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25 Gifts for Your Friend’s Man Cave

Did your friend use quarantine to organize their man-cave? You’ve undoubtedly been excited to pay a visit, and now that you’re both fully vaccinated, you need the perfect gift. 


So, what should you get your best buddy for their new space? Here are 25 gifts for your friend’s man-cave that are sure to net you some free beers and repeat invitations. 

1. Autographed Anything


Does your pal idolize a particular athlete? Do they have a bucket list of folks they would love to see play live? While you might not be able to spring for a vacation to see their team play, you could delight your friend with an autographed piece of memorabilia. 


This gift requires considerable thought — but you get beaucoup buddy points for your effort. If you get lucky and bump into someone famous at the airport, you might not have to spend a dime. However, you can find specialty sites devoted to such gear or test your luck on the eBay game of chance. 

2. A Food and Drink Welcomer


Why not take a tip from gift-giving experts everywhere and go with a professionally arranged basket? 


If your friend enjoys nothing more than kicking back with a cold one during game time, you can find baskets containing plenty of brewskis. Some include hard liquor and various snacks — everything you need to make your first gameday together after the quarantine a memorable affair. 

3. A TV 


Every man cave needs a television so that you can watch the big game. However, even if your pal already has a big screen or a projector, you can only watch one competition at a time. How to decide when playoffs arrive? 


If you have a bit to spend, give your friend a television. They’ll appreciate the secondary screen for recreating the sports bar experience without having to risk a DUI driving home. 

4. A Throw Rug


Who wants to wear shoes when you kick back at home? Your buddy might if their man cave is in their garage or basement and temperatures dip below zero. 


Keep your pal’s toes cozy and warm with the gift of a throw rug. You can find one emblazoned with their favorite team’s logo — they’ll appreciate it for the aesthetic value and the comfort. 

5. Help With Home Improvement

If your buddy chose their garage as their man-cave location, they have to keep their door working like the well-oiled machine it is. The cost will depend on a variety of different factors, including the style of the door, its material and various accessories. 

This gift is particularly thoughtful if your buddy has little ones at home. Hundreds of people suffer garage door injuries every year, and many of them are children. Give your pal the peace of mind of knowing his family is safe. 


6. Comfy Throw Cushions


Hopefully, your friend has a super-cozy couch for his man cave. Futons and sofa beds are even better for those Sunday afternoon naps that stretch into the evening. 


However, your friend needs a place to rest his weary head. Give him what he needs with some comfy throw pillows that add to his decor while letting him rest his head. 

7. A Framed Poster


Pulling a couch and television into the garage doesn’t complete a man cave. Your pal might appreciate the rugged look, but they still need some decor. 


Why not get them a framed poster of their favorite player? If your friend has a favorite photo from a live game you attended together, you can have it blown up into one. Add a stylish frame to complete the look. 

8. A Gimme Cap


Gimme caps — the kind with the plastic backs — arose to fill a need. They are inexpensive to mass-produce and keep the sun out of countless eyes. They’re so-called because they were originally used for giveaways, but their low cost also makes them the ideal decor item. 


Go ahead and get your pal a fresh new gimme cap to hang on his wall. Since you can find them for more sports than baseball these days, consider getting one to represent each of their favorite teams. 

9. An All-in-One Opener


When your pal reaches for a cold one out of the mini-fridge in his man cave, he doesn’t want to have to walk all the way to the kitchen to open it. Any well-stocked gameday space requires the tools you need to tackle the job on hand. 


Delight your buddy with an all-in-one bottle, can and jar opener. It won’t matter if you are trying to open some ripe olives that he set aside for martinis or merely pop the top of a new bottle of Bud. Dental work is expensive — please don’t let your pal use his teeth. 

10. A Putting Green


You and your pal need a pastime that you can turn to when things go south on gameday. Why not choose something that can help hone your skills the next time you hit the links? 


The gift of a putting green keeps your hands occupied when you need to relieve nervous tension, but don’t want to disrupt the neighbors by shouting at the television. If you and your pal are serious, you can go for a deluxe model. However, you can find less expensive mats that do the trick at most sporting goods stores. 

11. A Slot Machine


Even before the pandemic, the casino floor wasn’t the healthiest place to be. Even the most well-ventilated facilities expose you to a considerable amount of secondhand smoke. Why not bring the thrill of your favorite games of chance home to your pal? 


The best part about giving your buddy a slot machine is that you can get your money back when you play. You can find those featuring sports themes or designs reminiscent of the casinos of yesteryear. 

12. A Dartboard 


What’s the one game you will find in nearly any sports bar, even if they lack pool tables? A dartboard, of course. Why not give your buddy one to complete their man cave? 


Keep your friend’s setup and family in mind when making your selection. You can find elegant cabinets, the doors of which protect nearby walls somewhat from awkward throws. However, if your friend has little ones at home, you might do better with a magnetic model that won’t leave marks on skin or surrounding drywall. 

13. A Humidor


Is part of the purpose behind your buddy’s man-cave the opportunity to indulge in a cigar without his mate complaining about the smell? If so, he needs a place to keep his stash of Cubans fresh and tasty until the occasion to celebrate arrives. 


The right humidor adjusts the humidity level to preserve the flavor and sanctity of the tobacco leaves. They are a must for any aficionado and allow your friend to keep his stash at hand, even if his man cave occupies a damp basement or dusty desert garage. 

14. A Globe Bar 


Does your friend enjoy kicking back with something more sophisticated than a can of Coors when he watches the big game? If so, he needs a place to keep his supply of vodka and bourbon. A globe that conceals a hidden bar elevates any humble man cave into a proper study. 


This gift is ideal even if your pal has a wet bar in his man cave. After all, he can roll the globe next to the couch for the big game, meaning he can mix a fresh cocktail without interrupting his viewing pleasure. 

15. A Set of Bar Tools 


Does your pal prefer his martinis shaken or stirred? If he’s a fan of the former method, he needs the correct bar tools to blend the ice and beverage, and the right spoon adds an elegant touch to the latter. 

Give your buddy a complete set of bar tools to mix his beverage magic. It should contain a shaker, a few jiggers, maybe a juicer or cutting board for fresh lemon and lime slices. 

16. Folding Chairs


As much as you love your buddy, you don’t always want to sit up close and personal with him when game day rolls around. Plus, he might not have enough room in his garage to add a lounger for all. Some events might see invitees spilling into the driveway. 


It’s a pain in the derriere to schlep your beach chairs along every gameday. Why not give your buddy a set of folding chairs that provide him with plenty of seating for everybody, no standing room only necessary? 

17. Snack Tables


What happens when multiple people start passing the same chip bag back and forth? The crumbs start flying, drawing more insects to places that might already be infestation-prone. However, you don’t want to leave your pal with cleaning duty after every game day get-together. 


Solve the problem, at least in part, with a quality set of folding snack tables. Each guest can portion out their servings. As a bonus, they won’t have to reach as far to grab their drinks — they can keep them close at hand. 

18. A Mini Fridge


What’s the worst thing that can happen on gameday besides your team losing? Encountering an empty beer bottle and having to run to the kitchen to grab another at a critical juncture. 


Help your pal keep their stash cold and nearby with the gift of a mini-fridge for their man cave. You can find models that serve as kegerators if your buddy prefers to keep their beer on tap. 

19. Bluetooth Speakers


Teams don’t play 24/7 — your friend needs some jams when the game isn’t on the TV. Help them out with a set of Bluetooth speakers. 


If your pal also has a pool, look for waterproof models. You can even find versions that clip to your belt for when you and your buddy go off the grid. 

20. A Popcorn Maker


If your pal is a movie buff, they probably miss heading to the theater to see a show. It will take a while for Hollywood to return to big-screen productions. 


Why not help to fill the gap by recreating the experience at home with a popcorn maker? Your friend can enjoy all their old favorite flicks with the freshest snack imaginable. 

21. A Classic Board Game


Man caves aren’t solely for watching the game on TV. You can hang out with your mates in-between seasons, too — and your pal needs to stack their pad with pastimes. 


Why not give them the gift of a classic board game? This idea is easy on your wallet if the pandemic left you with a little less green to spend. 

22. Playing Cards and Chips


What’s one way for your friend to put their new man cave to good use? Hosting a poker night, of course. 


To do so, they’ll need some new unmarked cards and plenty of chips. This gift is another ideal one if you find your wallet holding little outside of moths. 

23. A Do Not Disturb Sign


Does your pal’s man cave double as their home office? They need a way to alert their family when they are in a Zoom meeting. 


Give them the gift of a do not disturb sign. It will let your pal’s loved ones know when they need quiet to speak with a client or simply decompress. 

24. A Potted Plant


Way back in the 1980s, NASA discovered that plants cleared the air of toxins like toluene and formaldehyde. Fumes are an issue if your friend’s man cave is in the garage or another poorly ventilated area. 


Find them a little greenage to help them breathe more comfortably. Plants like succulents require little care and add an elegant touch. 

25. An Ice Bucket


Why not help your friend celebrate the big win like the pros? For that, you need champagne.


Your pal can keep that good luck juice cold and ready with the gift of an ice bucket. They can decide whether to toast with it or spray it like a locker room celebration. 

Consider These 25 Gifts for Your Friend’s Man Cave


If your pal’s quarantine project was completing their space, help them to christen their lair. Consider one of these 25 gifts for your friend’s new man cave.