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7 Man-tastic Gifts Every Man Secretly Wants But Never Asks For
Every man desires for some gifts from his partner but never asks for it, as he might be shy or wants you to give without him asking!
The gifting game is challenging especially when you are trying to find a gift for your loved ones, and hence it is important to think thoroughly before ordering a gift.

But how can you get these gifts, right?

He might have dropped a hint somewhere in the past, or in most cases, you will have to thoughtfully think on your own, but no worries we from The BroBasket are here to help you!
Men don’t have a pool of choices and a list of things they want; they are happy to receive a gift that compliments their lifestyle or desires.
In the following list, there are some suits and some not. You will have to think thoughtfully about the top three among the list and keep these ideas ready with you for any occasion.
  • Engraved Whiskey Decanter, Opener, and Coaster

    Personalized Coasters Custom Flask Custom Bottle Opener | Etsy

Every man has his poison and loves to flaunt his bar!
How about you add interesting personalized elements to his bar, which will leave the guest in absolute awe?
A better idea would be to personalize these with a name tag of your man with Bro Basket!
Get personalized bar essentials with his name engraved on these tools and be assured of the happiness that will come his way through these gifts.
  • A Personalized Handmade Painting From Photo


    Custom Paint by Numbers Kit - Canvas by Numbers

Gone are the days of printing the photographs of the people you love.
Handmade paintings are back in fashion, and it cannot get easier to procure one!
Handmade painting from a photo is the gift you are looking for, if you wish to show your man appreciation and love for his existence in your life.
Just imagine the look on his face when he walks in to find an oil painting made from a photo he looks stunning in!
He would definitely thank you and understand your love for him.
Apart from oil portraits, the medium which works best to showcase a man’s features is a charcoal sketch because of its B&W contrasts, which highlight a man’s feature better than any other medium.
I know just the right place to order a handmade painting!
Check out this website and get yourselves a custom painting from a photo anywhere in the world with 3 framing options to choose from.
  • A Book To Guide Them Through His Life

Every man is a hustler!
He needs some motivational words to fuel his journey to follow his passion, what better than a book can help him pursue his ambitions?
Research books that suit his liking and check out the rating on Goodreads before you order one. Check out the local book store and explain the manager the kind of motivation you are looking for.
Remember, the book that you are buying must be personalized for him. 
For example, if he wants to discipline himself, then The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma would be perfect, or if he is looking to get fitter, then Run Fast Eat Slow by Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky might help.
Only a book won’t be enough; you will have to couple it up with other exciting gifts and create a basket. Things that can go are Chocolates, A Handwritten Card By You, Perfume Bottle, Flowers, etc.
  • Personalized Watch
    Wooden Engraved Personalized Watch For Men – BigBeryl

Do you know what is better than a watch?
A personalized watch with a message!
All you have to do is think of a couple of sentences to go at the back of his watch and find a vendor on Etsy to get it home delivered.
The sentence should be special that relates to something that happened to both of you in the past, or only you two know of it or is special and was a defining moment in your relationship.
If you are having a hard time curating a thoughtful message, you can start from your wedding vows and create a cute phrase or refer to the following ones.
Some adorable phrases for couples:
  1. I like me better when I am with you!
  2. Do you remember how I promised you that I would be with you till death parts us?
I was joking ;) 
  1. I love you, Mike (Your Hubby’s name).
  • Lisa (Your Name).
  • A Pet Portrait


    dooce® | Custom pet portraits

Does he love his pet as much he loves you?
Then get a handmade pet portrait from a photo!
All you have to do is send the photo to these guys at PortraitFlip, and they will commission an artist who will curate a handmade painting from the photo sent by you.
You may also suggest changes like Background Change or merging characters from multiple images into one painting.
This is by far the best option if he is a pet parent.  Or the guys at Canvas Pop 



  • What I Love About You By Me Journal


    What I Love About You and Me Mini-Journal of fill-in-the-love gifts and  tiny books from Knock Knock Stuff & MemoryBeach make great gifts for any  kind of loved person, tissue not included.

When you are having a hard time getting a thoughtful gift, get one of these journals which will get the best out of you for him!
All you have to do is answer some questions about him, and you will be left with a book full of good words for him.
Before filling in the details, I suggest you write all the answers on a rough paper, and once you are sure about the answers, copy them in the journal to avoid any scribbling.
You can order this book from Amazon, but I suggest you make one on your own by watching a couple of DIY journal videos on YouTube, this will create a lasting memory and will show the love for him even better.
  • Time!


    Dark-haired / Relaxing / Sea | HD Stock Video 928-217-277 | Framepool Stock  Footage

In the best of the best relationships, the only thing that can go wrong is not spending enough time with each other. You may be the one who calls to ensure he is alright or sending gifts and wishes now and then, but nothing can replace your presence.
The reason might be anything your work, children, household chores, long-distance and a hundred other reasons you cannot be together, but the one thing that matters is how you clear your schedule and make an effort to meet him.
Not only men, but any human also loves to be loved!
You can buy him all the gifts he wants, but having that cup of coffee in the balcony cannot be replaced.
Well, you have time but what should you do?
There are a 100 things to do! 
Follow the below guideline:
  • Jot down the things your partner loves to do like – Sunbathing, Kayaking, Fishing, Water Sports, Riding, Hiking, etc.
  • Now pick a holiday destination that offers most of the things on the list and book a hotel.
  • Ask your man to clear his schedule for a day or so.
  • Make other arrangements like intercity travel arrangements, a list of local food to explore and places to go, booking a massage service for him or any other things.
  • Pack your bags and create memories!
That was the last one!
We hope that you liked our list of Man-tastic gifts and are all set to create memories with your partner.
Thanks for reading. Cheers!