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10 Great Last Minute Gift Ideas for Him

We’ve all been there: the awful, punch-in-the-gut feeling that hits when you realize you forgot to get a gift for an important person in your life. But being strapped for time doesn’t mean you have to give up on creativity or quality. Whether it’s for your dad, your brother, your best friend or another special guy, it’s never too late to recover and come out looking like a champion gift-giver. To make it look like you didn’t just grab something off the shelf at the local gas station, read on to get the scoop on ten great last-minute gift ideas for him.

1 Timeless Togs

While a lot of people think it’s important to come up with a super-original gift idea, the classics are often greatly appreciated. This is especially true if he’s not a shopper. Something like a silk tie or a genuine leather belt that will spruce up his standard office outfits might be just what he’d like. Other stylish yet useful apparel options include leather driving gloves, luxurious merino wool socks, or a super soft baby alpaca scarf. Quality-made classics offer the added benefit of keeping with slow fashion guidelines that clothes are meant to last, and not wind up in a landfill next month.

2 Incredible Edibles

‘The way to a man’s stomach is through his stomach’ is a cliché for good reason: it’s true. Food is an easy winner when it comes to last-minute gifts for guys. Think things like candy, cookies, or cheese — and that’s just a few food words that start with the letter ‘C’. If your guy has a specialty interest like exotic meats, hot sauce, or vegan foods, you can find a gift box for that too. You can also combine interests, like golf and food. Another gimme in the ingestible category: booze. Guys will never be disappointed with a bottle of their favorite liquid courage.

3 Specialty Stemware

A natural corollary to the above. Whether your guy is into craft beer, Bourbon whiskey, or fine French wine, there’s a special glass to enjoy it in. Guys may not admit it, but they like looking professional when they do anything from playing ball to relaxing with an after-dinner drink. Even if he already owns standard glassware, he may appreciate a stemless version, or unique tumblers with finger indentations for a better grip. Score bonus points for picking his favorite bottle along with the appropriate drinking glasses. Your guy not into alcohol? There are endless options for coffee and tea lovers too.

4. Wine Gear

Specialized glasses are just the beginning when it comes to wine. For the serious wine enthusiast, give him an in-bottle wine opener and preservation system that allows him to enjoy a glass without removing the cork. Here’s how it works: A needle bores a tiny hole and inert argon fills the empty space, meaning he can enjoy the bottle on his terms: for weeks, months, or even years. To decant in seconds rather than hours, a fancy aerator is another great gift option for the oenophile, as is a cordless electric bottle opener. No more struggling with that old skin-mangling corkscrew. To incorporate multiple hobbies, you can find an endless variety of themed wine bottle stoppers.

5. Subscription Boxes

For a gift that keeps on giving, a subscription box is a great option. You can find a subscription for literally any interest from cufflinks to survival gear. Top picks include food and liquor, but a couple of other options that you might not immediately think of are clothing and skincare. You read that right: a lot of guys aren’t big on shopping, but they like to look smart and new clothes and skincare products that just show up on their doorstep are incredibly appealing. If your guy is more old-school, a favorite magazine makes a super-easy gift.

6. Terrific Tech

Guys can sometimes be kind of like seagulls: they see something shiny and new and they gotta have it. There’s no denying that guys love their gadgets. This might mean that yours already has quite a collection, but very few guys will be disappointed with another new toy. Lucky for you, new gadgetry hits the market almost every day. Top tech picks for men include wireless headphones, wireless phone chargers, fitness trackers, sleep earbuds, and drones. Combine apparel with tech and give him a Bluetooth beanie so he can rock out to music and take calls while he’s out taking care of himself. Another option is Levi’s jean jacket that syncs with his phone so he can skip a song, snap a pic or call up a voice assistant with a simple swipe or tap. If your guy is the type who already has everything, consider a stylish case for his gear.

7. Grill Gear

Whether it’s the flavor, the quasi-danger of cooking over an open fire (what guy doesn’t love the potential of stuff blowing up?), or the fact that there’s minimal clean up involved, even if your man eats tuna straight from the can, just about every guy loves to grill. Grill-related gifts are endless: wireless technology to watch food and control grill temps, oversize tools, spices, and cool aprons, not to mention the stuff he’ll be tossing on the grill, including steaks, ribs, and seafood. If your guy is a big meat lover, you can also consider a vacuum sealer. For men who love the flavor of grilled food but have limited space, get him a smokeless indoor grill.

8. Dictionary Safe

For bookworms and anyone who ever imagined himself as James Bond, a dictionary safe makes a cool yet practical and totally unique gift. It blends right in with his other books, but hides a solid stainless steel safe inside, perfect for storing money, important documents, jewelry, or other valuables. You can even prime the pump so to speak by putting a special photo, a watch, or some cash inside.

9. Experiences

For the man who has everything, give him the gift of an adventure: skydiving, race car rental, hiking with huskies, even a session of zombie infection survival. Drive a tank through a trailer home or escape from a prison van, virtually anything you can dream of can be done. Whether you purchase an experience set up by someone else or dream it up yourself, it’s a one-of-a-kind gift that will surely please. Bonus: This type of gift also buys you extra time.

10. Bazooka Blaster

No matter what he says, no man will ever be disappointed with the adrenaline rush that comes with the ownership of a new super-duper toy gun. Stylish and cool, you can find models that fire from incredible distances and come with awesome additions like a targeting scope or dual-rail barrels, among other customizing options. Get yourself one at the same time and blast him if he dares accuse you of last-minute shopping.

It goes without saying that if you’re ordering online, it’s important to check delivery times. But with so many ideas and the availability of same-day shipping, you’re sure to find something he’ll love!