17 Gift Ideas for Digital Marketers

By Razille Mae Biaca / July 21, 2022 /

Choosing gifts for marketers might be challenging as there are so many options available. Luckily, you will find plenty of ideas related to gifts for marketers in this article. Those could be smart gifts for the holiday or creative presents for the professional marketer day. Apart from present ideas, you will also find useful pieces of advice in this marketing gift guide.

Ideas of gifts for marketers in 2021

There are many occasions for preparing a gift and presenting it to a marketer. That could be Christmas, New Year, Marketer’s Day, birthday, or any other holiday. Below you will find a list of marketing gift ideas for various types of holidays and celebrations.

1. Applications for digital marketers

The everyday life of marketers is very intensive and interesting at the same time because digital marketing is the sphere that is constantly evolving. To keep up with the trends, marketers need auxiliary applications to track campaign performance, observe competitor’s activity, and maintain other tasks.

Even though companies could cover the cost of applications for marketers, the budget for such tools is usually limited. Thus, any other useful application for a marketer would always be a good idea. To select the right application, learn more about tools that marketers could benefit from. That could be Buffer, Canva, or SEMrush, for example.

2. Certificate for the professional course

Digital marketers have to obtain a range of skills, however, understanding design concepts and user experience basics are among the most highly appreciated. Indeed, the UX for marketers is very important as it helps to better understand the users’ expectations and reactions. Thus, a course for learning the basics of UX design could be one of the best marketing gift ideas. 

You might also consider other professional courses as a present. That could be a course to improve understanding of artificial intelligence, for example, if a marketer works for a company operating in the corresponding sphere. Otherwise, a course to enhance communication or language skills would be a great present.

3. The ticket for a marketing event

One of the most valuable gifts that each marketer would appreciate is an invitation to the digital marketing event. That could be a conference, webinar, or any other kind of event where digital marketers from various companies and industries have a chance to gather and share their experiences. During the pandemics period, most marketing events are held online but those are as valuable as offline ones.

4. Professional books

The statement saying that knowledge is power is undeniable. Books are a great source of information for digital marketers as they provide valuable pieces of knowledge in the professional sphere. The most well-known books that you can prepare for marketers as a gift are:

  • Contagious by Jonah Berger
  • Digital Marketing Strategy by Simon Kingsnorth
  • The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell
  • Building a Storybrand by Doland Miller

5. Subscription to music streaming platform

Some people find that listening to music contributes to an effective working process. If the digital marketer you plan to make a gift for is among those, feel free to purchase a subscription to Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, or another music streaming platform of your choice. Alternatively, getting an Alexa device could also be a great marketing gift idea.

6. Power bank

Digital marketers are not obligatorily tied to the fixed office location as they could do their work remotely. To make their lives more convenient, a power bank as a marketing gift would be the right choice. It allows for keeping a laptop and mobile devices always charged, which provides even greater flexibility for marketers.

7. Headphones

There are dozens of headphone types nowadays, but you should select the one that would suit your marketer best. In case a marketer works in an office within the open space area, noise-canceling headphones could be really helpful. Otherwise, consider wireless headphones as a smart gift for any occasion.

8. Wireless mouse

Another smart gift idea refers to the wireless mouse. This device is capable of making the marketers’ life better either in the office or when working remotely.

9. Laptop case

This kind of gift could be particularly useful for digital marketers who prefer a nomadic lifestyle. They would prefer the safety and protection of their devices. A laptop case is exactly the right solution to such cases as it guarantees high protection levels for computers.

10. Blue light glasses

Digital marketers spend most of their time in front of their computers. The blue light coming from the laptop screen is something one should better avoid. Thus, blue light glasses would be a great gift for marketers.

11. Gift basket

Getting smart gifts for holidays could be really exciting, however, what about food and drinks? Obtaining a rum gift basket is a present for real marketers who would definitely enjoy personalized presents bringing lots of positive emotions.

12. Aroma candle

Some presents are useful, while others should bring inspiration for digital marketers. An aroma candle is an ideal gift for creating a relaxing atmosphere. Aroma candles have a unique ability to create an ambient atmosphere in the marketer’s workplace.

13. Coffee

Everyone likes coffee, and digital marketers are not an exception. Prepare a box with various types of coffee beans for the marketers so that they could taste new kinds of coffee every day.

14. Flowers and plants

The atmosphere in the office may usually be very artificial with lots of technological devices but a lack of natural elements. That is why presenting a flowerpot with a flower is something a marketer would be happy about. Plants and flowers tend to make the working environment pleasing and cozy.

15. Picture

Visual elements influence our creativity and mood. Prepare a picture or a poster as a gift that would stimulate the imagination for boosting creativity, which is very important for digital marketers.

16. Decor elements

Another way to positively impact mood and creativity is to prepare some beautiful decor elements as a gift for marketers. Those could be either a nice vase, box, or an artificial candle.

17. Chair

Most of the time, digital marketers keep seated while working. That is why it is important to have a comfortable chair that would ensure comfortable working conditions.

How to choose the right gift for marketers?

With a variety of marketing gift ideas, it might not always be easy to select the right present. However, there are several tips you should take into account when selecting a present for a digital marketer.

The first thing to consider is the kind of relation between the particular marketer and you. What might be right for your sister who works as a digital marketing manager, for instance, might not be appropriate for the marketing director in your company.

Another aspect refers to the personal interests of the particular digital marketer. Learn more about what hobbies that person has, for instance. That way you could decide whether a smart gift or some decor element would be more appropriate.

A particular holiday and the time of the year mean much for the gift selection. For example, a birthday present should be something more meaningful and expensive compared to the New Year’s gift. Thus, a scented aroma candle might be something nice for a bank holiday, while a ticket to the digital marketing event would be amazing as a birthday gift.

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