26 Housewarming Gifts for Men

By Razille Mae Biaca / July 21, 2022 /
Moving into a new place marks a significant milestone in many people’s lives. If they manage to buy a home, it could also represent a substantial accomplishment — one deserving of a proper reward.  Therefore, you should mark the occasion with a token of your support and love. Delight the new keyholder in your life with one of these 26 housewarming gifts for men. 

1. A Welcome Mat 

Is the guy on your list the sunny sort who flings open their doors with open arms? Or are they a bit more reserved, greeting unknown knocks with their smart doorbells instead of welcoming them?  Either way, the right welcome mat sends a message. You can find those that are welcoming and witty — bringing a smile each time the recipient comes home. 

2. The Ultimate Beer Lover Gift for Men

There are few better ways of christening a new apartment than by drinking a cold beer. Why not get your lucky recipient a whole collection of them?  With the Ultimate Beer Lover Gift for Men, you’ll receive 12 craft beers, as well as a bottle opener, pint glass, koozies, gourmet flavored popcorn and a card with a customized message. 

3. A Home Improvement Project

If your recipient recently purchased their first home, they might not be thinking of their return on investment when they sell. However, small touches, like a fresh coat of paint, can enhance their property’s curb appeal and make it nicer to come home.  Stick with small projects, like painting, especially if you don’t know their DIY acumen. Other ideas include a set of shelves to use that space above the washer or new hardware knobs for the kitchen.

4. A Ring Toss Game 

Your new homeowner needs a place to hang their keys. Why not make doing so into an amusing game?  Your recipient can mount this above the table where they drop their junk mail upon arriving home. They can use the hoops to sneak in a moment of mindful stress relief before hanging up their car keys and enjoying their evening. 

5. A Personalized Bedside Stand 

Does your guy wear a watch or cufflinks every day? They need a place where they can stash these valuables, and a personalized bedside stand lets them drop the last vestiges of their day before drifting off to sleep.  You can go small or large with these gadgets. Some of them come with an attached alarm clock if your fellow needs an extra push to get out of bed each morning. 

6. A Coffee Table Book 

You want your guy to appear literate and well-read. What better way than with a coffee table book to delight both him and his guests?  You can find these photo-filled wonders at nearly any book store or online. From puppies to hand-dryer history, there’s something to delight every taste. 

7. An Under-the-Bed Safe 

Does the fellow on your list get possessively paranoid about his prized possessions? Perhaps he has a gun he likes to keep on hand in case of a break-in — but wants to protect from curious little visitor hands.  An under-the-bed safe is just the ticket to giving him the security he wants and deserves. His most valuable items remain within his fingertip’s reach, even while he sleeps. 

8. An Acacia Wood Cutting Board 

What’s so special about acacia wood? Even though it is environmentally friendly, this hardwood has a natural water resistance that makes it the ideal surface for slicing chicken and steak for the wok.  The density of the rich natural oils in the wood keeps your fellow’s knives from getting dull. They’ll thank you for sparing them the job of sharpening them — or suffering a nasty cut. 

9. A Framed Name Canvas

Your fellow’s new space will need some decorations on the walls to avoid looking like he’s still transitioning between places. However, what can you do when you don’t know his artistic tastes?  Who wouldn’t love to see their name larger than life? The gift of a framed personalized name canvas will fit into any decor and brighten your man’s pad. 

10. A Light-Changing Bluetooth Speaker 

If your gift recipient wants to fill their abode with their favorite tunes, they need a way to amplify the Pandora app on their cellphone. Why not opt for something stylish that can also serve as a nightlight or set the mood for a romantic evening?  Your mate can kick back on their couch and listen to all their favorite jams with a color-changing Bluetooth speaker that integrates with nearly any phone or tablet. When the sun goes down, they can turn off the lights and bask in the multicolored glow. It’s like throwing a concert in their living room. 

11. A Set of Upcycled Record Coasters 

If the person on your list is into music, they want to reflect their enthusiasm for all things lyrical in every detail of their home. It’s relatively challenging to find a record player anymore — but that doesn’t mean the disks can’t serve alternative purposes.  A set of upcycled record coasters provides the perfect touch to their home rehearsal room or living area. These babies will protect their furnishings from coffee rings and stray droplets of red wine. They also look classy and make great conversation starters. You can talk about whether you’ve heard any of the songs listed and which ones you like. 

12. A Breakfast Sandwich Maker 

Many people believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, the early rush can mean that your man skips out on health and hits the greasy drive-thru instead. That behavior isn’t good for his heart.  Give him the gift of a breakfast sandwich maker that can replicate a healthier version of his favorite drive-thru treats in less time than it takes to wait in line. He’ll thank you — and so will his doctor at his annual checkup after performing a cholesterol test. 

13. A Bidet Toilet Attachment

If the pandemic taught people one thing, it’s how vital toilet paper is — or is it? You wouldn’t wash a gravy-smeared plate by wiping it with a towel, would you? You use water to rinse that puppy.  The same principle applies to your favorite guy’s tooshie. Surprise him with a bidet toilet attachment that only takes minutes to install. He’ll enjoy a more comfortable go and a smug grin the next time disaster prompts a mad dash to stores everywhere. 

14. A Cigar Humidor 

Does your fellow enjoy a fine cigar now and then? The oils and other elements in these smoking delights can dry out more quickly than you might think. He could spend a bundle only to discover his prize is no good by the time he goes to use it.  A cigar humidor keeps the humidity and heat in the environment at the ideal setting to preserve the flavor and texture of the tobacco leaves. The best models enhance the product’s flavor, making it even more enjoyable than it was at the point of purchase. Plus, these devices look classy AF sitting on their home bar in their man-cave. 

15. A Fix-It Kit 

You don’t necessarily want to drag out the hefty toolkit every time the front door grows a bit wobbly on its hinges. Sometimes, folks even put off smaller handyman-type tasks because they don’t feel like gathering the requisite tools.  Make your lucky recipient’s minor tasks a snap with a fix-it kit that they can keep in their kitchen catch-all drawer. They won’t have to walk out to the garage or shed to gather their supplies. They’ll have everything they need for minor patches on hand, giving them one less excuse to postpone tackling the honey-do list. 

16. A High-Quality Bartending Kit 

Does the fellow on your list consider themselves a budding mixologist? They don’t even have to imbibe in alcohol to appreciate a high-quality bartending kit for their new pad. They’ll have what they need on hand for parties, and they can invent new non-alcoholic delights in the meantime.  For example, the mere act of going shaken, not stirred, changes the texture of a drink by introducing tiny bubbles. Your recipient doesn’t need to add brandy to enjoy a holiday cup of eggnog as top mixologists prepare it.

17. A Fire TV Stick 

Cable television can cost your man a small fortune each month, and viewers can rarely find the content they want to watch when scrolling through the guide. Why not do your part to help them cut the cord?  An Amazon Fire TV stick introduces your recipient to a world of apps, including Netflix and Prime. They pay for only the content they watch, saving them money every month. Plus, they can still enjoy a world of free content, including news broadcasts. 

18. A Food and Drink Smoker 

How can you import that signature wood-fired flavor into foods and beverages without preparing them in an oven bearing such a designation? Your man no longer has to contemplate building a campfire in their backyard to get the taste they crave.  Give them the gift of food and drink smoking gun that will let them take any meal or cocktail up a notch. Some models even smoke herbal teas, adding earthy, floral notes to many beverages. Best of all, your recipient can also infuse their pan-seared ribeye with mesquite or hickory to make it taste fresh off the grill. 

19. A Home Theater Projector 

With the arrival of vaccines, your man might crave a return to the dinner and a movie experience. Guess what? Scores of other folks have the same idea, which means climbing over folks for the middle seats and having kids kick your back at random show intervals.  Instead, why not let him skip the maddening crowds by recreating the movie house experience at home? You can, with a home theater projector that brings the latest hits and beloved classics alike on your living room wall. 

20. A Set of Beer Steins 

There’s nothing quite like kicking back with a cold brewski at the end of a trying day. However, sipping your beverage straight from the can leave an unpleasant metallic aftertaste and always leaves that last sip tasting faintly skunky.  Eliminate the problem and upgrade your man to first class with a set of beer steins that double as works of art. Your lucky recipient will be the most authentic individual at the annual Oktoberfest bash, and he’ll have a conversation piece to set on his bar top when he isn’t enjoying a cold one. 

21. A Cheese Board and Knife Set 

Maybe the guy on your list is a bit more into wine than beer and enjoys pairing his libation with a wheel of Roquefort or cheddar. If so, why not indulge his fine tastes with a cheese board and knife set that will make him king of the charcuterie?  If you have deeper pockets, why not treat him to the full tasting experience? Select a few bottles of vino, some select cheeses, nuts and dried fruits to present with your gift. 

22. A Barbecue Grill Master Apron 

Whether or not he likes to cook, many men enjoy running the grill. Why not give him the tools he needs in one convenient place?  Delight your recipient with a grillmaster apron that holds all his tools and marinades. Some models even have chest pockets where he can stash a couple of brewskis — hey, outdoor cooking is thirsty work. 

23. A Tabletop Foosball Game 

Does your man’s new pad contain a game room? Guess what? He doesn’t need the space to play pool when you can find tabletop amusement that fits on his coffee table.  A tabletop foosball set gives him the thrill of competition — and a fun diversion to entertain guests. If he has little ones at home, it might become their favorite way to unwind after a trying day. 

24. An Espresso Maker 

That daily coffee shop habit can get expensive. Mortgages don’t pay themselves.  Help your man keep more of his cash in his wallet with an espresso maker. He can skip the line — and the expense — at the cafe. 

25. A Telescoping Ladder 

Even if your recipient stands 6 foot, 4 inches, there are things he can’t reach. For example, he’ll need to clean gutters twice a year.  Give him the gift of a telescoping ladder for his new abode. The compact size expands to suit various work needs. 

26. A Home Photo Collage Blanket 

If your man is living independently for the first time, he might not admit to homesickness. That doesn’t mean he won’t experience it.  Let him wrap himself in comfort with the gift of a photo collage blanket. It’s the next best thing to receiving a hug from distant friends and family. 

Delight the New Keyholder With These 26 Housewarming Gifts for Men 

A new pad is an occasion worthy of celebration. Mark the event and delight the proud keyholder with one of these 26 housewarming gifts for men.