the same note, if they like a specific service, you can offer them a paid subscription to that service. 

#2: A Gift Basket

The gift basket is a really great idea as you can put anything you want in it. Therefore, you can play with the idea and put together a basket with everything they like from snacks (healthy or not) to sweets to office supplies.    However, if the gift is for a superior or a mentor, you may want to take a more official approach and offer them a personalized gift basket that best fits their preferences. 

#3: A Plant

Sure, it may seem outdated and a bit out of touch with the modern office environment, but plants make for great desk decorations and tend to boost one’s energy and commitment levels. So, unless you know your colleague absolutely detests plants, a cute cactus or a mini succulent plant can be a very thoughtful gift. You should also pay attention in choosing the pot, as it can also help boost the mood and make the gift more memorable. 

#4: Tickets to An Event

If the colleague you are being grateful towards went more than the extra mile for you, it’s only fair for you to do the same. Therefore, if they have a favorite artist (that you know about) or a favorite sports team, a good idea would be to get them tickets to an event that includes their idol(s). However, it’s best to check with them regarding availability and (if the event is not local) whether or not they are willing to travel there.    So, instead of making this gift a surprise, it’s best to discuss it with your colleague first. Be gentle about it and expect to be met with some resistance at first. If they refuse be gracious about it but also make sure it’s not out of consideration for you.    

#5: Merch from their Favorite Artist/Show

Even adults can have an artist/ YouTuber/ TV show that they like so much they want to have merch representing their personal brand! Even more, these preferences are easy to spot since they’ll most likely talk about it all the time.    So, as a thank you, buy them that t-shirt, hoodie, mug, or poster (or any other products celebrities may offer). It will definitely be a well-received gift and it won’t even cost you that much!

#6: A Spa Day

Your colleague probably had to cut time from their own free time, maybe they even lost some sleep over how to solve various problems that were supposed to be solved by you or your team. So, it would be an understatement to say that their stress levels are a bit high.    To show your gratitude offer them a spa day at one of the best salons in town (or at one you know you can afford). And, if they can’t take time off to enjoy your gift, offer to help them out by taking over some of their tasks. 

#7: A Special Beverage Container

Whether it’s a mug or a bottle, most office workers have at least one such item always sitting on their desk. They use it for water, tea, coffee, juice, whatever and it can get to be one of their most prized possessions.    In this case, a great gift would be a mug or a bottle that can keep beverages hot or cold for a period of time. This way, they can get to enjoy that hot tea or cold juice even if they got too absorbed by work and forgot to drink it in time. You may also want to add a cute message on the container, to remind them of you or the project you solved together. 

#8: Charging Station

We have a wide range of devices that need charging nowadays, so your colleague may appreciate a charging station that allows them to charge multiple devices at once. In addition, if the charger also doubles as a stand, you may have hit the jackpot for office gifts!    A charging stand lets people use their phone even while charging and it is a step forward towards an organized desk. Also, an alternative to this gift idea is a portable battery that they can carry in a bag or purse for everyday use. 

#9: Take Them Out

Whether it’s for dinner or for drinks during the weekend, treat them with a few hours out in the city. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get to know each other, and a way to socialize outside work. However, it’s important to allow them to choose the best time and place (if they have a preference) to make sure it fits well with their schedule.    This type of gift works amazingly well with those colleagues who like to test out new venues and enjoy high-quality dishes. True, it may be a little expensive, but you also have a lot to learn from such a person. 

#10: Your Creativity

If you have a hobby that involves creativity (like painting, taking photos, knitting, furniture making, and so on) and you know they appreciate it, use your skills to create something unique and special. For instance, if you paint, a great gift could be a painting of their pet(s) or of a special moment you shared at the office. The same goes for any other creative hobby you may have - put your heart and soul into your gift and they will definitely appreciate it. 

Wrap Up

Overall, it is a good idea to observe someone’s office habits and listen to their complaints in order to understand the type of gift that would work best for them. Luckily, if you are part of the same team, it should be rather easy to identify your coworkers’ cute preferences.