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7 Best Gifts for Book Lovers 2021 

Having a good book to read can often be the best way to pass the time, especially for students. That is because a good book isn’t just a pastime, it can become a very inspiring teacher for young readers too. Reading regularly can improve students’ vocabulary, open up their minds to different cultures and ideas, and give them a healthy way to feel free from the stress of their classes. 

If you have a book lover in your life, then you can add a lot to their experience by giving them a thoughtful gift. If you don’t know what to give them, then classic titles like Shakespeare’s Othello are always a good bet. In many schools, teachers often ask their students to write an essay based on Othello. While they can definitely refer to academic works about Othello written by students for free, actually having read it themselves will help them a lot to create their own written work on it.  Examples of such an essay written by other students, or even by literary experts, will then have a deeper meaning for them. 

If they have already read Othello or have written their essay on this topic, then you may want to get them something else. Gifts for people who love books come in all shapes and sizes, but the following are some good options that you can consider. 

The Best Books for Readers

      Ernest Hemingway Set

If you’re looking for some Ernest Hemingway-inspired gift, why not give them a carefully curated set of the author’s most-loved titles? This is a great way to make any book lover happy without having to worry too much about gift ideas for book lovers. 

      A Year in Books

One of the most popular bookstores in London, Heywood Hill, offers a subscription of 12 carefully selected titles by experts that are delivered once every month. You can choose which titles or topics you want to be included in this set of 12 or let the store recommend their choices. Each month, your recipient with get a beautifully wrapped book complete with a custom bookmark. 

      Any of the Classics

Students who love to read often appreciate getting a classic novel as a gift because they have to write papers on them for their classes too. Many of them, especially international students, love to read Shakespeare to help with learning literary English, which is another reason to gift them any one of the classic literary masterpieces you can think of. Even if they have read it before, they’ll be thrilled to add it to their collection. 

      A Subscription to ‘One Story’

If you don’t want to get your friend a subscription for a whole new book that they get every month, consider gifting them a One Story subscription. This is a literary magazine that can inspire their future purchases. The best thing about One Story is that they publish just one story every month, so it’s not too much of a commitment and helps people find new authors or titles they might want to get. 

The Best Gadgets For Readers

      Kindle Paperwhite

Students often don’t have much time to read due to their classes or homework. and they cannot always carry additional books with them to school. Giving such students a Kindle Paperwhite will allow them to read their favorite titles on the go and in-between classes. This makes it one of the best gifts for people who love books.

      Noise-Canceling Headphones

How about making it easy for readers to read while they’re out and about, especially on the subway? With a solid pair of noise-canceling headphones, they can take their minds into a solitary abyss and read to their heart’s content without having to be distracted by the loudness around them. Of course, get them a pair on which they can control the level of noise cancelation so they don’t miss their stop.

      Book-Style Laptop Sleeve

Book-related gifts don’t always have to be just functional. Sometimes, they can be fun too. There are many laptop sleeves or cases out there that are designed like hard-backed novels. Such a sleeve is sure to be loved by any lover of reading. 

      Postcards from Penguin

Penguin is known as of the leading publishers in the world of literature. Their set of 100 book covers that are converted to little postcards is an excellent gift for anyone who loves to read. Not only can they be displayed, but they can also be used as really cool bookmarks.

      A Reading Lamp

Why not add some light to the reading sessions of the reader in your life? Whether you gift them a desk lamp or some crazy wearable light, they will surely appreciate your choice. This is especially true for students who live in dorms since they have to share a room with others and can’t always read at night in the dark. Having their own little light will help them consume all the literature they want without disturbing their roommates.

      A Nice Bookmark

Only someone who reads a lot can understand the true value of a nice bookmark or multiple ones. Whether they are reading Othello or a contemporary tale about vampires, a good-quality bookmark will let them mark their progress without having to fold the corner of the page.

      Clip-On Line Markers

A lot of people who read regularly like to mark certain lines or quotes in their books. Usually, they would have to use a pencil or some sort of highlighter to mark the text they want. But when you get that one really special title that you do not want to ruin with pencil marks, having a clip-on line marker can come in really handy. These come in various shapes and sizes and clip on to the paper, pointing to the line that needs to be noted or referenced later on.

      An Embosser

For some people, their novels and other pieces of literature are very close to their hearts. For those, receiving a personal embossing kit as a gift will be the best thing you could do for them. Using such a kit, they can emboss their name or other text into their favorite covers and mark their possessions, literally.

      A Coffee Mug Warmer

And last, but not least, you can gift your friend a warming station for their coffee mugs. Everyone loves to lose themselves in a written story along with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Having a little device that they can prop their mug on to keep it warm will make reading a perfectly relaxing time for them. Alternatively, you can also gift them a temperature-controlled mug that can keep their drink warm on its own. 

As far as book-related gifts go, there are too many that you can choose from. It doesn’t always have to be the most profound or the most expensive thing either. Sometimes, something as simple as a bookmark can make someone happy and add to their reading experience. The gift samples in this list are just some examples of what you can get. The database of gift ideas for book lovers is too vast to put in one guide, but it should be a good starting point to give you some ideas of your own.