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25 Gifts for Men Who Like to Camp
The weather is warming up, making it the perfect time to get out into the wilderness and pitch a tent at your favorite camping spot.  Even if you’re not the outdoorsy type, camping-themed gifts can be an easy way to show your support for the special people in your life that like to spend time in the great outdoors.  Here are 25 gift suggestions for men who like to camp.

1. Fast-Drying Microfiber Towels

There’s nothing quite like the refreshing feeling of hopping into an ice-cold river for a quick swim after a long day of hiking or setting up camp. Make drying off a breeze with fast-drying microfiber towels.  They can absorb up to five times their weight in water and dry 10 times faster than regular versions, so you can stow them back in your bag and move on in no time. They also roll up into a delightfully compact package and weigh less than 11 ounces. 

2. “I’d Rather Be Camping” Socks

Your camping-themed gifts don’t always have to be practical. These funny “I’d rather be camping” socks tell everyone where they wish they could be.  They’re fun to wear under dress pants when you’re stuck in the office all day, dreaming of the great outdoors. These make a great inexpensive stocking stuffer or “just because” gift.   

3. Personalized Camp Mug

Your camper probably has a collection of enamel camp mugs. No one wants to face the day — even out in the woods — without a good cup of coffee in hand.  Why not add a personal touch with a customized cup? These made-to-order mugs include a gorgeous line-art illustration and can be ordered to include names, dates, coordinates or other information that will make it personal.   

4. Inflatable Lounger

Air mattresses are great and all, but if you’re heading out into the wilderness, trying to find an outlet to plug in your air pump is next to impossible. This inflatable lounger doesn’t require any power or pumps. You also don’t have to worry about losing your breath trying to blow it up.  Just whip it open, capture some air and close it again, and you’ve got a comfortable lounger to sit on with little to no effort. These are also waterproof, portable, and designed to be leakproof.  

5. Battery-Powered LED Lightbulb

Keeping your tent lit at night can be challenging. Either your lanterns are too bright, or you're squinting and damaging your eyesight trying to read by dim flashlights. You don’t need a generator to keep these bulbs lit.  These 150-lumen lightbulbs are battery-powered and come attached to a D-clip so you can hang them wherever you need them. They come in a pack of four and run off AAA batteries, so you don’t have to worry about hunting down obscure battery sizes.  

6. Custom Camping Recipe Book

Half the fun of camping is enjoying the food you’ve prepared over an open fire — unless you’re the kind of person that doesn’t like to cook. You can only subsist on protein bars and trail mix for so long, especially if you’re heading out for an extended trip.  Why not pull together a custom cookbook with their favorite camping recipes that can be made on a camp stove or over an open fire? Sites like Shutterfly or Shopify let you customize and print your book on-demand.   

7. Portable Hammock

Bringing a hammock with you is an excellent option if you don’t want to sleep on the ground or carry a tent, but there is one drawback. Setting it up requires finding two healthy trees close enough together to support it.  This portable hammock solves that problem by including a lightweight frame you can carry with you. The entire hammock weighs less than 15 pounds, so it’s easy to carry on your back. Its tiny footprint means you can set it up nearly anywhere.  

8. Collapsible Camp Table

Having a table at your camp is helpful, but most folding versions don’t break down far enough to pack into your backpack or carry easily. This collapsible camp table is the perfect solution to that age-old problem.    When folded, the table is only 22 inches long and 5 inches wide and weighs less than 3 pounds. The lightweight aluminum tabletop rolls out and sets up in seconds. Tie it to the back of your pack, and you’ll always have a table for cooking, prepping food or whatever you need.   

9. Portable Campfire

You’re not relegated to cold meals and untoasted marshmallows if you can’t find enough wood to start a fire. These portable campfires are made from recycled soy wax and paper, light easily and burn for three to five hours.  If you’re concerned about fire risks, this is a great option — there are no embers to worry about, and extinguishing this blaze is as simple as putting the lid back on.   

10. A Barbecue Gift Basket

No one should have to eat unseasoned food, no matter how far out in the wilderness you are. This fun little barbecue-themed gift basket includes everything from a reusable tin to a bottle of sauce, a handful of beer bottles and some koozies to keep them cold.  It’s got everything you need to throw the perfect party, even if you’re by yourself in the middle of the woods.   

11. Insulated Wine Tumblers With Lids

Drinking while on your camping trip has two inherent hazards. Something unpleasant with far too many legs could fly into your drink, and you might spill it all over your campsite.    These insulated wine tumblers prevent both these problems, plus they keep your drinks cool. Each tumbler holds 12 ounces, and the steel exterior means you don’t have to worry about them breaking if you have one drink too many and drop your cup on the rocks.   

12. Collapsible Water Bottle

Staying hydrated on your camping trips is essential, especially as the weather starts to warm up. Unfortunately, once you empty your water bottle, it takes up a lot of space in your pack. Enter the Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle.  This food-grade silicone bottle holds 22 ounces of water, and once you’re done drinking, it rolls up to a fraction of its size. It also comes in eight different colors, so you can find one that matches the rest of your gear.

13. Portable Phone Charger

Most of us go camping to get away from our digital obligations, but having a charged phone on hand in case of emergency is essential, especially if you’re camping alone. A portable charger like this 20100 mAh model from Anker is the perfect option.  It can charge an iPhone 8 nearly seven times, weighs less than a can of soup and comes in four different colors. Don’t leave home without a way to call for help if you end up needing it.

14. Microwave S’mores Maker

Is your camper missing the gooey goodness of a freshly toasted marshmallow and melted chocolate on a graham cracker? This microwave s’mores maker might just be the perfect thing to scratch that itch.  This adorable little kitchen gadget makes two s’mores at a time in the microwave, so you don’t even have to light a campfire in your yard to get all that deliciousness. 

15. Outdoor Emergency Survival Kit

Most camping trips are relatively uneventful, but it’s essential to always be prepared for the unexpected — especially if you’re heading far from civilization.  This emergency survival kit has everything you need to survive, from a knife and compass to a firestarter and even an emergency blanket for keeping you warm on cold nights. This is a gift that is equal parts thoughtful and practical, plus it only weighs 1.11 pounds, so it’s easy to throw in your bag and forget about it until you need it.

16. Compressible Travel Pillow

No one likes resting their heads on rocks, but packing a full-sized pillow will often take up too much of your already limited space.  This compressible alternative is 14 by 18 inches when fully expanded — but squishes down to one-eighth its original size, making it easy to stash in your pack and carry with you. A good night’s sleep makes every camping trip that much more enjoyable. 

17. LifeStraw

Remember how important it is to stay hydrated? If your camper doesn’t want to haul all the water they’re going to need on their back, a LifeStraw can be a great alternative. These compact straws allow you to filter up to 4,000 liters of water without the need for chemicals, making nearly any natural water source safe to drink.  That’s enough for the average person for more than five years. They weigh less than 2 ounces and have no expiration date, so you can store them in your bag for as long as needed. 

18. Portable Camping Chair

Sitting on logs, rocks or the ground is part of the camping experience, but it’s not exactly comfortable. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort if you’re trying to keep the weight of your pack down.  This ultralight camping chair can support up to 300 pounds but weigh just 2 pounds, so it’s easy to bring with you without worrying about making your pack too heavy. You can also add a sand cover for beach use to keep the feet from sinking into the sand.

19. A Camping-Themed Subscription Box

You can get subscription boxes for just about anything these days, and camping is no exception. Consider picking up a few month’s worth of a subscription to Nomadik or similar brands.  These companies curate outdoor gear from various brands and ship it to your door once a month. As of this writing, Nomadik is offering a welcome box that includes a starter hammock and straps and other handy outdoor items. 

20. A Cast Iron Skillet

There is nothing better for cooking over an open fire than a cast iron skillet. We’ve been using them for centuries, and it’s one of those cases where you can’t improve on perfection. If they don’t already have one as part of their kit, consider gifting them a preseasoned cast iron skillet They may end up ditching the rest of their cooking gear in favor of this one item — well, everything except their coffee percolator.   

21. Campfire Candle

Are you missing the smell of woodsmoke from your campfire? This candle captures that distinctive scent, as well as the delicate aromas of clove, amber and sandalwood to bring you back to your favorite camping trip and remind you that you need to schedule your next one.  The nice thing about soy-wax candles is that they’re not heavily scented, so you can enjoy a delicate reminder of your favorite trip without the neighbors thinking you’ve lit a campfire in your living room.   

22. A Wool Blanket

Emergency mylar blankets can work in a pinch, but you’re not going to want to sleep with one every night. A good wool blanket can keep you warm on cool nights and withstand nearly anything you throw at it.  They’re a bit pricey, but in this case, you’re getting what you pay for. A good wool blanket will last for years, no matter how often you take it out into the wilderness.   

23. Multi-Belt With Flashlight Holster 

Stuffing your flashlight in your pocket is a recipe for disaster, especially if you have to wander out to find a place to relieve yourself in the dark. This belt incorporates a flashlight holster, as well as a quick-release magnetic buckle and a multitool coin. It’s also got plenty of space for your favorite tools and camping toys. Plus, it’ll hold up your pants, too!  

24. Adventure Meals

Packing enough food for your trip can be challenging, especially if you’re heading out on foot. You don’t want to bring too much and risk weighing down your pack, but you also want to make sure you have enough calories to keep you fueled.  Adventure Meals takes the guesswork out of it. Enter your food preferences, and the site generates a menu for you. A three-day meal kit will set you back around $75 without any of the hassles of doing it yourself.   

25. Ultralight Coffee Maker

Pour-over coffee is delicious, but most setups are too fragile to haul into the wilderness with you. This ultralight Java Drip coffee maker clips to any cup and gives you all the flavor with none of the hassles. It comes with a reusable nylon filter, but you can also use paper ones to get the perfect cup in the morning.

Camping Gifts Galore

There are so many gift options for the camper in your life, from the everyday to the unexpected. One thing they all have in common, though, is the ability to elevate the camping experience and make each trip one to remember.