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 5 Gift Ideas for a Student
Choosing a present is typically an enjoyable activity but sometimes, gift shopping becomes a nightmare. Especially, in those cases when you are either very limited in budget or just have no idea about the preferences of another person. Although finding a perfect gift requires effort, there are some rules that can make it much easier. First of all, always ask yourself what the person needs. Think broadly instead of narrowing your ideas to obvious things. You can even do some stalking, like checking a wishlist on Amazon, looking through Facebook history for clues, or monitoring posts and comments on Reddit. In fact, the most important thing about choosing a gift is your ability to get into the mindset of others. To make your gift more memorable, you should personalize it. For sure, giving something that reflects the person’s uniqueness will surprise them. Perfectly-tailored gifts are always a good idea, but you need to know another one really well. If you don’t know much about someone’s likes and dislikes, you can have a look at the list of universal presents that any student will love! Phone Sanitizer and Universal Charger Students spend most of their time using a smartphone. They need it in classes as a tool for studying, at home to get help with homework, on the bus to entertain themselves while commuting to school, and even in bed when experiencing insomnia. The number of physical contacts with our smartphones is extreme. As a result, our phones are 18x dirtier than a public toilet because they gather all the bacteria we touch throughout the day, according to scientists. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Luckily, there is a great solution to this problem, which is a Smartphone Sanitizer & Universal Charger. This device can completely sanitize a phone and kill 99.99% of all bacteria and germs. Apart from smartphones, it can clear smartwatches, headphones, keys, and other small items. What’s more, one can charge a phone while sanitizing it, which is really convenient. Smart Notebook This item could be a great gift for eco-friendly students. Those who are worried about the amount of paper they use for the studies would appreciate a Smart Notebook. It looks like a typical dotted grid notebook where you can write your notes by hand. But there is also something special about it, namely an opportunity to transfer your handwritten notes to cloud services and re-use the notebook by simply microwaving it. These reusable notebooks are available in different colors, sizes, and with various page templates. In addition, AI technology allows students to add smart titles and use a smart searcher. For sure, this present can make student life much easier and more efficient! Tutoring session Obviously, it’s impossible to get excellent grades in all the subjects. Students often experience difficulties with particular topics, so they need some assistance. The best way to get help with studies is to have a session with a tutor that can answer confusing questions. But not all students can afford themselves such services as they are quite expensive. Hence, they will be extremely grateful to get it for free. You can organize a few tutoring sessions for your friend and contribute to his/her academic achievements. If you are not sure that the person will be happy to spend time learning new things with a tutor, you can offer an alternative. Probably, you know that there must be a personal statement writing service for your success that can complete any type of paper for students. So if your friend has trouble writing an assignment, give him/her free access to an online writing service. This way, a person can choose what kind of help they need and receive it for free. Minifridge For sure, living in a college dorm is a big challenge. It’s difficult to find space for all the necessary stuff there, so student rooms are typically cluttered. To solve this problem, one needs to use space-saving furniture and appliances. If you see how much your friends struggle with the lack of room, buy a minifridge for them. Choose a compact refrigerator that can store food, soda, and alcoholic beverages without taking too much space. There is a wide range of different designs to any taste, so you can choose the one that suits room style most. Before buying, check its features, like temperature control, the type of door, freezer size, and so on. Instant Pot College life can be hectic, so there is often not enough time for cooking. But this is a part of our daily routine, therefore, every student needs an instant pot. This is a multi-functional kitchen appliance that helps to save precious time. With the help of pressure cook mode, one can toss all the ingredients, close the lid, and start doing homework while Instant Pot is cooking food. Nothing else is needed from a user except waiting for a while. This tool can significantly reduce stress related to cooking as it gets much easier to prepare meals. Moreover, prepared food is not only delicious but also healthy, according to multiple studies. This gift will help your friends live healthier and will demonstrate how much you care about their physical well-being. Final thoughts The gift doesn’t necessarily need to be unique. What’s more, getting a unique present can be quite risky if you are not acquainted with the person’s traits really well. So you can choose a practical present that would work for many different people. Hopefully, the ideas offered in this article will help you to make someone happy with a valuable gift.   Author's BIO Paul Calderon is an expert in academic writing at one of the world-leading essay services for students. As Paul works with young people, he has a great understanding of their needs and desires. Hence, he wants to share his insights about what students would appreciate receiving as a gift.