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7 Awesome I’m Sorry Gifts for Him

7 Awesome "I’m Sorry" Gifts for Him

We all screw up and make mistakes, It’s human nature. It happens every day, and (most of time) it’s not intentional.  But it doesn’t matter whether you meant to piss someone off or not – when you screw up you have to pony up and say your apologies. And if you really want your apology to be well received, “I’m sorry” gifts are the way to go.  That’s why we put together this list of 7 I’m sorry gifts to help you out in your time of need, check it out!


I’m Sorry Gifts to Help You Apologize

Sometimes, simply saying “I’m sorry” is all it takes. Depending on what you did that you’re apologizing for, some guys are quick to forgive and move on. But other times, those words alone just won’t cut it. Sometimes, you’ve got to win him over or win him back with an awesome gift.

We’re not talking about buying someone’s friendship or spending hundreds of dollars to buy back someone’s respect. All we’re saying is sometimes a little gesture (like giving an awesome gift) makes your apology a lot easier to swallow. If you’ve been bad and need to make an extra awesome apology, then this list of sorry gifts is for you.


What Did You Do and Who Did You Do It To?

We can only imagine all the endless reasons why you might be searching for good I’m sorry gifts. We can’t go into all of them, but we can think of a few common ones that we hear all the time…

Did he storm out after a fight over your growing collection of pet birds? Did you miss your buddy’s 30th birthday party?  Did you borrow his car and your stupid friend Janet puked in it and didn’t clean it up?  Perhaps you caused some trouble between your brother and his girl? Did you by chance slap his sister for wearing her shoes on your rug? (everyone knows not to wear shoes on it!)  Or maybe you didn’t show up to a friend’s bachelor party without even a good excuse? (Sorry buddy, cat sitting for your neighbor is not good enough!)

Those are big no-nos, but in the grand scheme of things, they’re probably forgivable. The gifts on this list are sure to make up for your mistake.

If you’re apologizing to your boyfriend or husband, well….there could be lots of things you did that you need to say I’m sorry for… If you got into a stupid argument and know you were wrong, there are gifts for that. If you accused him (for the 100th time) of cheating with his ex-girlfriend when he didn’t, you’ll need to make it a good one, but there are gifts for that too. If you did the unthinkable or cheated on him, well there’s probably not a gift in the world that will make up for that mistake, but its worth a shot...

As long as you’re not a total a-hole, an apology gift might be all you need to get back in his good graces. These I’m sorry gifts for boyfriends, husbands, friends, and brothers should – at least for a few minutes – get his mind off of whatever it is you did.  


#1 If He’s a Boozehound…

If you need to make amends with a guy who likes to booze it up, you’re good to go. With a gift full of his favorite liquor it shouldn’t take long before you’re doing shots together again, exchanging heartfelt, drunky apologies, and vowing to be best buds again. But remember, you’re the one trying to make up for what you did wrong, so you better make sure the gift includes his favorite booze, not yours.

The best boozy I’m sorry gifts include more than just a bottle of liquor. Depending on the level of your screw up, you might want to include everything he needs to make his favorite drink – that means glassware, accessories, mixers, and hell, if he’s a tequila man, you better make damn well sure your gift includes a bottle of Patron and a few fresh limes.

If he’s a Scotch man, a bottle of Glenfiddich 15 Year or if you want classier Johnnie Walker Blue ought to do it. If he’s a gin guy, a bottle of Hendricks or Bombay Sapphire is a good way to go. And if he’s a vodka drinker, go for a bottle of Tito’s, a bottle of Grey Goose, or a cool ass skull-shaped bottle of Crystal Head vodka. The point is to make it something special and make him realize that you’re pulling out all the stops to make amends for whatever the hell it is you did wrong.


#2 If He’s a Beer Drinker…

Unless you’re trying to send an I’m sorry gift to a stranger (and why would you?), then you’ve probably spent your fair share of time with him at the bar or just drinking in general. So you probably know what kind of beer he drinks. Just like a liquor gift, a beer gift is a great way to say “I’m sorry,” but it only holds water if it includes his favorite brews.

If he’s into IPAs, give him a gift that includes his favorites, be it Lagunitas, Firestone Walker, Stone, or some other awesome Cali craft. If he’s a fan of a certain brewery, get him an assortment of craft beers from his favorite brewer. And if he’s the guy who loves himself some domestic light beers, then suck it up and get him a bucket of Coors or Bud Lights. Fill his belly with enough bottles or cans and he’s sure to forgive you and fill you full of love.


#3 If He’s a Junk Food Junkie…

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – but that’s only true if you’re filling his gut with the things he likes to eat. If your guy is a junk food junkie, a gift basket full of chips, popcorn, pretzels, candy bars, and other sugar and fat-filled snacks is sure to make him happy. Think about it, have you ever felt pissed off after you downed a bag of M&Ms? The answer is no, they melt your heart, not your hand.


#4 If He’s a Protein-Packed Gym Rat…

Unlike us imbibers, some people don’t fill their bodies with booze, beer, and junk food…and while we don’t understand it, we know that those guys exist. So if you’re trying to apologize to the health nut or the guy who hits the gym every day, get him an I’m sorry gift that appeals to his six pack sensibilities.

Protein-filled snacks, healthy fruit and nut bars, whey powder packs, Muscle Milk…a health conscious gift lets him know that you’re supportive, that you encourage his way-too-healthy lifestyle, and of course, that you’re sorry for your bad behavior.  


#5 If He’s a Sports Nut…

Depending on what you did to wrong him in the first place will determine the level of awesomeness your gift needs to reach. If you’ve done something really crappy or you have a few extra bucks to spend, tickets to a sporting event is the way to go.

Shell out some bucks for two NFL tickets. Get your hands on some MLB playoff tickets. Get some courtside basketball seats, or get him two tickets to a hockey game. He may not forget what you did, but it’s safe to assume that when he’s at the game, he sure as hell won’t be thinking about how you wronged him.


#6 If He’s a Golf Fanatic…

Whether or not you’re a part of his weekly foursome, if he likes golf, a great way to say I’m sorry is with a day on the course. Pay for a tee time. Pay for his cart rental. Pay for his drinks, or lunch, or both. A day on the links is a great way to relax, blow off some steam, and enjoy a few beers or cocktails.

Just make sure you supply him with everything he needs to have a great game. If you usually golf with him, invite him out and let him know you plan to pick up the entire tab. By the time you hit the 18th hole, there’s a good chance your beef will be squashed.


#7 If He’s a Foodie…

Oh the foodie…we love these guys…we love their willingness to always try something new and we love the way they take their food so…seriously. If you need an I’m sorry gift for a food connoisseur, invite him out to an awesome restaurant. You can eat, drink, and apologize in person for whatever you did (or didn’t do).

We are not talking chain restaurants. We are not talking local gastropubs that have good food. We’re talking about the best damn restaurant in town – the one that you need to make a reservation for weeks in advance. If your apology can’t wait that long, skip the Open Table reservation and call the restaurant directly. You just might be able to get a Monday or a Tuesday night res on short notice.

It sucks when you know that you’ve done something wrong. It sucks even more to realize that a simple apology might not be enough. But regardless of what you’ve done, a grand gesture is usually enough to win anybody over.

Think about what you did and why you did it (that’s called self-awareness). Think about how your actions made him feel (that’s called empathy). And think about what will make him forgive you for your crappy ways (that’s a hybrid of optimism and wishful thinking). With a heartfelt apology and a great I’m sorry gift, you should be able to get your friendship or relationship back on track. Good luck!


Let us know what you thought of this post and if you have any great ideas for I’m sorry gifts bellow.



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