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10 Best Gifts For Travelers In 2021

No matter how much you admire the globetrotters, traveling is not that fancy. Many people drool over Instagram clicks, posts, stories and wonder when they will step out next. However, there is more to this idea. For many, gadgets and accessories are more important than the usual travel essentials like a filter bottle, bear spray, and so many more. Meanwhile, one should not forget that different traveling types call for diverse requirements.

For mountaineering, you might require waterproof climbing shoes, a hiking stick, and a head torch. When it comes to beach exploration, an SPF sunscreen along with a pair of beach attires are what you require. Going by this formula, what makes your perfect holiday look fancier? Selecting a particular gadget or accessory is not easy. When you are buying wanderlust presents for your vagabond explorer, it is essential to understand their traveling taste.

Do they love exploring nature or love to unwind amid a luxurious environment? If this is what you are thinking, skip your money-belt and set budgets this year and buy a holiday travel gift your friend or loved one would love to have in their possession. Understand the fact that the global pandemic has changed the notion of traveling. Even those who used to live under luxurious roofs are beginning to don the explorative hat. Moreover, this can trick you into buying an unusual traveling gift, which your traveler friend might not appreciate. Some people love to travel light and keep what’s necessary on the road. Remember, they are not a homogenous bunch.

From globes and maps to sustainable gifts, novelty gifts to convenient ideas to travel-inspired jewelry, you are going to get spoiled for choice. You will find something for every traveler in this guide, even those who are not yet bitten by a travel bug. So, act wisely and shop sagely. Here is a rundown of some of the best gifts for travelers that you might not want to miss out on in 2021.

1.  Packing Cubes

Sorting luggage while on the go can be painful. When you carry a duffle bag or even a trolley, packing clothes and undergarments altogether can become quite a hassle. Not only will it enable you to do rounds of opening and closing the bag whenever you need something, but it will also end up taking more time. However, packing cubes are a crucial tool for someone who likes to be organized throughout. Whether you are a backpacker or a travel buff who likes to travel with dozens of suitcases, such packing cubes can help you pack things individually. While you can pack undergarments in one cube, upper wear and bottoms can go into other cubes for easy maneuvering. If you are wondering about their size, do not worry. Packing cubes come in various sizes and types, allowing you to store belongings without any struggle.

2.  A Roof Rack

Most vehicles today have roof racks. You might think, how did such a product become trending equipment in the automobile industry. That is because it comprises several advantages. So, if you have a friend who travels a lot with camping, surfing, or significant equipment, a roof rack might do the trick for them. Roof racks tend to maximize a car’s storage space, improve its appearance, allow you to set up more lighting, and prevent interior damage. Moreover, if you travel heavy with surfing boards or roof tents, quality and sturdy roof racks might be ideal for your Land Rover Discovery 4. In case you are traveling with delicate cargo, you can stack them on the roof rack without worrying much. Cargo boxes come with water-resistant covers and are relatively more durable than ordinary ones. Know that some roof racks also come with seals and locks to prevent anything from falling off.

3.  Travel Adapter

If there is one problem that international travelers face frequently is the plug and socket types. Since different countries have their socket types, you might just want to prepare for a universal adapter beforehand. On the downside, nothing is more depressing than reaching a new destination and realizing you cannot plug in your laptops or smartphones. A travel adapter is an essential accessory one should not forget. Look for adapters that can accommodate Type, A, B, C, D, E, and F socket types. These sockets are mainly used in American and European countries. Another vital factor to consider is the inclusion of USB ports in travel adaptors. There might be moments when you forget the plug behind. In such cases, a wire plugged into the adapter might save your day. Some of the best universal adapters are easy to use, lightweight, and cheap.

4.  Filter Water Bottle & Healthy Supplements

If your friend loves the idea of venturing into further afield, say Australian outbacks or Asia to fish, camp, and backpack, they might require a filter water bottle. Such a bottle is pivotal if you are on a quest to explore untouched paths. And, when it comes to such trails, it is primarily remote. And in remote areas, fresh water and food are two of the most extinct things. While you may manage to turn several substances into food, water is another story. You would not want E. Coli or Giardia to accompany you. Hardcore travel enthusiasts swear by a quality water purifier bottle. Here’s why: With 24 ounces, a bottle is big enough to keep your travel buff hydrated. Moreover, you can quickly fill water from any tap without pumps or straws. The second stage of a filter water bottle activates the carbon filter that reduces chlorine aftertastes and odor. Ever given a thought about carrying natural supplements with you while on the road? Make sure you buy weed from trusted dispensary since supplements like CBD, kratom powder and magic mushrooms can be your ideal unwinding companions if you run out of motivation or suffer from pain and travel anxiety.

5.  Scratch Travel Maps

Many explorers like to look back at their journeys, experience to unwind and absorb the missing energy. If you have someone who likes to follow such a ritual, a scratch travel map is an ideal present. Such maps are a creative way to remember past travels while inspiring your present being to plan future endeavors. If you live to explore and travel to different countries, such a scratch travel map is an ideal way to deck your wall. All you have to do is scratch the area you have visited. Doing so will uncover the hidden continents or countries as you set foot on new lands. Moreover, it is essential to know that it reveals new colorful patches of the land underneath when you scratch a specific area on the map. This is a perfect secret Santa gift for wanderlust friends. They can even tape the scratch map to their wall and make it a showcase piece for the past travel sojourns.

6.  A DSLR or GoPro for Travel Enthusiasts

Those who do not want to document their experiences through a pen often go with camera shots. To be fair, not everyone has enough time to sit and sketch imagery. These days, travelers are more into moving on from one place to another in no time. Digital mirrorless cameras are an ideal option for such travelers. Mirrorless cameras are perfect travel partners since they are lighter than standard DSLRs. If you are new to this segment, start with the Sony Alpha a6000 machine. If you are already checking out its price, know that it will be your one-time investment for several years. Even though today’s smartphones are equipped with quality lenses, one cannot replace a digital camera. Mastering the manual pickings of such a machine can be a daunting task at first. But, know that Rome was not built in a day. To click some of the best shots, you have to hone what you hold. If you like to capture flora and fauna, go for a 70-300 mm lens. Most of the stock lenses are 18-55 mm, so make sure you already know what you’ll be buying. The stock lens is ideal for capturing landscapes. And, do not forget to buy a UV filter for your lens. A GoPro action camera is yet another machine that can add a surprising element to your travel journey. Since you would want to document your trip or even speak in front of the camera for vlogging and Instagram snaps, a GoPro camera will be easy to accommodate and maneuver. With image stabilizing and endless shot features, you can mount the camera on top of your headgear, around the chest, or hook it on your motorbike’s handle holder for seamless videos.

7.  A Quality Travel Bag

Why not go for a stylish, durable travel bag built for a lifetime of travel for someone who has a knack for quality traveling? Select from a wide range of travel bags, from side ones, day bags, to backpacks of up to 30-40 liters. While some experienced hikers choose Osprey or Deuter backpacks for the rugged environment and endless features, you can start with Quechua. Remember, nearly all travel backpacks comprise starter features like shoe storage, water-resistant material, magnetic bottle pockets, quality zippers, TSA-ready laptop spaces or sleeves. However, the factor that determines your gift should correlate with the type of traveling your friend is into. Understanding specific bag spaces is quite essential. Some might require a laptop sleeve, and others may look for a portable bottle space with a straw in place of that.

8.  A Minimalist Watch

A good watch is indeed the best travel companion you would wish for. When you combine elegance with function, it can blend with any occasion. From your business trips to wine country weekends, a minimalist watch is an ideal companion for the wrist. Whether it’s a gift for a special occasion or holiday spree, such an accessory can remind the wanderer who has lost track of time while exploring out and about. Some watches come with timeless, clean aesthetics and offer an opportunity to create your bundle kit for the globetrotter you know. You can pick an online vendor and create a single watch kit, a couple of colored-straps, and cases. Starter’s tip: For modern explorers, look out for the stylish Pioneer Chronograph.

9.  A Travel Notebook/Journal

When it comes to purchasing presents for vagabonds, it is pretty easy to overlook the obvious options. Every traveler needs a course of action to document their road experiences. Even though most modernists have a camera, blog, and social media profiles nowadays, nothing can beat the experience of penning down in an old-fashioned travel notebook. Some people also love to replicate imageries found on the road through drawings. You can use a travel journal in many ways. From drawing a rough road map, jotting names of specific places to photo memories, sketches, and references, one can do anything. The only determining factor behind selecting a travel notebook or a journal is its paper quality. Ask the assistant at any stationery store to educate you on the paper used in the notebook.

10.  A Portable Charger

While on the road, we use cameras, smartphones, and other electronic gadgets to the maximum extent. And, there is nothing worse than running low on batteries when you require your equipment the most. For people who keep directions, translation apps, and ticket confirmations on their smartphones, such a situation can be unsettling. A universal portable charger allows you to travel anywhere without the worry of your phone losing battery. You can pick a portable charger based on your phone usage. Remember, external factors like snowy weather and chilly evenings can drain the battery quickly. You might want a heavier charger that can charge your smartphone and other equipment more than twice a day in such cases. Furthermore, if you own a Kindle to read specific books at night, it is advisable to buy a quality one that will not make you regret your purchase.

The Bottom Line

Traveling is not just about unwinding and being on the road. Several other factors can make or derail your traveling experience. The inclusion of travel-centric accessories is pivotal to a successful trip. Speaking of which, one should never forget to keep the likes of a universal travel adaptor, portable chargers, filter water bottles, and healthy supplements to assist their travel affair. Whenever you search for a perfect travel gift for a wanderer, this list can guide you to find some of the essential presents for their upcoming journeys. Regardless of the budget, there is always something or the other you can pick, knowing the scale of your friend’s traveling scale.