9 Most Hysterical Birthday Card Ideas for Liquor-Lovers

By Razille Mae Biaca / July 21, 2022 /

Almost every group of friends in the world has that one friend who’s the ultimate wine connoisseur, the beer specialist, the liquor-lover.

While we may get bored of their constant chatter about liquor sometimes, let’s face it, they introduce you to some of the most delicious alcoholic beverages ever.

Hence, when it comes to their birthdays, it would be nice to remind them how you feel about their love for the liquor with some funny birthday cards.

However, when it comes to liquor-themed birthday cards, it’s usually pretty hard to find the most appropriate ones on the internet. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the most hysterical birthday cards for the liquor lovers in your life. All you need to do is find the one that suits your friend perfectly, and charm everyone at the party with your witty humour.

Here we go!

  • That Makes Beer Salad Humour Birthday Card

For the friend who’s beer-belly is larger than everyone else in the gang, this is the perfect funny birthday card.

With a charming man winking with a delicious beer in his hand and a cover message that says,

“As far as he was concerned, beer was healthy

  1. Beer comes from hops and barley. 2 Hops and barley are plants. 3. That makes beer salad!”

The Beer Salad Humour birthday card is certainly going to add a charm to the birthday party and serve as a homage to your friend's love for beer. To make it even more special, you can also surprise him with come personalised beermats.

  • Pete Only Drank Two Times A Year Humorous Birthday Card

Well, if you’ve got a friend called Pete, there’s nothing more hilariously appropriate than this humorous birthday card. However, the card works its charm regardless of your friend's name.

If you’ve got a friend who’s found getting inebriated almost every other day, well then nothing fits the description better than the funny birthday message on the card.

The innocent sarcasm in the cover message that says, “Pete only drank two times a year. When it was his Birthday, and when it wasn't his Birthday.” is going to make everyone at the party burst out laughing.

  • XXL G&T Birthday Card

Here’s one of the most perfect funny birthday cards for the gin-tastic lady who always prepares the largest Gin & Tonic you’ve ever seen.

The card features a woman using a large knife to cut a lime the size of her body in order to find the perfect lemon for her XXL G&T.

The message inside the birthday card says, “Happy Birthday,” with one half of it blank for you to write a personalised message. Surprise your best girl with this simply sweet birthday card and add some laughter to her day.

  • Birthday Girl Promises To Stay Sober Humour Card

For the birthday girl who would not miss getting drunk on her birthday in a million years, we bring you this uproarious birthday card.

The “Birthday girl promises to stay sober” is perfect for the birthday girl regardless of your relationship with her. You can give it to your sister, wife, girlfriend or just a friend.

Not only does it sweetly point to the fact that the birthday girl is a liquor lover, but also reminds her to take it easy…. Or maybe get crazy drunk. It all depends on the point of view, to be honest.

  • Birthday Presents Humour Birthday Card

With a cover message,

“The birthday girl wondered whether her friends actually knew her at all?!

None of her presents were actually bottles of booze.”

This is the card you’re looking for. While you plan to surprise her with this rib-tickling birthday card, a good idea would be to bring a bottle of gin to go along with it.

Well, given the fact that the birthday girl’s love for booze is evident, we’re sure that your other friends might have also got her some booze.

However, if not, the card perfectly fits the occasion and also gets her the present that she hypothetically longs for.

  • Better With Age Birthday Card

Perfect for that one friend who ages like Hugh Grant and is a big fan of fine scotch, we bring you the Better With Age Birthday Card.

We all have a few people in our lives who absolutely do not age, in fact, get better with age just like a fine bottle of scotch, we dedicate this amazing card to them.

With the charming words, “Like fine scotch, you get better with age,” on its cover and a cheeky message on the inside that reads, “Or is it as you age, you feel better with lots of fine scotch?” “Happy Birthday.” The card perfectly balances love and sarcasm with its words.

  • Woman With Dance Moves Birthday Card

Celebrating the witty woman in our lives whose drunk dance moves are so cool they make everyone want to get on the dance floor, we have this funny birthday card.

With an evidently inebriated woman, dancing her feet off and a cover message that says, “She had one glass of prosecco for health benefits. The rest were for witty remarks and amazing dance moves!” You may not find a more appropriate card for the wine-tastic lady in your life.

Not only does this card convey how closely you know the birthday girl but also serves as a reminder to everyone about her cool dance moves.

  • Morning After Bday Drinks Struggle! Birthday Card

Well, we all complain about hangovers and swear to everything that’s sweet and holy to never drink so much again. Nevertheless, we rarely keep our promises.

However, there’s something about the morning after birthday drinks that’s worse than every hangover of the year. The Ultimate struggle is to get out of bed and get to work.

Dedicating this hysterical birthday card to that morning struggle, we have the Morning After Bday Drinks Struggle! Birthday Card for you. With a cover message, “The morning after Birthday drinks... Was always going to be a struggle!” The card is one the birthday boy / girl shall certainly think about, the morning after the alcohol-filled birthday party.

  • Penguins and Wine Birthday Card

Featuring the cutest of penguins as they prepare the dinner table with some wine for themselves, the Penguins and Wine birthday card is a hilariously sweet one.

With a wonderful comic strip of two charming penguins on the cover page and the final part of the strip on the inside, this is an amazing birthday card for the liquor-lovers.

The comic strip begins with one of the penguins directing the other not to touch the wine as he is allowing it to breathe. However, Eric, a wine-loving penguin, is later found innocently giving mouth-to-mouth to the wine as it stopped breathing, or so he says.


Now that you have the top birthday card ideas for liquor lovers, it’s time you pick one of them and brighten the humour at your best mate’s birthday party.

With Clintons’ wide collection of birthday cards ranging from the most hilariously cute cards to the most hysterically savage cards, you shall never fail to convey exactly what you feel.

No matter the personality, the alcoholic preference, or the birthday party theme, you shall easily find the most appropriate birthday cards without having to look around too much.

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