Amazing Personalized Gift Ideas for 2021

By Customer Service / July 21, 2022 /

No matter the occasion, getting the perfect gift for a loved one shows them how much you love, care for, and appreciate them. However, you might find yourself struggling in the idea department. Perhaps your friend or a family member hasn't expressed the desire for anything in particular recently, or they prefer purchasing everyday items by themselves. While this situation is tricky, it's no reason to despair. There's another avenue you can go down that’s guaranteed to make the recipient smile. Any store-bought article can become a personalized gift as long as it displays care and dedication.

Let's explore ways to tailor any item into a perfect present and share our ten top picks among the plethora of custom options out there.

The Power of Personalization

Everything about our world, from the city streets to the smartphone screens, is brimming with products and lively advertisements. Counterintuitively, the number of options made it more challenging than ever before to find the ideal gift. Of course, you can stop by a store and grab a mass-produced item, but does that truly symbolize how you feel about the recipient? Will it send a message of joy, love, and a sense of being heard? Likely not. That's where personalization comes into play. On the other hand, getting a personalized present, even if it's a small item, shows thought and care. Plus, nowadays, beautiful but boring monogrammed commodities aren't your only option. The customization industry is rapidly growing and introducing new possibilities to the market, letting you turn anything into an object of your loved one's dreams. 

You can let your imagination loose, but if you don't feel all that confident in your creative skills, let's discuss two accessible alternatives.

Customizing the Package

If you already have the ideal, store-bought gift in mind, you don't have to give up on the idea of personalization altogether. Wrapping is among the simplest, most affordable customization options at your disposal. A messy box with a clumsy bow beats a professionally-wrapped, impersonal present every time. So, especially if you're not a crafty person, learn the basics of gift wrapping and give it a go yourself. You could take it one step further and fully customize the package, too. Order a batch of wrapping paper, a box, or a bag with your favorite photo, a message, or a pattern of all your buddy's favorite things. 

Images Speak Volumes

Alternatively, you might be feeling creative but short on ideas. Photos are an easy solution to this issue. In the age of all things digital, any person will appreciate receiving physical copies of their most cherished memories.  For example:
  • A framed photo. Purchase a frame that fits the recipient's home design and print out a group image of you and your friends having fun. It can be as small as several inches in diameter or large enough to hang above the fireplace.
  • A collage. Alternatively, you could put together a collection of your most fun memories and create a fun, 100% personal piece of wall decor.
  • A calendar. Pick a thematic photo for each month of the year to combine utility with sheer delight.
  • A coffee mug. Make your friend smile each morning while sipping their favorite hot drink from a personalized cup.
  • A puzzle. Choose a favorite picture - the more different faces and details, the better. Organize a puzzle party and have fun with your present.
  In this case, be sure that you choose the photo(s) that awaken positive memories and make your buddy look good. You could even try your hand at some basic-level photo editing. For example, this handy article about pimple removal app solutions teaches you how to make your self-conscious friend love every part of the gift. 

Top 10 Ideas

Let's go through our favorite custom gifts to inspire you to go that extra mile and make your loved one beam with joy. 

A Star Map

You can choose to celebrate an anniversary, their birthday, or a day of a noteworthy accomplishment. In either case, a map that displays the exact star alignment in that very moment sends an emotional message and doubles as a fantastic decor item.

Fandom Merch

Whether the recipient is really into sports, music, or Harry Potter, getting them a personalized piece of fandom merchandise shows that you care and listen, even if you aren't a member of the same fandom. It could be a team jersey or a Hogwarts letter with their name on it. The person will love the fact they get to display their hobby with your gift.

A Plush Robe 

Comfort items are perfect for all ages, and they get ten times better when they come in the recipient's favorite color and design. After all, they won't find a sushi-patterned pink robe in any store.

A Pet Portrait

If the recipient has a furry friend who they consider a family member, commission a formal, professional oil painting of their pet. Make it look as serious as a family portrait to make them laugh and guarantee a place on their wall.

Customized Shoes

If your friend has been ogling some pricey shoes, team up with several friends to get them a pair. You can take their joy upon opening the box to the next level by personalizing the design. Vans are particularly permissive about this aspect, letting people add photos, patterns, and colors to the shoe.

A Custom Cookbook

Although it could take a while, creating a cookbook for your foodie friend promises some tasty group meals in the future. Choose a template and enter in all their favorite recipes, as well as ones you'd like them to try.  This one also works as a sentimental gift for a family member. Put together all old family recipes to show your appreciation to the resident cook.

An Eco-Friendly Straw

Your environmentally conscious buddy will appreciate getting a metal or bamboo reusable drink straw that lets them combine convenience and caring for the environment. It can curve and bend to spell their name or a favorite shape for bonus points. 

A Meaningful Piece of Jewelry

A bracelet or necklace with the recipient's name, star sign, or birth gem is sure to become their favorite accessory in no time. This idea works for everybody, from partners to close friends and family members. 

A Monogrammed Wallet

If you want to go a bit more traditional, why not monogram a leather wallet? Choose a design option that works for their style and pick high-quality materials to ensure long-term utility.

A 2021 Planner

The year 2020 thwarted most of our plans, but things can be different in 2021. Instead of purchasing a mass-produced planner, customize one with your friend's most prominent goals, challenges, and aspirations. Add heartfelt messages on each page to give them a surge of motivation each time they open the notebook.

Show Your Dedication

The takeaway is simple and promotes creativity. You could go for a classic pick or something unique. If your loved one likes classic cars, make sure to find an appropriate gift and show him that you care. Either way, adding an element as simple as a name, photo, or handwriting shows the person you went to great lengths to ensure they feel loved, and they'll remember it fondly in the years to come.