6 Tips to Landing a Job in the Beer Industry

By gavincaganoff / July 21, 2022 /


To land a job in the beer industry, learn the right skills, form a network, search for jobs online, and always have a positive outlook.


You might be surprised, but beer is the third most popular drink in the world after water and tea. The industry has a vast and rich history of over a thousand years. And just recently, in 2019, the global beer industry contributed about $83 billion to the U.S, and the total production amounted to a whopping 1.91 billion hectoliters.


Since the industry is so vast, it offers multiple career opportunities and has become a popular hub for young job seekers. The benefits and the pay scales are excellent. To help you get a better idea, we will talk about popular career options in the beer industry and the qualifications you will need to land a job in it.


Popular Career Choices in the Beer Industry

Let’s look at some of the most promising jobs in the industry.


1. Brewer

One of the most critical jobs in the beer industry is brewery jobs. For most companies, you do not need any fancy degrees to be a brewer.


A simple high school diploma should suffice. But you need to meet other requirements such as knowing brewing recipes, having good communication skills, and preparing reports. The salary of a brewer is also very nifty. A brewer gets paid $15.31 per hour on average.


2. Microbiologist

The role of a microbiologist in the beer industry is to improve the taste and the quality of beer.


To become a microbiologist in the beer industry, you need to have a degree in microbiology, biological science, microbial science, or any related field. The annual salary of a microbiologist is $54,709.


3. Graphic Designer

The purpose of a graphic designer is to create attractive beer bottles, make eye-catching logos, and visually appealing graphic advertisements.


To be a graphic designer, you need a foundation degree, HND, or a degree in graphic design or other art and design-based subjects. You also must be skillful in using designing software, such as Adobe Suite. The annual salary of a graphic designer in this industry is estimated to be around $46,285.


4. Engineer

Being an engineer in the beer industry means that it is your responsibility to come up with better equipment for brewing and enhance the brewing process. You need to have a degree in process/electrical engineering, food production, mechanics, or any related engineering field.


Additional requirements include mastery over project management software, knowledge about using steam, boilers, and HVAC systems, and quick problem-solving skills. The salary of a brewing engineer is very high and is estimated to be around $71,093 per year.


5. Brand Ambassador

Being a brand ambassador is quite self-explanatory. You are the brand ambassador of the beer industry you are working with.


For a brand ambassador, some beer companies want to see a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Additional requirements include excellent verbal and written communication skills and working knowledge of social media platforms.


The salary of a brand ambassador is between $40,000-50,000 per year.


How to Get a Job in the Beer Industry

To get a job in the beer industry, you need to have the following criteria and mindset-


1. Get an Education

You need to have some specific education if you want a job in the beer industry. After all, a good quality beer can only be made by a qualified brewer.


There are various institutes like the American Brewers Guild, which provides certificates for getting a job in the beer industry. The certificates include Craft Beer Trade Certificate, Certificate of Fermentation Science, and American Society of Brewing Chemists, etc.


2. Create a Good Network

Having a good network means knowing people who work in the brewing industry. Because the more known faces you have in the industry, the easier it is for you to get a job there.


Make a list of some breweries where you want to work. Follow them on social media pages, contact them personally, and tell them about your desire to work with them.


3. Do Voluntary Activities

There will be various occasions where breweries will hold brewing activities. On these occasions, do voluntary activities with them such as serving beer, making beer, marketing their company, etc.


This will create a good impression of you on that company and create a small opportunity to increase your network. Be sure to keep your resume ready because it is likely that they will ask for your resume before allowing you to do voluntary work for them.


4. Be Mentally Prepared For Challenges

Jobs in the beer industry may be lucrative, but you need to start from the bottom. Your starting salawill$40,000-$50,000. You need to have the mentality to accept this as a challenge.


If you feel demotivated, then you will not see the benefits of working in the beer industry. So always have a positive mindset.


5. Always Show Gratitude

In the beer industry, you are working for a social company. This means you need to interact with many people daily.


Not all your social interactions will go smoothly and as planned. When you face a difficult situation, you have to remain+ calm and show gratitude. You must realize that no matter how hard your day gets, you need to show gratitude, as this is the best way to rise in ranks.


6. Be Passionate About the Job

Many people who join the beer industry only join because they want to work with different types of beer. That is not wrong, but it should not be your only concern. The beer industry has become very competitive.


You need to be curious about your job and show initiation. You have to show that you are more than just your CV and cover letter. Be engaging in your workplace.


Final Thoughts

The beer industry is an exciting place to work. You will have an opportunity to work with amazing people and a diverse workforce. The salary is also very attractive. So if you ever get a chance to work in the beer industry, definitely take on the challenge.