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The 20 Best Real Estate Closing Gifts

The 20 Best Real Estate Closing Gifts

Real estate agents understand all too well just how important it is to maintain strong relationships with clients. Having a network of pleased buyers and sellers is the best way to ensure future business and keep racking up those commission checks. But once the deal is done and your clients stop calling on a daily basis, it can be tough to keep that relationship going.


So what can you do to stay in your clients’ minds and get those important referrals? Send them an amazing real estate closing gift! A closing gift does triple duty as a “thank you for your business” gift, a congratulations gift to celebrate their new home or recent sale, and a tasteful reminder of how great a realtor you are. When it’s time to buy or sell again, you’ll be the one they call.


Whether you’re looking for closing gifts for buyers or closing gifts for sellers, we’ve got you covered. Check out this list of the 20 best closing gift ideas to help you keep that commission rolling in.


If Your Clients Like To Drink, Boozy Gifts Are the Best

Any good celebration requires that you clink glasses and say cheers, so a boozy gift is one that’s sure to be appreciated. If you’ve managed to become friendly with your clients, as so many realtors do, give them a gift in person on move-in day or hand it to them once they’ve relinquished their old keys. Not that friendly? Ship it to their new address instead.


1) Cocktail Gifts

Not sure what kind of booze they like? Play it safe with an assorted gift basket that includes rum, Scotch, whiskey, vodka, and gin. Toss in things like glasses and mixers so they’ve got everything they need to make a drink and toast to their closing as soon as they’ve signed their name on the dotted line.


2) Wine Gifts

Want to keep it simple? A wine gift is ideal—and even if they aren’t big drinkers, they can always take a bottle to their next dinner party or get together with friends. To satisfy their tastes, it’s always best to include one bottle of white and one bottle of red.


3) Beer Gifts

As a realtor, you’ve probably got a good sense of who your clients are, so if they’re Sunday beer and football people, a gift basket filled with beer is the perfect gift. Keep it interesting with a variety of craft brews…they can always keep it in the fridge and serve it to their guests when they have their housewarming party.


4) Barware

A set of tumbler glasses or shot glasses, wine keys, whiskey stones…you can give them a boozy gift without giving them any alcohol at all. If you really want to impress, add an entire barware kit to a cocktail or wine gift and you’ll definitely score some extra points.


Welcome to the Neighborhood

Neighborhood-inspired gifts are a great way to show your clients that you really gave it some thought and effort. Gifts that they can display or use around the house are ideal for any couple or any individual homeowner.


5) Framed Maps

It doesn’t matter whether your clients are new to the neighborhood or have lived in the same zip code their entire lives. A framed map of the city, town, or borough is a thoughtful way to wish them well in their new home.  An added bonus would be to get them a custom engraved 2D wood map.


6) Personalized Artwork

We love the idea of hiring an artist to create a sketch or a painting of their house. For a buyer, it will serve as a great symbol of pride. Every time they look at it, they’ll think “hey, I own this!” For a seller moving out of a home, it will be a reminder of the house they once had.


7) Seasonal Gifts

Have clients moving from one climate to another? If so, there are certainly things they probably don’t have but will definitely need. If your client just moved from California to the east coast, consider gifts such as snow blowers, shovels, rock salt, and de-icers for their car. On the other hand, if your clients just moved from a landlocked state to a beach town on the coast, things like beach chairs, beach umbrellas, and monogrammed beach towels will be greatly appreciated.  


Gifts That Can Last Forever

Moving into a new home is the start of a new chapter in life. Commemorate their closing with a gift that includes their closing date or a gift that can grow with them as the years go by.


8) Plants and Trees

Your client doesn’t have to be a gardener or have a green thumb to enjoy this one. Potted plants, fruit trees, and root ball trees are great gifts that can grow and flourish for years or even decades. It’s even better if you hire a landscaper to do the digging and planting for them.  You can go to places like Lowes and Home Depot or our prefered spot a local garden center or nursery that you can find by heading here.


9) Personalized Gifts and Décor

As time goes by, it can be tough to remember how many years you’ve lived in your home. Make sure your clients never forget that big day by giving them a gift personalized with their closing date. From throw pillows to key rings to cutting boards to wall art, clients love gifts that include their family name and closing date.


Millennial Clients Love Tech Gifts

It’s no surprise that millennials are obsessed with technology. They can also be quite hard to please. If you want to impress your millennial clients, a tech gift is the way to go.


10) Amazon Echo

With an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, your clients can talk to Alexa all day long. It’s ideal if your client is new to the neighborhood and wants a super easy way to find the best local coffee shops, yoga studios, and BYOB restaurants.  


11) Nest Thermostat

A must-have in any modern home, the Nest Thermostat is the new way of regulating the temperature in your house. With learning technology, it increases efficiency, senses your habits, and learns from your behaviors so that your house is always at your optimum temperature.


Gifts to Make Their House Prettier Than Ever

Everyone has an idea in their head of how they want their house to look and how they plan to keep it clean and neat. If you’re looking for realtor closing gifts to help them in that quest, there are lots of things your clients will love.


12) Roomba

There’s nothing better than pushing a button and having a robot vacuum your floors. The Roomba is the gift that keeps on giving. Every time your client uses it to clean up cracker crumbs or suck up pet hair, they’ll think of you.


13) Interior Design Services

Whether your client is a Martha Stewart type or a lifelong bachelor, the services of an interior designer are sure to be appreciated. We’re not suggesting that you foot the bill for an entire home renovation or makeover, but you can get the ball rolling by gifting your client with an initial meeting with a design consultant.


14) Flower of the Month Club

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? A subscription to a bouquet of the month club is perfect for any home—and it will remind your clients of you every time fresh new blooms arrive.  Of course if they prefer their plants living a plant subscription box may be a better bet.   


Don’t Know Your Clients That Well? Pamper Their Pets Instead

If your client has a dog, you probably know it (there’s a good chance they’ve shown you photos or bragged about their “baby” before). So if your closing gift centers on their pup, you’re definitely going to be their favorite realtor of all time.


15) BarkBox Subscription

Sign your client up for a six month or twelve month subscription and they’ll love you for a lifetime. BarkBox will send treats, toys, and other doggie goodies to the home every month for as long as the subscription lasts.


16) GPS Tracker

Some dogs like to run wild, and some are just curious creatures that love to explore new territory. If your client is moving into a new neighborhood that their dog is unfamiliar with, a GPS tracker that attaches to a dog collar is a great way to locate your pup (just in case he gets lost).


Everybody’s Got To Eat…

No matter who they are of where they live, your clients’ have to eat. Food gifts rarely go unused, and they’re a great way to say thanks and congratulations on a new home or a big move.


17) Blue Apron Subscription

With a Blue Apron subscription, your clients can enjoy weeks or months of pre-planned, easy-to-cook meals. Every box includes an awesome recipe, plus everything you need to make an amazing meal.


18) Spice Rack and Spices

Everybody needs a little bit of spice in their life. A spice rack (filled with spices, of course) is a must-have in any kitchen. And spices don’t last forever, so even if they already have one, there’s a good chance it’s time to replace it with a new assortment.


19) Snack Gift Baskets

Unless your clients are health food-obsessed, there’s a good chance they’ll enjoy some snacks. A gift basket overflowing with candy bars, chips, pretzels, and other salty snacks are sure to be devoured (especially when they’re moving in and unpacking all those boxes).


20) Dinner and Drinks

Dinner and drinks at a local restaurant is a great way to give your clients a taste of the local food culture and get them out for a night on the town. You could even give them a gift card to a restaurant that delivers so that they can order in a meal on moving day when they won’t have time to cook.


As a realtor, you’ve got to find a way to stay in the forefront of clients’ minds, even when they’re not in the market to buy or sell. Send them an amazing real estate closing gift and they’re sure to call you the next time they’re ready to make a move.


Do you have any great ideas for real estate closing gifts or maybe even a funny story of gifts gone wrong? (hey we like to laugh too) then feel free to comment bellow.