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8 Awesome Gift Ideas for Athletic Guys

8 Awesome Gift Ideas for Athletic Guys

Athletic guys can be hard to buy gifts for, you cant get them a bunch of beer and booze they wont drink, their only hobbies are going to the gym and they wear work out gear everywhere.  Dont worry my  friend, you came to the right place, we are here to hook you up with some solid gift ideas for athletic guys 

In celebrating your athletic guy friend’s important milestones in life, especially birthdays, you should prioritize choosing the best gifts as they only happen once every year. However, finding gifts can be challenging, but knowing your athletic guy friend friend’s favorite hobbies and leisure can help you in selecting the best one. 

If your Athletic Guy is having their birthday, what things can you give that can be beneficial for their physical recreation journey?


Sporty Clothing and Apparel

Engaging in various physical activities is extremely exhausting. This is why people should always prioritize comfortable and appropriate clothes for sports and workout. 

One of the best gifts for your Athletic Guy, even though they might have a lot of these, are sports clothing and apparel. These kinds of clothing, like the Insport sports clothing, are specially designed for breathability, durability, protection, and comfort. Breathable and appropriately fit clothes help the wearer improve the range of their motion as well as the capacity to perform well in a particular sport.

There’s a variety of sportswear that falls into different types of sports, but the general active wear used by men are:

  • Track pants
  • Training pants and shorts
  • Hoodies
  • Jerseys
  • Sport socks

Due to technological advancements, sports clothing and apparel are accompanied with unique features that maximize its function and ensures greater comfort for the wearer. 

Some examples are:

  • Compression wear that’s curated to eliminate excessive heat in the body during a workout.
  • Lightweight running shoes that give the easy but inexpensive feel of running.
  • Reactive fabrics enable sweat to evaporate easily.
  • Wearable device technology that can perform different operations.
  • Smart clothing that monitors vital signs.

Wireless Sports Headphones

For athletic guy friends who love a combination of sports and music, they’ll appreciate a set of wireless sports headphones. Unlike regular headphones, sports headphones are manufactured to be used during physical activities, so it has unique features that can make it last longer. 

To help you choose the best ones in the market, these are the features that you should look for:

  • External awareness: Exercising and working out with music as your companion is one of the best activities. However, if your athletic guy friend usually jogs on the streets daily, you should look for headphones with adequate situational awareness to alert them with noises in their environment, such as traffic noises.
  • Waterproof and sweat-proof: Sweating, unexpected rain, and activities involving water are the biggest enemies of regular headphones. They can endure being wet once, but it’ll undoubtedly destroy them. So, find headphones that can resist sweat, rain, or any form of liquid that can potentially damage the headphones.
  • Good sound quality: As headphones provide playing music and answering calls, its overall quality should be kind and decent to the ears. Sports and physical activities aim to make the human body healthier and serves as entertainment for some people. Unacceptable and cheap quality of headphones can ruin the experience. 

Cooking Recipes for Healthy and Power Foods

Besides working out to maintain good shape, people should also consider their overall health by knowing what they eat. Since athletes and sporty people engage in more physical activities than non-sporty people, their body needs the right amount of balanced nutrients to fuel them. Your Athletic Guy knows the importance of a healthy and balanced diet, and specific forms of exertion require them different vitamins and minerals.

Thus, you can opt for giving a cookbook filled with healthy recipes that are curated explicitly for an athletic and sporty lifestyle. These recipes include a combination of foods that maximizes the results of workout and fitness activity: minerals for muscle support, vitamins for strength, protein for higher power, and fat and carbohydrates for fuel. 


A Protein Fuel BroBasket

Did you know that we here at the BroBasket not only sell pretty awesome alcohol gift baskets geared towards men but also have some healthy alternatives for sporty spice guys in your life?  Thats right! Gifts like our Health Nut has all the awesome healthy snacks and protein in it a sporty guy will love, or the Fitness BroBox is its cheaper little brother.  Either way if you are trying to impress the athletic men in you life with your gift buying skills, we have some awesome options for you. 


Water Bottle or Tumbler

Another key to achieving good overall health and wellness is hydration. As sports and fitness are extraneous tasks, the human body tends to be worn out and easily dehydrated without enough liquid in the body, so why not give your Athletic Guy a water bottle or tumbler? 

Additionally, these bottles and tumblers aren’t only capable of storing water, but also other kinds of beverages

There are various types and features for each bottle or tumbler, but the sport-athletic guy friend friendly ones are:

  • Thermal cups are responsible for keeping your brew steaming hot and drink ice cold.
  • Insulation cups, not to be confused with thermal cups, are made up of inner and outer walls that maintain the temperature of drinks and beverages.
  • Vacuum cups or thermoses, categorized under insulation cups that completely remove air from an enclosed space.

These bottles and tumblers help your Athletic Guy in storing their beverages during workout and sports. Drinks include coffee and energy drinks for a necessary energy boost, and most importantly, water to keep the body fresh and hydrated.


Running Armband

While running and working out, finding a spot for your smartphone is difficult. This place should be easily accessible, safe, and comfortable for people that shouldn’t slow them down during the course of the activity. The answer to this problem is armbands with special compartments for smartphones. Thus, running armbands are one of the best gifts for runners.

However, there are different specifications required before buying an armband. Before you purchase an armband, it should have the following features:

  • Smartphone Compatibility: First, you should know which smartphone model your athletic guy athletic guy friend owns, so you can choose an armband with the same size as the smartphone. Nevertheless, there are universal sizes that might not completely cater to your athletic guy athletic guy friend’s smartphone. 
  • Arm Size: Armbands shouldn’t be too tight or loose, so watch out for these. Estimate the size of your athletic guy athletic guy friend’s arm and choose an armband that’ll fit nicely. Stretchable armbands are the best options for this, but people with broad arms might find it a bit of a struggle of comfort. In that case, choose armbands that come with a strap extender.
  • Plastic-covered, sweatproof, and water-resistant: For unexpected weather conditions, like rain, armbands covered with touchscreen compatible plastic protects the phone from being wet but it’s still usable for the user. The armband should also resist water and sweat for durability and resilience that can last for a long time. 

Nutrition and Fitness Journal

Written documentation is a good way of monitoring one’s overall health and wellness. As sporty people enjoy these physical activities as their recreation, it’s also a good reason to encourage them in keeping track of their health through nutrition and fitness journal, or even a sports journal. 

Giving your athletic guy athletic guy friend this kind of gift will provide consistency and a sense of accountability to keep pursuing their sports on a regular basis. 

These journals can contain:

  • A set of goals that one wishes to achieve after every sports session, such as learning a new skill or technique.
  • A daily and weekly schedule for playing sports and working out.
  • Habit trackers that identify good or bad sports habits.
  • Hydration tracker that monitors the amount of water that a person drinks daily.
  • Progress tracking, usually illustrated by tables that are beneficial in creating a sports or workout routine.

Essentials Pouch

After a tiring sports session, one still deserves to groom and maintain a good physical appearance. It’s highly organizational and convenient to keep grooming essentials into one pouch, so you could reach for it every time you need a quick retouch. 

Men’s toiletry usually contains a variety of things, so you should choose a storage or organizer that can fit the following:

  • Bar soap
  • All-around moisturizer
  • Shaving cream
  • Disposable razor
  • Disposable toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Wipes
  • Deodorant
  • Cologne or perfume

Also, waterproof pouches are better options as it protects the things inside from unanticipated conditions like spilled water inside the bag and rain.



Finding the perfect gift for someone is like playing a guessing game. However, if you know your athletic guy friend friend well, and you know his favorite hobbies and interests, this will give you the best ideas for choosing a gift for their birthday. At the end of the day, your presence, warmth, and connection with them will matter more than the material things.