By Razille Mae Biaca / July 21, 2022 /
13 Gift Ideas Any College Student Will Appreciate

When choosing a gift for a student, it's worth asking one question: "What does the student want?" And for the most part, they don't want much: to have fun, to live at the limit of their abilities, to follow their dreams, and look boldly into the future. And also to sleep, eat and pass another college session. Well, let's see what gifts can ease the life of a student in this not easy, but such a wonderful time in their lives.

What to focus on when choosing a gift for a student?

  1. Relevance. A gift should be something that is sure to be used. It should be useful either in studies or in everyday life.
  2. Modernity. The gift should be modern. If you give a gadget (for example, a speaker or watch), it is desirable that they are synchronized with your smartphone.
  3. Hitting the target. It is important to hit the target with the gift. To do this, remember the person's hobbies and think about what can make him happy. A hint could be the specialty for which the student is studying.

And now let's move directly to the rating of gifts.

#1. Gift Certificate

Gift certificates are the latest fashion trends, the relevance of which is undeniable today. The certificate can be anywhere. For example, a certificate of subscription to a movie site. It opens up access to a huge variety of movies and TV series and brightens up any student's evening.

A really good solution and win-win option for gifts is a gift card to grocery stores or product online store.

You will hit the target if you give a certificate to a clothing and accessories store. You can give a certificate, for example, to a well-known online clothing store, where a large line of brands is represented.

#2. Backpack for a laptop

Super ergonomic urban backpack for a laptop with protection against moisture, shock, cuts, and pocket thieves. Multiple pockets will ensure proper weight distribution and reduce the load on the student's shoulders. It's also convenient that it has a USB port on the backpack's shoulder strap for charging your phone from an external battery while you're on the go.

#3. Smart thermos

If you think that this thermos is only for keeping hot and cold food, you just are not familiar with the Xiaomi thermos. Smart thermos perfectly copes with its main function. The gadget also makes it possible to brew tea, cook healthy detox water, and boil a hard-boiled egg for breakfast for the eternally hungry student. And on the LED display you'll always have the most updated information about the temperature of its contents.

#4. External Battery

Like a mug of coffee to give the stamina of a student, the power bank in your bag extends the battery life of your personal devices. Phones and tablets with a 2% charge level will no longer cause panic at the prospect of being stranded without a means of communication, Internet, cribs, and social networks. And having an extra 6,000 mAh of power at your fingertips will bring a sense of calm and peace of mind.

#5. Portable hard drive

Backups on a portable hard drive will help keep important files intact in any situation and keep student's nervous systems healthy.

#6. Smartpen

Smart Pen turns handwritten notes into digital notes and the average classmate into an indispensable one. You can watch how the lectures are transferred to the screen of your smartphone or tablet in real-time. Or you can do it later by pulling the information from the memory of the pen itself. In any case, a smart device will save everything that only a student thinks it is necessary to write down. Then it can be corrected, edited, and sent to everyone who wants it. It is also a great stimulus to learn to write correctly and legibly so that the pen has much more chances to turn scribbles into a printed text.

#7. Smart lamp

Whether you're scribbling notes or writing term papers, a smart lamp will take care of student's eyes in any situation. The lamp will reduce the harmful influence of blue radiation of monitors while working at the computer. The device creates optimal lighting for reading and writing and reminds your eyes that they need a little break. All the switches and settings are done on the lamp panel itself or through an app on the phone. Thus, the student often does not even have to get up from his seat when changing study activities.

#8. Alarm clock mat

No alarm clock can get a student up in the morning after a sleepless night from the first (or second or third) time. Except for the alarm clock for which you have to get up to turn it off, and even right on top of it. For particularly unsteady individuals, it is desirable to lay such a mat away from the bed, so that you still have to walk a little.

#9. Fitness trackers

Life in "student" mode needs a constant reminder that taking care of your health was and still is in the first place. A smart fitness tracker does an excellent job with that. Sleep quality monitoring will allow you to adjust the student's daily routine. A silent alarm clock will provide vigor and a good mood from the morning. Steps, calories burned and distance covered will encourage you to work on your physical condition. Measuring your heart rate during exams will give you a visual picture of your stress level. In the end, it's just a stylish watch that reminds you of the weather forecast and displays the latest notifications on your phone.

#10. All-in-one printer

A student has to print a lot and often. Copies of notes and book pages, printing out essays and term papers, scanning text for digital conversion or images for further editing on the computer - the universal technology is able to solve all these daily student tasks. Besides, the model with a continuous ink supply system provides significant savings for the student. And with wireless Wi-Fi connectivity, you can print even from your phone and from the comfort of your couch.

#11. Posture corrector

Under the burden of tests, exams, complex drawings, and thick books, the student's back is constantly in the wrong position and strained. A posture corrector can help maintain the correct posture. It reminds by vibration that it is necessary to straighten your back, thus weaning you from the bad habit of stooping.

#12. A portable acoustic system

No matter how loudly the student's soul sings, but it is better to dance on the occasion of successful examinations with real music. The most cheerful and incendiary. And in the company of the same happy students. A portable speaker system will take care of quality music and lighting, turning the joy of a small, but so enjoyable victory into a full-fledged party.

#13. Covers for student ID cards

Student ID card is the main document of a student that confirms his belonging to the University and to the whole student community. It is also a kind of discount card for public transport, cinemas, and stores, as well as a free ticket to museums and libraries. In general, there are more than enough reasons to cherish it. And a large selection of protective covers for student ID cards gives individuality to each student.

However, this is not the whole list of original gifts for students. Besides the educational process, student life includes fun parties, holidays, and celebrations. Students like to joke, it is worth remembering about this. Thus, various board games and party devices are in great demand in the topic of what can be gifted to a student.

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