26 Gift Ideas for Frequent Travelers

By Razille Mae Biaca / July 21, 2022 /

With some travel restrictions already lifted and others on the brink of disappearing, travelers everywhere rejoice at their newly recovered ability to hit the open road or fly off to distant lands. Before they depart on their trek, they need to gear up with the essentials. 

If your friend has a bad case of wanderlust, why not help them celebrate the end of quarantine and the return of passport stamps? Here are 26 gift ideas for frequent travelers — who knows? Maybe their first stop will be your place to say thanks. 

1. A First Aid and Hygiene Kit 

Officials in various locations aren’t following a uniform approach to pandemic reopening. Some states no longer have any restrictions, while others are taking a more conservative approach. Even in locations without mask mandates and gathering limitations, it pays to take precautions to avoid getting sick. 

A well-stocked first-aid kit belongs in every traveler’s backpack. You never know when you might get injured far from emergency services. Include a cute mask with a matching hand sanitizer that will keep them in compliance with local regulations. 

2.  The Ultimate Import Sampler

Your friend can enjoy beer from abroad in their own home with the Ultimate Import Sampler. With Heineken, Stella Artois, Corona and Dos Equis, they can enjoy tastes from around the world without stepping foot outside. 

In addition to a broad selection of beer, your friend will also enjoy gourmet flavored popcorn, along with BroBasket branded pint glasses, coozies and a greeting card with your choice of message. 

3. A Leather Jacket 

Does the fortunate gift recipient on your list live for hitting the open road on their motorcycle? If they plan to get their kicks on Route 66 to celebrate the end of quarantines, they need the right clothing to protect them from the elements and flying debris. A high-quality leather jacket won’t let any projectile insects distract the driver. 

They’ll also look elegant when they dismount. The beauty of this gift is that it can go from the road to the restaurant — the wearer will look equally appropriate. 

4. A Paracord Survival Bracelet 

When your recipient heads off into the wild, they need to remember a ton of gear to stay safe. They need a compass, a fire-starting kit, some rope — all of which takes up considerable room in their backpack. How to carry it all? 

Why not on the wrist? A paracord survival bracelet takes many of the outdoor essentials and puts them in an easy-to-carry form. 

5. A Wooden Wall Map of the World 

Does the person on your gift list daydream about traveling the world even when they are in their living room? Maybe their pandemic reality left their travel coffers a bit bare, but they still want to plan their next adventure while they rebuild. 

Why not help them indulge their mental wanderlust with a map of the world big enough to decorate an entire living room wall? It adds an elegant touch, and the wooden styling matches nearly any decor. 

6. A Set of Ultralight Packing Cubes 

Suitcases can leave any traveler’s clothing a wrinkled mess. Plus, storing soiled clothes alongside clean ones makes even the freshest laundry smell a bit funky. 

A set of ultralight packing cubes keeps everything in your favorite traveler’s suitcase in their place — no lotion bottles leaving stains on clean shirts. They also allow your recipient to separate items, maintaining freshness and reducing the need for in-room ironing. 

7. A Camping Stove 

Travel is expensive. Saving on dining is one way to cut costs, but who wants to subsist on a diet of trail mix and salty chips? 

Your fortunate gift recipient can enjoy a hot dinner nearly anywhere with the gift of a propane-powered camping stove. This device also comes in handy for tailgate parties — remember those? Whether it’s time to head to the big game or take a spontaneous weekend road trip, this gadget will produce mouthwatering burgers and dogs. 

8. A Bluetooth Speaker Water Bottle

The gift recipient on your list has to stay hydrated during their journey. What if they also want to unwind poolside with some sweet tunes that don’t require a set of earbuds? 

The removable lid reveals a hidden Bluetooth speaker that connects to their cellphone or tablet. Once they charge it with the included USB cord, they can enjoy their favorite tunes anywhere in the world. 

9. A Portable Charger 

It isn’t always easy to find a place to charge your devices on the road. Finding a plug at the airport can sometimes prove challenging. You could end up sitting on a floor where heaven knows how many shoes have stepped. 

Keep your cellphone and tablet charged and ready to go with a portable travel charger that holds hours, even days, worth of juice. Some of these devices use solar power to replenish their internal batteries. 

10. A Set of Tide Travel Sink Packets 

Your recipient takes a sip of coffee just as they hit a pothole. Their white shirt now sports a massive brown stain, and traveling light means they don’t have another. What to do? 

A set of Tide travel sink packets puts the washing machine in their back pocket. All they need to do is open one and let the detergent do its best to eradicate stains before they can set and become permanent. Plus, they’ll feel far less embarrassed meeting faraway relatives for drinks without an unsightly spot on their blouse. 

11. A Travel Padlock 

A lot of sketchy things can happen when you travel. While hotel rooms provide safes, they’re hardly big enough to hold all of your belongings. Plus, they don’t stop miscreants from messing with your bags while in transit. 

However, you can give your lucky gift recipient the peace of mind they deserve with a TSA-approved travel lock. They open with a master key for security purposes, and some even let you know if agents opened and searched your bag. 

12. A Locking Travel Diary

Where will your traveling friend keep a written record of all they’ve done and seen? Imagine how they’ll feel sitting in a cafe in Paris penning their memoirs. 

Give your lucky gift recipient a place to record their adventures with a locking journal that keeps their thoughts free from prying eyes. That is until they approach a publishing house with tales of their life on the road. 

13. A Bag of Hiking Wool

Even if your favorite traveler doesn’t plan to hike the Appalachian trail, their trek undoubtedly entails plenty of mileage on their feet. Running through airports to catch connecting flights is enough to give anyone a nasty blister. 

Prevent their soles from damage with the gift of a bag of hiking wool. This treasure from Down Under promises to stop blisters before they start. It’s made from lanolin-rich lamb’s fleece to eliminate painful rubbing. 

14. A Luggage Scale 

When your favorite traveling friend arrives at the baggage check-in, they don’t want to discover they owe an extra $50 to $100 because their luggage weighs too much. There goes their gift-shop money. 

A luggage scale ensures that they won’t encounter any surprises. For the ultimate convenience, find a model that straps to the handle — some even have temperature sensors for those with delicate items. 

15. A Kindle Paperwhite 

One of the best ways to pass the time in the air is by reading a book. However, traditional novels take up considerable room in your carry-on. They can also make your hands cramp when you hold them too long. 

Surprise your recipient with the gift of a Kindle paperwhite. They can download all their favorite reads, often at a discount over paperbacks and hardbacks. They’re lightweight, and some are even waterproof — helpful if it starts to rain as they run for the airport taxi. 

16. An RFID-Blocking Wallet and Passport Holder 

It seems like everything comes with a convenient chip these days — which makes the items in your wallet vulnerable. Thieves can use RFID technology to read debit and credit card numbers. A theft can mean getting stranded overseas with overdrawn accounts. 

Keep your companion safer from identity theft with an RFID-blocking wallet and passport holder. Your recipient will have everything they need to pass through security in one handy place, worry-free. 

17. A Camping Hammock 

Sometimes, the best vacations include plenty of relaxation. Nor do they need to cost a ton of cash. A camping trip is an ideal way of boosting your immune system and celebrating looking at something other than the same four walls for the first time in months. 

What better way to unwind than in a camping hammock spread out between two mighty oaks by the banks of the big two-hearted river? These models are lightweight enough to slip into a backpack, but you can always throw in a frame for the back patio if you feel extra generous. 

18. A Compact Bike Multitool 

When you want to get far off the beaten path, mountain biking is the way to go. The only problem is, what do you do when you get a flat 20 miles away from the nearest roadway, let alone a repair shop? 

If your recipient lives for trail riding, why not get them a compact bike multi-tool that they can carry on their adventures? They’ll no longer panic when their tire slips off the rim as they round a sharp mountain curve. 

19. A Set of Toiletry Bottles 

You don’t want to have to rely on those tiny bottles of shampoo and body wash that many hotels provide. They create tons of excess plastic waste, and even eco-friendly establishments with wall dispensers don’t allow you to pick your products. 

However, you can let them take their favorite toiletries along with a set of reusable bottles that are friendly to the planet — and your budget. This gift is ideal if you are pinching pennies but want to delight someone you love. 

20. An All-Purpose Dry Sack 

If your loved one does nature photography, they can get some of the most spectacular shots on cloudy days. However, they don’t want to risk their lenses getting wet. 

An all-purpose dry sack is a must for anyone who goes off the beaten path. It can also help keep essentials like matches nice and dry. 

21. A Set of Noise-Canceling Headphones (or Earplugs)

That newborn baby in the row behind you is adorable — until they start to cry. How many miles of the racket must your buddy tolerate? 

The answer is none if you give them a set of noise-canceling headphones that will let them shut out the din of the train or plane. If your wallet is a little on the threadbare side, you can always go with a set of earplugs. 

22. A Set of Travel Guides 

As the saying goes, when in Rome. How will your pal know what to do and where to go when they reach their destination? 

Why not give them a set of travel guides? This thoughtful gift also helps ease wanderlust by letting them go on a mental journey if their current financial situation prohibits hitting the road just yet. 

23. A Lightweight Travel Towel

Showing up looking like a drowned rat is no fun, but rainstorms happen. Towels take up a lot of space in a suitcase, and airport paper versions leave a bit to be desired — if they don’t use hand dryers. What to do if you get wet on your journey? 

A lightweight travel towel takes up practically no space in a suitcase or carry-on. This essential item is surprisingly handy in a pinch. 

24. A Go-Pro

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your traveling companion’s friends back home could virtually zip down the ski slope or dusty bike trail with them? With a Go-Pro camera and the right grip, they can take folks along for the ride. These devices record your adventures while keeping your hands free. 

If your recipient runs a travel blog, they’ll adore this gift. They can even start a YouTube channel and earn money for their next journey. 

25. A Cellphone Camera Kit 

You don’t have to be a photography buff to enjoy quality pictures of your escape. A cellphone camera lens kit allows you to take sweeping panoramas and capture the majesty of your adventures. Plus, they don’t take up much room in a suitcase. 

You don’t even have to know if your recipient falls into the Android or iPhone camp. Many such kits contain attachments that work for both. 

26. A Pair of Smart Sunglasses 

What if you could build a camera for recording your adventures right into your specs? Now you can. Why not give your lucky recipient a pair of smart sunglasses with a built-in recorder or headphones? 

Your recipient will have everything they need to record their journey right on their face. They can also play spy to liven up daily life.

Delight the Frequent Traveler on Your List With These 26 Gifts 

With society returning to normal, it’s time for those with wanderlust to hit the open road once more. Delight the frequent traveler on your list with one of these 26 gifts.

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