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The 15 Best Beer Cocktails You Need To Try Now

The 15 Best Beer Cocktails You Need To Try Now

We know that sometimes you are not quite sure if you want a cocktail or a beer, but why settle when you can make a beer cocktail!  We broke down 15 awesome beer cocktails ranging from the mundane to the insane, check it out and turn up responsibly (whatever that means).


The 15 Best Beer Cocktails

In the mood for a beer? Feeling like you might want to have a cocktail? Which one should you start with? Decisions, decisions…

Can’t make up your mind? No worries, there are dozens of awesome beer cocktails you can order at your local bar or mix up at home right now. Lifelong beer drinkers might think the concept is odd, just like liquor fans who hate beer might snub their nose at the thought. Well guess what? You’re wrong.  

Beer cocktails are awesome. They’re not just a fleeting trend that will be gone in a month. They’re here to stay—and the sooner you embrace them, the sooner you’ll broaden your boozy horizons to include everything you love in one drink.

Keep reading for 15 amazing beer cocktail recipes you’ll want to drink over and over again. For the beer drinkers who love their liquor, you’re welcome.


1) The Michelada


The Michelada is not some new brew mixed up in a gastropub in the ‘00s. This one has been a Mexican favorite since the 1960’s. And with that much tradition behind it, it’s easy to see why it’s at the top of our list. A tasty concoction of cerveza mixed with lime juice, sauces, spices, and salt, it’s an ultra-refreshing cocktail that’s perfect for those days when you can’t decide if you want a beer or a mixed drink. It’s kind of like a Bloody Mary cocktail with beer—the ultimate hangover cure!

There are several variations of the drink, but this recipe is our fave:

The perfect (in our eyes) Michelada recipe

  • In a pint glass
  • (optional) Rub wedge of lime on the edge of a glass and rim the glass with salt or my personal fave Tajin
  • (optional) Fill half the glass with ice
  • Fill 1/3 of glass (Approx 5oz)  with Bloody Mary mix (or if you're lame tomato juice) - Zing Zang or Clamato are our favs.
  • Squeeze juice from 1/2 lime or lemon juice (your choice)
  • Add a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce
  • (optional) Sprinkle a few dashes of Tajin to your liking
  • Tilt glass and slowly fill it with beer



2)Irish Car Bomb

Irish car bomb


You might think you’ve never had a beer cocktail before, but if you’ve ever had an Irish car bomb (lets face it who hasn’t), truth is, you have. The Irish Car Bomb is a classic, and boozehounds and frat boys have been drinking it for decades, but it's especially acceptable on St. Patrick's day.

To make the perfect Irish Car Bomb:

  • In a pint glass fill 3/4 of the way full with Guinness
  • Fill shot glass 3/4 full of Jameson whiskey (Or Bushmills if your a cheapskate) into a shot glass
  • Top that shot glass with some Bailey’s Irish cream
  • Drop the shot glass into the pint and chug, and we mean chug till you're done my friend

We like this cocktail so much we decided to make an awesome Jameson inspired Irish Car Bomb gift basket, and Irish Car Bomb BroBox, check them out.


3) Boilermaker



The Boilermaker is a classic similar to the Irish Car Bomb—if only for the fact that it requires a shot of liquor dropped like a bomb into a glass of beer. This tried and true bomb shot is easy to mix and even easier to drink. It’s pretty much a guaranteed way to get a party started.  In some parts of the county this may be more like a beer and shot combo, but quit being a pussy and drop that shot in your beer and stop wasting precious drinkin time.

How to “make” the perfect Boilermaker cocktail

  • Pour a pint glass of beer 3/4 of the way full, (or all the way you messy savage)
  • Pour a shot glass of whiskey - may I suggest one from our Bourbons under $50 list?
  • Drop the shot glass into the beer glass and chug like you are late for your own wedding


Not into bomb shots? You can also enjoy a Boilermaker by downing the shot, then chasing it with beer. But technically, that’s not a beer cocktail…that’s just a beer chaser… and you should be taking shots like a man anyways.

This one is so awesome we made a Jack Daniels and Bud Light gift basket in honor of the Boilermaker, check it out.


4) Lemon Shandy

Lemon Shandy


Some call it a lemon shandy…some call it a shandygraff…we just call it one damn delicious boozy lemonade. This one is super easy to make, and it’s perfect for kicking back on a hot summer day.

The perfect Lemon Shandy

  • Pour equal parts beer and lemonade into a glass (we like Stella Artois for this one)
  • Garnish with a lemon slice
  • Sit back and sip on it, or down it if you are a thirsty beast


Now of course there are more lazy options since there are a lot of shandy style beers on the market, in our experience Leinenkugels makes some of the best and are the most ubiquitous so you can actually find it.  


5) Beer Mimosa AKA The Manmosa


Isn’t it funny how the only thing that cures a Saturday night hangover is a day-drinking session on a Sunday afternoon? (Hair of the dog I guess)  If you love a Sunday funday as much as we do, it’s time to try a beer mimosa AKA beermosa AKA Manmosa. When you don’t want the champagne sleepiness or can’t bear the thought of drinking your weight in rosé for one more day, this is the beer cocktail to top off any great weekend.

The perfect beermosa:

  • Fill 1/2 your glass (or 99% depending on how wild you want to get) with the beer of your choice, we prefer Miller High life since it is the “Champagne of Beers”
  • Add orange juice to fill the glass or just for color - Sunny D will do if you are trying to white trash it up
  • Garnish or throw an orange slice (or a few) in your glass
  • Sip and relax until you forget that Monday morning is right around the corner…


6) Beer Margarita AKA The Beegarita

Beer Margarita


Call it a beerita, call it a beergarita, call it whatever you like…it’s a refreshing margarita-inspired beer cocktail that will make you feel like you’re soaking up some Mexican sun. The recipe below makes six servings, so it’s perfect for two people that want to get a bit tipsy.

How to make one fine Beergarita:

  • Rim some margarita glasses (or whatever you got laying around) with lime juice and dip in sea salt
  • Combine 12 ounces of frozen limeade concentrate or margarita mix with 1.5 cups of tequila and 24 ounces of beer
  • Mix well, pour it over ice, blend, or don’t – your choice
  • Disfruta!
  • BONUS - Instead of mixing the beer in add one of those mini Corona’s also know as a Coronita (Seen in our Viva la Tequila gift basket) or a full size Corona or a few if you are a true savage.

Of course if you don't want to just buy some beer at the store, here is a great way on how to make beer at home, you're welcome.


7) Black Velvet

Black velvet


Believe it or not, this beer cocktail has been around since the 19th century. Rumor has it, it was originally mixed up to mourn the death of Prince Albert in London in 1861. With that much history behind it, it’s got to be good. And we’re giving it bonus points because it’s ridiculously easy to make.   

How to make some drunk history of your own:

  • Grab a pint glass or Solo cup if you aint fancy
  • Fill half with champagne
  • Fill the other half with Guinness or your preferred stout beer
  • That’s it!  Sit back and enjoy a surprisingly delicious beverage


8) Beer Punch

Beer punch


This one has a few more ingredients than most cocktails on this list, but it’s totally refreshing and quite impressive if you have the patience for it. Head to the farmer’s market for some fresh fruit, pull out your cutting board, and get ready to chop some berries.

The best beer punch cocktail recipe (make 2-4 glasses):  

  • Wash and chop 4 strawberries
  • 1/4 Cup blueberries, chopped or whole
  • 1/4 cup white sugar
  • 2 tablespoons grenadine
  • 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
  • Toss all the ingredients in a bowl or for ease of use, a pitcher, and stir
  • Cover the bowl and chill it in the fridge for a minimum of one hour
  • Divide the fruit and juice mixture into your glasses, then top each glass off with a light beer or a pilsner of your choice - a Mexican styler beer works good here, we prefer Modelo
  • Enjoy!


9) Black and Tan

Black and tan


The Black and Tan is the ultimate beer cocktail—if only for the fact that it includes two types of beer (See what we did there?). This one’s simple to make, but it might take a bit of practice to get the perfectly double-layered look.

The perfected Black and Tan recipe:

  • Fill half a glass with a lager, typically this is Harp lager in most pubs
  • While holding a medium to large spoon (or ideally a Guinness pouring spoon), slowly pour over your stout or porter - of course this is almost always Guinness
  • The trick is to hold a spoon with the rounded side up just above the lager so that when you pour the stout it forms a layer on top and to pour slowly.
  • Enjoy a stout beer with a bite of larger at the end, or just a weird mixed up beer because you poured to fast.


10) Beer Sangria AKA Brewgria

Beer punch


If you’re a Sangria fan who prefers beer over wine, the Brewgria is the drink for you. Mix it just like Sangria with your favorite fruits, juices, and ice, but instead of adding wine, add your favorite brew.  But of course you are here to see how we like it, so let me show ya.

One tasty Brewgria:

  • 1 1/2 Cups White grape juice
  • 1 orange cut up the way you like - we suggest mandarin or a few cuties
  • Optional (if you are trying to turn up hard) 8 oz Vodka - can’t go wrong with Tito’s here
  • 2 apples cup up like matchsticks - you would probably need a mandolin or similar to pull this off, so thin slices will do if you don't
  • 2 cups seedless grapes cut in half
  • Beer of your choosing - we prefer Bluemoon here since it already has a nice citrusy flavor
  • Combine all ingredients in a pitcher sans beer, refrigerate 2 hours minimum, fill you glass to your heart's desire and add beer
  • Your welcome!


11) Bull’s Eye



With lemon juice, light beer, ginger ale, and sugar, the Bull’s Eye is a cool Cuban-inspired cocktail that hits the spot on a hot summer day. It’s also really easy to mix.

The perfect Bull’s Eye beer cocktail:

  • Pour 1/3 cup of lemon juice into a pitcher or cocktail mixer
  • Add one can of ginger ale and one can of beer
  • Add two tablespoons of sugar and stir
  • When the sugar dissolves, pour over ice and DRINK


12) Coupe de Ville (not the car)

Image result for coupe de ville cocktail


The Coupe de Ville is a bit more complex than most of the cocktail recipes on this list, but if you’re willing to play bartender for a bit, the payoff is totally worth it.  Its kind of like a way classier beergarita

One awesome Coupe de Ville cocktail:

  • Combine 6 ounces of anejo tequila (or what ever you have laying around) with 6 ounces of fresh lime juice into a pitcher
  • Add 6 ounces of orange juice and 3 ounces of orange liqueur (we suggest Grand Marnier)
  • Add 6 bottles of Mexican beer (we prefer Tecate) and stir it all up, but not too hard least you make is foamy
  • Pour it into chilled glasses and you’re good to go


13) French Monaco (not the City)

Image result for french monaco cocktail


Pomegranate fans will enjoy this one. The French Monaco is a favorite in France (duh!)…it’s easy to make and it has a certain je ne sais quoi that we think you’ll enjoy.

The perfect French Monaco beer cocktail

  • Measure out an ounce of grenadine (the real stuff made with real pomegranates) you can always make it yourself
  • Measure out two ounces of lemonade
  • Pour it into a glass filled with ice and add six ounce of lager - we like Stella Artois for this one since it made right next door in Belgium
  • Stir a bit to combine and enjoy!


14) Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot

Image result for flaming dr pepper shot


This one’s not for everybody, but if you love a bomb shot (and fire), you’ve got to give it a try. With a mix of beer, amaretto, and rum, this one is fun because you literally get to set it on fire. Not in the mood to singe your eyebrows? Save this one for when you’re out and can have a bartender make it for you.  Or go somewhere like the first place I tried it at Amestoys, one of the oldest bars in Bakersfield, specifically known for the Flaming Dr. Pepper shot.

The flamingest Flamin’ Dr. Pepper recipe:

  • Fill half a pint glass with beer, nothing too crazy here, a simple Coors light will do
  • Pour amaretto (we also prefer Disaronno) into a shot glass
  • top shot off with rum, the higher the proof the better - 151 is ideal if you have it
  • Set the shot on fire (Let that inner pyro out)
  • While the rum is flaming, drop the shot glass into the beer
  • Toss it back and feel the burn
  • As always make sure the drink is not actually on fire when you knock it back, least you lose all the hair on your face


15) Summer Hoedown

Image result for summer hoedown


Watermelon and cherries make the Summer Hoedown the perfect picnic cocktail for a summer day. It takes a bit of time to make because you have to let the juice chill, but that’s okay—just drink a few beers while you’re waiting.

The Summer Hoedown recipe:

  • Dice a watermelon and place half of it in a blender until it’s liquefied
  • Remove the pulp with a strainer, blend the other half of the watermelon, and repeat
  • Add 2 tablespoons of sugar to the watermelon juice and refrigerate until it’s chilled
  • Add 1/4 cup of maraschino cherry liqueur - hard to find but the juice out of the cherry jar can work
  • Add four bottles of beer (we suggest Hoegaarden or Blue Moon)
  • Pour into a pint glass over ice and drink up!



There are endless amounts of beer cocktails that you can mix up at home or order at your favorite local watering hole. We love our hoppy IPAs and craft saisons as much as you do, but every once in a while it’s good to try something new. The next time you invite your boozehound friends over, forgo the standard case of beer and try mixing up one of these beer cocktails instead.

Let us know what you tried from the list and if you have any awesome beer cocktails you like that we did not include here.


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