10 Things to Put in a Gift Basket for Him

By Customer Service / July 21, 2022 /

Why do girls have all the gifts? We all have showered the women in our lives with gifts on different occasions, be it Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, daughters day, or any festivities. Agree or not, we have all taken men for granted when it comes to making them feel special and expressing our emotions through gifts. While they rarely express their feelings or make any demands, they also desire to feel valued and loved. It's our more responsibility to make the anchors of our life feel cherished. While you can never go wrong with the classic options like a pair of socks, ties, belts, or wallet, finding perfect gifts for men isn't always easy. You need to know their choices in sports, drinks, perfumes, etc., to find the gift they are bound to love. Men generally don't put much thought into what they wear and also refrain from changing anything in their lifestyle, if not necessary. So, you need to put a lot of thought into what you select.

Here are some gifts to put in the basket for men:

1.  Favorite drinks

When in doubt, go for booze. This one gift idea never fails in working wonders. Whether the man in your life is a casual beer snob or a sophisticated martini lover, you can easily impress them by gifting their favorite liquor set. For that, you need to know details like whether he is loyal to any particular brand or is willing to try different options. Choose from various liquor choices such as Whisky, Vodka, Scotch, Tequila, Rum, etc. Accompany the booze with wine glasses, shot glasses, pint glasses, and a bottle opener, so you don't leave them hanging.  

2.  Golf kit

We all have a serious golf lover in our life who always wakes up early and drives to faraway locations just to watch live golf matches. By golf lover, we don't mean one who religiously watches their teams play; we are talking about the fanatic who equally loves dressing the part and celebrating the win in a grand style. Gift them a Golf themed gift set containing all the essentials like Golf t-shirts, balls, golf tees, tools, a golf towel, etc. You can outdo yourself by adding the customization element. Imagine them using the golf towel with the name of their favorite club along with their initials engraved on it! It would be a sight to behold.

3.  Perfume sets

Apart from a beard, one thing that entices the most about men is how they smell. Perfume, Cologne, or an Aftershave might be the best gift for him.
  • It's something he will be using every day, and while doing so, he will definitely think of you.
Ensure that you know the fragrance choice of the person you are going to gift it to. There are several fragrances out there, such as citrus, herbal, tobacco, woody, etc.

4.  Coffee kit

If your man loves booze, the stakes are high that he is a caffeine lover too. After all, coffee is what gets him through his morning hangovers, headaches, drowsiness, etc. Include some of his favorite coffee beans. Choose from different options like Caramel, Espresso, Flavored beans like Choco Fudge, French Vanilla, cinnamon, etc. You can also include a travel coffee mug in the basket.

5.   Fitness Kits

Beers, junk foods don't exactly make a healthy gift. And for men who wouldn't let a six-pack beer mess with their six-pack abs; fitness kits make for a perfect gift. Fill the basket with a lot of protein bars, healthy fruit and nut snacks, energy drinks, muscle milk, tuna cans, yogurt, etc. Make sure you include sugar-free and low carbs snacks. To impress your fitness freak, you can also add a fitness tracker to the basket if your budget allows it. A fitness tracker will monitor the health and encourage the recipient to get the workout done before starting their workday. They will also remind them to pause their work and take breaks for a short walk or brisk running to get the blood flowing. There are various reliable fitness wearable brands like Redmi, Fitbit, and Apple, to suit every budget.

6.   Barbeque gifts

Many men usually hate cooking but love grilling and barbecuing. Ironic! Isn't it? For your barbecue lover, you can include party snacks in the basket along with all the tools like Barbeque gloves, knife for cutting meat, utensils, grill brush, and grill baskets. Add some sauces for flavoring the grilled meat, smoker plants for adding woody smell and taste to food. You can also add some exotic frozen meat or beef to the basket to make the process instantaneous and hustle-free. A barbecue night under the open, starry sky might be one of the most precious memories for your man.

7.  Grooming Kit

It's not a secret that women love to look good, but it's equally important for a man to be well-groomed. Many of them don't prioritize the way they look. It can have adverse effects on their confidence and self-esteem and can also negatively affect their mood and productivity in the long run. Remind your man to look after himself by gifting skin and hair grooming products. You can also add a trimmer to the gift basket. A trimmer is a necessity for every man eager to maintain proper facial hair. Encourage them to experiment with their facial hair and try a new look.

8.  Customized Cushion

A relationship is something to be cherished and remembered. You can give him something that he can use daily and remember the great bonding you two have. A great option is to give him a customized sequin cushion. Sequin cushions are specially designed so that with a rub on the cushion, it will change its color. There are websites where you can buy a sequin cushion and customize it to contain a  photo cherished by you both. This way, what seems to be an ordinary cushion can become something special with just a soft stroke of hand on it.  

9.  Long-distance Friendship Lamps

Are you two in a long-distance relationship? Give him a gift which will tell him that you are thinking about him. Long-distance friendship lamps come in pairs. Send one of them to him. The second lamp will glow if you touch the first one. This way when you remember him, just touch your lamp and he will come to know about it. This is a great gift, especially if your man is a tech lover. The installation is easy, and takes very small desk space, making it a great gift for the one you care about. Situations may separate you. You may not see each other again for a long time. But this sweet little gift will strengthen your bond.  

10.  Docking Station

 There are a lot of small things that we need to keep with us all the time like a cell phone, spectacles, pens, keys, etc. Sometimes, we just don’t remember where we last kept our spectacles. So, what if you give him something that will help him keep his stuff organized? A docking station is just the right product for this scenario. It is a small shelf that he can keep on his desk. It has specialized slots for cell phones, pens, spectacles, etc. This way, he can keep all of his important accessories in one single organized place and won’t lose any of them. If you think that instead of giving something fancy, you will give him something practical that he can use anytime, then this is the best gift you can give to him. Thus, we conclude our list of ten things to put in a gift basket for him. These things might not be anything special, but it is the little things that matter. Whenever he uses these gifts, he will remember the beautiful bond you two share.