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20 Gift Ideas for Your Nephew

When your nephew’s birthday rolls around, it's your chance to give them something they’ll love and cherish. Help them pursue their passions, explore new interests and chase their dreams with a gift they won’t soon forget. If you’re short on ideas, the following items might spark your imagination and help you find the perfect present.

1. The Mug with a Hoop

Your nephew’s parents probably don’t want him playing with his food. However, there’s no one stopping you from adding a bit of fun to mealtime again. Whether your nephew is a basketball star or has never shot hoops in his life, he’s sure to love this slam dunk mug. The oversized 16- ounce mug features a little hoop so they can shoot hoops with everything from marshmallows to coco puffs. If your little man has a sibling, consider getting them one too so they can battle it out at the kitchen table. When they’re done honing their skills — and eating their food — all they have to do is pop the mug in the dishwasher.

2. X Rocker Pro

If you have more room in the budget for a bigger gift, surprise your nephew with a high-quality gaming chair. The X Rocker Pro Series H3 is perfect for gaming, watching movies, listening to music or reading. Plus, the leather exterior is easy to clean and offers lumbar and neck support for hours-long gaming sessions. This rocker also includes vibration motors that sync with your audio’s bass notes for a full-body immersive experience. Connect with multiple chairs for multi-game mode or kick back and enjoy a solo adventure. Then, when everyone’s done playing, simply fold the rocker in half and stow it out of sight.

3. Go Kart Racing

Is your nephew the fast and furious type? Put the pedal to the metal with a fun day at the racecourse. Buy a few tickets to race go-karts and spend the day making high-speed memories. Bring a camera to preserve those memorable moments forever and load up on snacks before and after your time on the track. Little lead foots need fuel, too, you know. When choosing a facility, look for ones that are kid-friendly. The last thing you want to do is drive to the racetrack and find out your nephew is too short or young to drive.

4. Snaptain S5C Drone

Win the award for coolest uncle ever by gifting your nephew a drone. This particular one costs less than $60 but still comes with three speeds and real time video transmission just like higher-end versions. Plus, all video clips save directly to an SD card so they can instantly edit and upload sky-high views to their socials. Smart voice control, altitude-hold function and trajectory flight features make this drone kid-friendly. Thus, even the novice drone pilot will have a tough time crash landing and destroying it.

5. Kindle Paperwhite

If your nephew loves tech but would rather shove his nose in a book, consider gifting him an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. This handy gadget now offers two times the storage, allowing book lovers to effectively free up shelf space. The newest version is also waterproof, so spills and accidental dunks in the pool won’t do any damage. Download a few books onto the Kindle so they can start reading right away or show them how to pair it with an Audible account so they can listen to stories.

6. Wireless LED Shower Speaker

For the boy who likes to jam out to his favorite tunes 24/7, there’s the Bluetooth shower speaker. This hands-free mini boom box is waterproof and even floats, making it perfect for the shower, pool or beach. Crystal clear sound and a powerful battery will keep the beats pumping for up to 24 hours and five LED lights will certainly put on a show. This particular speaker also comes with a carabiner so your nephew can take his tunes anywhere. Now, he’ll never have a reason to stop showing off his funky dance moves.

7. Nintendo Switch

Of course, you can’t go wrong gifting the hottest new gaming tech. Thanks to a nine-hour battery, the Nintendo Switch will keep your favorite gamer occupied during long car rides and rainy days inside. Hook up this handy little device to a TV to play at home or transition to handheld mode to play on the go. Consider buying a set of two if you have another niece or nephew so they can play together. Don’t forget to include an educational game, too, especially if their parents aren’t especially fond of video games.  

8. Zip Lining

If you live in or around Asheville, consider reserving a ziplining adventure for your nephew. This thrilling experience is sure to make you the all-time favorite uncle. Plus, it’ll give your nature-loving nephew the ride of his life. Of course, there are hundreds of places to zipline around the U.S. — and numerous excursions to enjoy abroad. Look for a facility nearest to you and buy a gift certificate so the whole family can go enjoy a bird’s eye view of the outdoors.

9. Mountain Bike

If money is no object, give your nephew a gift that keeps on giving — an eight-speed mountain bike. Young adventurers will have no trouble taking this bike from the pavement to the dirt. Plus, it’ll encourage them to get active and see fitness as fun, rather than a chore. A strong, lightweight aluminum frame makes this bike easy to handle and a front suspension absorbs bumps. The bike also features a kickstand, rear rack mounts and a saddle with an integrated handle.

10. Bug Catcher Kit

For the kid who’s obsessed with creepy crawlies, a bug catcher kit makes the perfect gift. Help your little man collect more bugs – and gross out his siblings — with a kit that contains a bug bungalow, magnifying glass, tongs, insect traps and tweezers. Introducing biology in a fun and exciting way might even engage their interest in STEM learning and help them discover a passion for science.

11. Light-Up Terrarium

Bring the outdoors inside with a light-up terrarium. This mini garden will allow your nephew to flex his green thumb and learn more about the plant kingdom. All they have to do is plant the seeds, spray the soil and watch them grow. At night, your little guy can switch on the LED light and continue to keep an eye on the sprouts. Like the bug catcher kit, this gift can encourage kids to follow their dreams and enter a STEM field later on down the road. Help your nephew transfer the plant when it gets too big for the terrarium so he can continue growing his favorite flora and fauna.

12. Petting Zoo

Is your nephew into dinosaurs? Get him a pass to see — and touch! — a few prehistoric monsters at the Arkansas Alligator Farm and Petting Zoo. Most states have some sort of petting zoo, but few have alligators you can watch and hold. This petting zoo also includes emu, pygmy goats, sheep and more. Feed alligators during feeding season by dangling meat on a stick or let the goats and other furry mammals eat out of your hand during the off-season.

13. Shark Blanket

Most little boys have a strange fascination with the world’s deadliest creatures, especially sharks! Fuel their imagination or help them overcome their fears with an official Shark Week blanket. This Discovery Channel blanket glows in the dark and features the print of a leopard shark. The unique design will let your nephew climb inside so it looks like the shark’s eating him alive! Parents will love that it’s machine washable. Plus, it might just keep your night owl in bed when it’s time to go to sleep.

14. Owl Pellet Puke

Uncles have a knack for gifting their nephews things their parents would never dream of buying — like this owl puke kit. Yep, you read that right. What was once an owl’s feast is now your nephew’s world of discovery. The kit comes with real owl pellets, a magnifying glass and a dissection stick for close-up study. Each pellet contains various bones, hairs and other fragments of their prey. Sort everything out on the owl bone sorting chart to determine what the bird ate for its last meal.

15. Bill Nye Science Kit

You might remember watching Bill Nye the science guy on a projector in your third-grade classroom. Today’s kids get to experience him in virtual reality with this awesome science kit. The interactive learning activity set features step-by-step videos, an 80-page book, VR goggles and all kinds of beakers, measuring cups and kid-friendly chemicals. Stir, mix, shake and bubble your way through fun chemistry experience with Bill leading the way. By the time your nephew has finished the 30 projects, he’ll have a healthy understanding of basic scientific concepts.

16. Canon IVY Instant Film Camera

Does your nephew spend all day taking pics with his iPhone? Your little aspiring photographer will love this instant film camera. Auto-focus and built-in flash make this camera incredibly user-friendly. Plus, it even comes with a selfie mirror and a memory card slot so your nephew can save every photo. Instantly print pictures onto a two-by-three inch adhesive sticker that’s smudge-proof and tear-resistant. Built-in filters and borders make each one unique and an inkless printer means they never have to refill ink.

17. Floor Piano Dance Mat

Creative types might also enjoy a step n’ play piano dance mat. This giant keyboard lets budding musicians explore different sounds to create amazing melodies. With five tunes and 38 notes, your nephew should never get bored again. Spark your nephew’s imagination — and drive their parents insane — by hopping on the piano yourself. Dance around together and create something new. Even if you sound terrible, you’ll have a great memory to look back on. Plus, his parents will at least thank you for keeping their little one from playing video games or watching TV for a while.

18. Hoverboard

By now, every cool kid in school has a hoverboard. Help your nephew break into the popular boys group by gifting him one of these teched-out magic carpets. Built-in Bluetooth speakers let them connect their phone and ride like they’re in a music video. Unique LED lights on both wheels illuminate your path and are sure to make every other kid jealous. This particular hoverboard comes in 20 different patterns and colors, including classic black, colorful bubble and shiny gold. In as little as two minutes, your nephew will go from beginner to pro and be zooming around the room like it’s nothing.

19. Spikeball

Is your nephew an all-star athlete or a couch potato? Either way, he’s sure to love spikeball. This fun and simple game will get them on their feet and improve their agility and flexibility without it feeling like a workout. Set up the net in minutes and spike the ball to one another in the backyard. Better yet, invite the whole family to play. Just don’t let the ball hit the ground! The kit also includes a carrying bag, three balls and a hand pump so you never end up with a flat spikeball. Make up your own rules as you play or follow the classic  three-hits rule for hours of fun.

20. Gravity Maze

Help your nephew develop critical thinking skills with the Gravity Maze. This challenging brain game requires players to build towers and a marble run to complete 60 levels. Mind-bending puzzles build spatial reasoning and provide a great stealth learning experience for kids eight and up. Clear instructions make each challenge fun and easy to understand. However, each level does become progressively difficult to keep players on their toes. Once you complete all levels, you can move onto a circuit maze, domino maze or other puzzle set from the makers of Gravity Maze.

Ask for a Gift List

If you don’t know your nephew very well and still want to earn a few brownie points with a super cool gift, ask for a gift list. Odds are they’ll be more than willing to tell you what they want, which will make shopping for holidays and birthdays much easier.