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25 Gift Ideas for Fitness Fanatics
After more than a year of restrictions, things are looking up. It’ll soon be time to get back in the game. Is your favorite fitness enthusiast geared up and ready to go?    They may have toned down their exercise routine during quarantine and are now anxious to return to the gym and a sense of normalcy. Upgrades may be in order.   You don’t need a special occasion to delight someone you love with a gift. Such gestures say “I’m thinking of you” and spread positive vibes far and wide. Here are 25 gift ideas sure to please the fitness fanatic on your shopping list. 

1. A New Baseball Cap

  The warm weather has returned, and with it comes the sun. Long days under bright light can bring on headaches, but your favorite sports fan wouldn’t miss their kid’s after-school soccer practice for the world. Help them give their overworked peepers a break with a new baseball cap.    You can go for a modern look or find a vintage classic for retro flair. If you aren’t sure of your recipient’s head size, a classic snapback offers adjustability. 

2. A Team Jersey

  2020 was a challenging year for sports and fitness fanatics. Gyms and stadiums closed, leaving people lifting weights and watching competitions on television. Why not delight the fan who is chomping at the bit to get back in the game with an official team jersey to showcase their spirit? They’ll look stylish anywhere from HIIT class to the stadium.    If you want to make this gift even more personal, do a bit of reconnaissance work. Why not find out your recipient’s favorite player and delight them with their number? Help them collect both home and away versions. 

3. A Hydration Belt

  The return of warm weather means your favorite fitness enthusiast is sure to sweat more. Help them stave off dehydration when they head out for a trail run far from the nearest water fountain with a hydration belt. It keeps their beverages snug and secure, and it won’t slow them down or cause their hands to ache the way carrying a bottle for miles will.    If the recipient you have in mind is training for a marathon, why not complete the gift with a few gel packs? These simple sugar replacements help replenish electrolytes often depleted in extended exercise sessions. 

4. A Healthy Gift Basket 

Why get your friend just one gift when you can get them a whole basket? Our healthy gift basket comes with a variety of favorites for the fitness fanatic in your life, including protein bars, protein powder, a shaker bottle and a greeting card with your message of choice. Give the recipient something they’ll value and remember for a long time.   

5. Wireless Headphones 

  Your favorite roadrunner needs a way to listen to their tunes without disturbing passersby or getting all tangled up in wires. A quality set of wireless headphones meant for vigorous workouts will let the person you hope to delight jump, twist and shout to their hearts’ content without losing their soundwaves.    You can also seek noise-canceling models if they work out in a noisy gym and can’t stand the music selection. You can even find those with smart and touch features that let the recipient change their playlist with ease. 

6. A Hands-Free Leash

  What self-proclaimed fitness fanatic with a dog would dream of going for an outing without their faithful friend in tow? However, it’s challenging to hold onto a leash while you ride a bike or traverse rocky trails. A hands-free version lets your recipient’s pet safely run by their side, protecting them from passing cars. 

7. A Weighted Vest 

  If your favorite exerciser is too busy to work out as much as they might like, combining cardiovascular and strength training helps them make the most of their time in and out of the gym. A weighted vest turns any weekend hike into a resistance workout. It can even transform mowing the lawn into a challenging sweat session.    Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what weights to get. Find a model that lets your recipient adjust the resistance level as they improve their fitness. 

8. A Set of Trekking Poles

  Hiking is one of the best forms of fitness. You blast your quads and hamstrings, plus you get away from the maddening crowds for a bit. However, a broken leg could land your recipient on the disabled list for weeks. Help them traverse ankle-twisting trails with a set of trekking poles that will help them keep their balance on uneven ground. 

9. A Pair of Recovery Day Flip-Flops

  Even the most dedicated fitness enthusiast has to take recovery days to maximize their muscle power. They don’t want to have to squeeze their feet into a pair of sweaty workout sneakers when they rest and relax.    Why not get them a pair of recovery day flip-flops? They can pamper their toes with a pedicure and stroll to the spa afterward without letting their bare soles touch the floor. 

10. A Personalized Yoga Mat

  Does your favorite fitness enthusiast love yoga? This ancient mind-body exercise form offers a host of benefits — but getting up close and personal with studio mats isn’t one of them. Spare them from potential germs by getting them a personalized yoga mat. You can choose from countless designs that will have them chanting “om.” 

11. A Mantra Water Bottle 

  Mantras help people reach new levels of awareness or simply cultivate inner peace amid chaos. Help your favorite fitness fanatic stay hydrated and keep their zen with a mantra water bottle that reminds them to accept what is. This gift is a must-have for those who embrace hot yoga because they work up a serious sweat.    Do you want to add on to this gift? Water containers can get grungy in the bottom. Throw in a set of bottle bright tablets to keep their present sparkling with zero effort on their part. 

12. A Block and Strap Kit 

  What yoga form is your fanatic’s favorite? They can use blocks and straps with any methodology, but they’re a must for Iyengar.    Gift your favorite yogi a quality block and strap kit that will help them master challenging asanas with greater ease. You’ll help protect them from injury — and from sharing germs with others using the same studio set. 

13. An Inversion Bench

  Does your favorite yogi long to do inversions but finds them too intimidating to try unsupported? An inversion bench lets them practice inverted postures with ease — many users manage to go upside down on their first try. Plus, you protect their head and neck from injury.    Look for ones with plenty of padding. You can also find models that allow practitioners to do waistline work leg exercises. 

14. A Set of Resistance Bands 

  What do you do when you can’t get to the gym, but your tiny apartment makes a weight bench problematic? You find a less cumbersome alternative. Resistance bands fit under your favorite fitness enthusiast’s couch.    They’ll also appreciate this gift if they frequently travel. Resistance bands fit into a suitcase, letting your recipient take fitness with them even if their hotel lacks a gym. 

15. A Weighted Jump-Rope

  Another fitness gadget that travels without taking up much suitcase space is a weighted jump-rope. Your fortunate gift recipient can use it to sneak in a workout while watching television in the evenings or when with their kids at the park. The extra resistance helps strengthen the rotator cuff muscles, vital for any golfers and tennis players on your list. 

16. A Foam Roller 

  Working out can leave you with sore, achy muscles. However, professional massage therapists cost a pretty penny. Instead, your pal can use a foam roller to soothe away their pain in the privacy of their living room. They come in various sizes, appropriate for nearly every body part. 

17. A Set of Handgrips

  If your friend lacks grip strength, it will limit how much they can lift. You can help them improve this vital function with a set of handgrips.    These gadgets also come in handy during stressful days at the office. Consider them a step up from your typical stress ball. 

18. A Swimsuit Bag

  Is your workout fanatic a swimmer? If so, they need a way to transport their wet clothes to and from the gym without getting everything else in their bag soggy. A dedicated swimsuit bag keeps their damp suit away from their pricey earbuds and wallet and limits the spread of bacteria. 

19. A Home Office Desk Cycle 

  Have you heard the saying that sitting is the new smoking? While you may or may not agree with this assessment, there’s no denying that too much time spent sedentary increases the risk of various diseases.    If your favorite fitness enthusiast spends far too much time at their work desk, help them keep their blood circulating while they crunch out that budget report. A home office desk cycle lets them burn calories even while they stare at their computer screen. 

20. Board30 Mini

  What do you get when you combine a resistance band’s flexibility with a platform’s versatility? You get a cost-effective fitness device that is portable enough for travel.    The Board30 Mini fits in any room, effortlessly sliding under a couch or a bed. It requires only 2 feet of space and 30 minutes a day to get a full-body workout that combines cardio and strength training. The product comes with a subscription to a video library so exercisers can follow along as they build their endurance. 

21. A Mirror 

  If you have the means, you could hire a personal trainer to make home visits. However, doing so means inviting a stranger into your castle. What if they could join your exercise enthusiast in realistic size, real-time, via video screen?    The Mirror features weekly live classes and a full video-on-demand library. You can also bring the nation’s top trainers into your home for one-on-one sessions. 

22. A Peloton 

  Is your favorite fitness fanatic a cyclist? If they don’t relish the thought of returning to the gym anytime soon, why not bring the joy of their beloved spin class to their living room? If you have the means, a Peloton offers the ultimate quality in-home fitness cycling.    Live instructors come right to your screen, pushing and motivating you. You also belong to a community of fellow exercise enthusiasts who further propel you toward your goals. 

23. A Monthly Gym Membership

  Now that many states have begun easing the restrictions imposed by the novel coronavirus pandemic, gyms are back in business. However, after the past year’s hardships, they can use all the help they can get finding new members.    Why not give your buddy a monthly membership? If they already have a package, you could offer to upgrade it to include group classes, tanning sessions or personal training. 

24. A Hardcore Massage Gun

  Vigorous exercise can leave you with horrible knots. Trying to work them out by hand can prove challenging, especially if someone has a condition like rheumatoid arthritis that makes deep kneading painful.    You can find numerous massage guns on the market that get deep into sore muscle tissue. They’ll sigh with relief as they work out tough knots, no massage therapist necessary. 

25. A NutriBullet Personal Blender

  Everyone needs optimal nutrition to achieve their training goals. One of the best ways to get more whole foods into your pal’s diet is by whipping up nutritious smoothies and shakes filled with wholesome ingredients.    Enter the Nutribullet Personal Blender. This thoughtful gift lets them whip up wholesome goodness on the go — they even come in travel sizes. If your fortunate recipient is a new parent, you can even find a baby version so they can make homemade organic strained peas. 

Delight Your Favorite Fitness Fanatic With One of These 25 Gifts 

  2020 was a challenging year for gyms, stadiums and enthusiasts alike. Now that it appears the worst has passed, why not delight your friends with one of these 25 gifts and encourage them to get back in the game? They are likely more than ready.