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12 Creative Gifts for Writers

It is a very challenging task to find a creative gift for a writer. They receive different gifts such as mugs and notebooks all the time, so they find these gifts too common. The article will identify some creative gifts one can offer a writer.

  1. Blue Light Blocking Glasses
  Most writers spend much of their time working on projects from their computers. Therefore, they spend much time exposed to computer light which may affect their eyes. Additionally, too much time is spent on correction and proofreading which can be very tasking to the eyes. Buying blue light blocking glasses can be a very creative gift can get for a writer. “It will ensure that the writer continues working on different projects while still maintaining the health of the eyes,” says James Korrell, a tech writer at SolidEssay and ConfidentWriters. The glasses are also very cheap and easily available in the market therefore finding them will not be tasking.  
  1. Kindle Paperwhite
  While conducting research, writers face the challenge of reading through books and articles to find relevant information they need to come up with different papers. The time spent on digital libraries increases a writer’s exposure to blue light which affects their eyes. A Kindle is a very creative gift one can offer a writer to ensure that too much time is not spent on the computer. The device offers a writer time to stay away from a computer’s blue light hence offering the writer enough rest. A writer can send a word of PDF document to their Kindle where they can spend their free time going through different pieces of research. The device offers writers the opportunity to get away from their work stations but still keep working remotely.  
  1. Noise-reducing Earbuds
  Writers require very quiet environments that give them the opportunity to concentrate on their work. However, they may find themselves in environments that are noisy while working. The noise-reducing earbuds are very useful in such environments. Writers can use this gift to ensure they create the perfect environment they need to work. The headphones also come in handy because writers can listen to soft music while in a noisy environment which will help them concentrate on their work.  
  1. A Bottle of Writer’s Tears
  Writing is a very exhausting task because writers spend plenty of time working on long papers. Such long sessions may knock writers off their strides or make them very edgy. Additionally, most writers lose their concentration after working on such long papers which may affect the quality of their next work. Writer’s Tears is a bottle of whiskey that is very effective in getting writers back on track. Alcohol can help writers recover from a hectic and stressful writing session and prepare them for the next session.  
  1. Fingerless Writing Gloves
  Writers are always working which leaves them with very little time to rest. Continued working sessions mean that writers are exposed to severely cold and warm temperatures in their quest to fulfill their passion in writing. In cold weather seasons writers face difficulties in writing because their hands become too cold which slows them down. Fingerless writing gloves are a very creative gift for writers. The gloves will ensure the writers keep their hands warm as they do their work. Additionally, writers while using the gloves can complete their assignments on time because cold weather will not slow them down.  
  1. Lap Desk
  Most writers do their work on their beds which can be very uncomfortable. Additionally, most writers place their computers on their laps which can be very unhealthy. Buying a writer a lap desk as a gift can really help them maintain some comfort while they are doing their work. “Working while in comfortable positions ensures writers come up with quality content because they can concentrate for long periods without worrying about their sitting positions,” explains Maria Truman, a technical and engineering writer at BeeStudent and PaperAdepts. Therefore, a lap desk serves as a very creative gift for writers.  
  1. Writing Workshop
  By giving writers access to a writing workshop, they can develop their craft to advanced levels because they will interact with other writers and share ideas. Additionally, writers can share their work on these platforms which will open an opportunity for recognition by other groups. A writing workshop is also a perfect creative gift. Writers can get a break from their usually long writing sessions and learn what other writers engage in which is essential for their development.  
  1. Keurig Machine
  Many people suggest that most writers have over 90% coffee in their blood streams. The statement is derived from the amount of coffee writers consume as they embark on their writing passion. Though the statement is false, most writers rely on coffee as their fuel while working. To eliminate much time spent to make coffee manually, gifting writers a coffee making machine can be very creative. Using the machine, the writer will instantly make coffee hence creating more time for their work. Additionally, the machine ensures writers become environmentally sensitive because they will decrease the amount of plastic in the environment by avoiding coffee served in plastic cups.  
  1. Desk Lamp
  Writing as a profession does not happen only during the day. Writers work throughout and are not limited by time. Therefore, a writer may at times work through the night hence needing a source of light. Gifting a writer a desk lamp is very creative because they will work without causing disturbance to other people. Additionally, since writers require light to serve the desk alone, they will save on power in the long run.  
  1. Promote their Content
  Writers while creating their content intend to reach out to a very huge audience. Writers also intend to have a positive influence on their audience through their content. Therefore, promoting a writer’s content to an audience can be a perfect gift for a writer. When their content is widespread, they usually get a bigger following and increased interest in their work. One can promote a writer’s content by sharing it on different social networks or by inviting people to interact with the content.  
  1. A journal
  Creative writers always think of creative content as they go about their activities. Therefore, writers need to note down any creative content they think about so that they can work on it. Additionally, noting down ideas ensures writers develop a flow of thoughts that will help them develop very creative content. A journal becomes a very creative gift when given to a creative writer. It ensures that the writer continues with different creative activities as they note ideas to be employed in the future. Also, a journal is essential because a writer ensures they don’t forget ideas they come up with by noting them down.  
  1. Standing Desk
  Writers while doing their work spend most of the time seated. Working from home can be tiring especially when a writer spends most of the day while seated. Additionally, sitting for long periods can develop health complications for a writer because they are physically inactive for most of their day. However, a standing desk provides a different dimension for a writer. While using the desk, a writer can comfortably stand and do their work. Also, the desk provides the writer with a comfortable standing position hence one will not lose concentration as they do their writing.   In conclusion, giving writers creative gifts is very essential because these gifts help them tackle writing which is a very tasking activity. The gifts also help writers improve their skills and maintain good health since they are physically inactive for long periods.     Paul Bates is a lifestyle writer at SwiftPapers and Paper-Research. He is also an editor of Essay Task blog.