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20 Gifts That Are Perfect for Falling Temperatures
As temperatures start to fall and the days grow shorter, an unexpected gift can make an incredible difference in someone’s mood. You’ll probably want to get a jump on your gift list, as well.  
Whether you’re buying for a friend, family member or partner, you have a broad spectrum of options. Here are 20 gifts that are perfect for fall — sure to delight the lucky recipient.
  • 1. A Heated Car Blanket

  • 12V Electric Heated Car Blanket, Soft Thick Travel Temperature Heating Blanket for Cars Trucks SUV RV, Quickly Heat Range From 1|Electric Blankets| - AliExpress
Who on earth invented winter jackets that only reach your hips? The bottom half of you gets chilly, too. If someone on your list drives a ride that lacks heated seats, they could freeze on their morning commute.
Instead, keep them warm and cozy with a heated car blanket that plugs into their lighter. These innovations also help maintain peace if the passenger is always cold while the driver swelters.
If you have extra money, why not make a complete auto cold-care set? You can include items like effortless de-icer spray, scrapers, and even a spare snow tire.
  • 2. An Instant Pot Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Sterilizer, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Saute, Yogurt Maker, and Warmer, 6 Quart, 14 One-Touch Programs: Kitchen & Dining
Instant pots are all the rage because they take the pain out of preparing healthy family meals. All you need to do is add your ingredients in the morning, program the appropriate settings and come home to deliciousness. You'll consume fewer calories dining in than you do when you go out, plus you'll know what ingredients your meal contains.
Look for a model that offers pressure cooking as well as sauté and stew functions. You can also make a batch of rice that would beat Bobby Flay if you faced him on the eponymous game show.
  • 3. A Flavored Coffee Gift Set

How to Make a Flavoured Coffee Gift Set | Coffee gift sets, Coffee flavor, Coffee gifts
Is there anything cozier than sipping a hot cup of coffee by the fireplace? Make every morning a holiday with a flavored coffee gift set that’s sure to delight those who live at your corner shop.
There’s no need to spend $5 or more at an expensive chain when you can brew the perfect cup at home. If you have deep pockets, why not throw in a milk steamer for perfection that would make any barista boast?
  • 4. A Set of Nonstick Bakeware

All-Clad Pro-Release Nonstick Bakeware Set, 10 Piece | Cutlery and More
The holidays mean crumpets and cookies and cakes galore. How on earth can the Martha Stewart on your list keep up with the demand for treats? Washing that solitary cookie tray will cause their hands to dry and crack.
You might not be able to splurge on a dual oven, but you can delight just the same with an upgraded set of baking pans for every purpose. A multi-use set will handle everything from muffins to salt-ornament cutouts.
  • 5. Meat-Shredding Claws

Meat Handler and Shredder by Bear Paw Products | The Grommet®
Please say you didn’t put your barbecue grill away for the season! Fall and winter are some of the best times for outdoor cooking. You won’t melt over the open flames the way you do in the summer. Plus, smoked turkey for Thanksgiving is one of the holiday’s most mouth-watering delights.
When you mix up a mean roast or carne asada for your holiday party, you need a way to shred it perfectly. A pair of meat-shredding claws can withstand the heavy pressure and keep your paws cool while you create a restaurant-quality presentation. The lucky recipient can make a dish that will win the office potluck every time.
  • 6. A Family Mug Collection

If you’re going to sip on hot cocoa while watching holiday TV specials as a gang, you need vessels for your brew. Why not give the favorite family team you know a set of mugs perfect for celebrating the coziness of the season?
You can get customized versions featuring their photos. Imagine their surprise when you memorialize their most-liked Facebook post on what will soon become their favorite coffee cup.
  • 7. A Scenic Photo Enlargement and Framing

Is the special someone on your guest list nostalgic for summer days at the beach already? Why don’t you let their favorite beach location warm their hearts on the coldest days with a framed photo?
You can get their favorite picture enlarged into a poster-sized model they can hang in their office. A fancy frame makes it look elegant enough, even if they are the CEO.
  • 8. A Pair of Touchscreen Gloves

Original Sport Touchscreen Texting Winter Gloves | Agloves
You want your best friend to be able to text you anytime, anywhere. However, if doing so leaves their digits icy, you might have to wait later for a reply.
Get them a pair of touchscreen gloves so they can communicate without getting chilly. They’ll thank you for the next time they’re able to zip off a quick reply email to the boss while out shoveling without getting frostbitten.
  • 9. And a Matching Pair of Hand Warmers

The 7 Best Hand Warmers - [2020/2021 Reviews] | Outside Pursuits
If you live in a northern state, you might double or triple-wrap your gloves and still end up with cold fingers. Thankfully, there are a few ways to keep your extremities comfortable when you work outside.
If someone on your gift list shovels sidewalks for a living or has to work in the deep freezer, get them a pair of hand warmers to slip under their gloves. The best models stay toasty for up to 10 hours, getting them through their shifts with nary a “Brrr.”
You might save someone’s fingers with this thoughtful stocking stuffer. Frostbite is no joke, but these hand warmers can help keep it at bay.
  • 10. A Windowsill Herb Garden

Vermont Garden Journal: 6 Tips For Starting A Windowsill Herb Garden | Vermont Public Radio
Did someone you love get into the gardening craze this past spring and summer during the shutdowns? Who says they have to give up their newfound hobby just because there are three feet of snow on the ground?
Why not get them a windowsill herb garden to continue their love of growing things indoors? These versions offer the convenience of having fresh oregano and basil on hand and ready for snipping when the recipient makes spaghetti. The miniature trowel and rake give this set a touch of whimsy.
  • 11. A Pair of Microwavable Slippers

We tried the Oprah-approved microwavable slippers
If TV star Oprah Winfrey swears by a gift idea, you know it’s sure to delight many on your list. What’s worse than cold toes in the wintertime? Not much.
Remedy that situation with a pair of microwavable slippers that will toast their toes in seconds. Plus, this luxurious warmth rings in with a price tag under $20, making them the ideal gift if you have a tight budget.
Better yet, splurge on a pair for yourself, too. You and your best friend can kick up your twin feet in comfort when you settle in for a holiday flick.
  • 12. A Personal Heater Space Heater for Home &Office - Ceramic Quiet Tower Heater 1 Seconds Heat Up Portable Small Personal Heater for Office Desk with 3 Temperature Modes,Oscillating Heater Fan for Home, Indoor Use:
It’s the battle that never ends — the war for the office thermostat. No matter how much you crank it up, some spaces never seem to get warm. They’re typically the workstations assigned to the folks who are always cold.
Make their workday less frigid with a personal space heater they can keep under their desk. That way, when Barb in accounting starts sending emails about the need to conserve energy, all eyes won’t turn to them for cranking up the thermostat. Plus, they can thaw their chilly digits and type more comfortably after returning from break.
  • 13. A Wearable Blanket

pink blue and orange textiles
There are few things better than curling up with a juicy novel in front of the fire. However, ordinary blankets can leave your arms chilly.
Enter the heavenly soft wearable blanket that lets you sip your tea or flip your pages without getting goosebumps. This gift will delight that special someone who can’t get enough of the cozier things during the winter season.
  • 14. An Insulated Thermos

China Matte Black 500ml Cola Shaped Flasks Thermos Vacuum Water Bottle - China Amazon Cheapest Vacuum Swell Cola Water Bottle and Custom Logo Swell Thermos Water Bottle price
Warm drinks do more than fill your belly on sub-zero days. They can help raise your internal temperature, making it seem several degrees more comfortable. However, those flimsy disposable cups from the neighborhood shop won’t keep your brew toasty for long.
Give that hard-working outdoorsy sort on your list an insulated thermos to keep their favorite coffee warm for hours. Some models will preserve the temperature of their brew even when outdoor temperatures dip as low as 5 degrees above zero.
  • 15. A Weighted Blanket

You’ve heard of weighted shirts for your furry friends that they can wear when thunderstorms stress them into a frenzy. Humans share a similar nervous system as our four-legged buddies, and the same principles apply.
If someone on your gift list has anxiety, an indulgent weighted blanket can ease their nerves. It feels like receiving a full-body hug from a cloud. It makes calming down a snap — they can lie back on the bed or couch and let relaxation envelop them. 
  • 16. A Board Game Collection

My Minimalist Board Game Collection | by Board Game Minimalist | Medium
Wintertime doesn’t mean playtime is over! With the right toys, you could say the party only starts when the first snow begins falling. Remember your favorite classic board games of yesteryear?
You can recreate the magic of family game night for your lucky recipient. Get them a collection of classic games so they and their clan can enjoy chess, checkers, and backgammon. This gift gives them a worthy reason to play hooky from work and school to spend some quality time with those they love most.
  • 17. A "Game of Thrones" Gift Set

Game Of Thrones Johnnie Walker Tasting Collection
According to Ned Stark, winter is coming. Now is the time to stay inside and take in Nan’s stories of the north. Bring them home for someone on your guest list with a "Game of Thrones" gift set.
If you have more money to spare, you can throw in a subscription to HBOGo for $14.99 a month. That way, they can rewatch the adventures of the Starks and Lannisters on any device. They can also catch the prequel series that's coming soon.
If the world of Westeros isn't to their liking, you can find sweet merch for any of their favorite hit series. There's a fandom site for nearly any TV show or movie.
  • 18. A Sunrise Alarm Clock

Waking up is always hard to do, and doing it before the sun can seem impossible. All you want to do is crawl back into bed and pull up the covers. It isn’t your fault. As diurnal creatures, human beings attune their sleep-wake cycle to the sun.
Unfortunately, corporate America doesn’t give a fig for your innate impulse to hibernate. If the thought of rising to a clamor well before the crack of dawn makes you groan, invest in a sunrise alarm clock that imitates the rays of the sun.
If someone on your guest list suffers from the seasonal affective disorder, this gift may make rising easier for them. Pick up an extra one to leave under the tree. With models starting at only $30, you can afford to play secret Santa.
  • 19. A Creative Tea Infuser

15 Cool and Creative Tea Infusers | Bored Panda
Winter is the ideal time for warm drinks of all varieties, including tea. Some types of this miracle brew do more than warm a cold tummy. Herbs can help remedy multiple ailments — echinacea is a well-known brew for boosting immunity.
Help your favorite tea-sipping recipient create custom brews with a creative tea infuser. They can mix their favorite loose leaf varieties to treat anything from a runny nose to a case of the winter blues.
Find one that suits their personality. You’ll find anything from manatees to musical notes, all so adorable that you might not stop with just one. Stuff the stockings of everyone on your list.
  • 20. A Sherpa Robe

  • Cozy Sherpa Teen Robe | Pottery Barn Teen
Sherpa stuff is cozy fleece on one side, velvety-soft fabric on the other and enough stuffing in the middle to warm the coldest heart. Your favorite recipient will adore sitting by the fire in one of these ultra-indulgent robes that cover them head to toe.
Why stop with wrapping them in swaddling softness at the ankles? You can also find luxuriously padded Sherpa socks that keep toes toasty even on early-morning tile floors.
If that’s not enough cloud-like bliss, throw in a blanket made of the stuff. Once you get turned on to Sherpa mania, you will never go back to ordinary winter pajamas again. Your recipient will agree.
Warm Your Loved One's Heart With One of These 20 Gifts 
With winter on the way, the holiday gift-giving season is here. Plus, it’s always the ideal time for a spontaneous gesture of love and support. Delight your loved ones — or yourself — with one of these 20 perfect gifts for falling temperatures. Think of all the hearts you’ll warm.