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Best Alcohol Gifts for Your Friend

Some of the easiest people to give presents to are those who love their liquor. You only need to think of what you haven’t gifted them and the type of drink they prefer, and you are off to the store! The best booze gifts are not necessarily the priciest, as you will discover some low-budget items that will make your best buddy go gaga. This article lists some of those items that you might normally not think of when gifting. 

Here are our top boozy gifts for friends that love their drinks.  

1. The Macallan Rare Cask

Nothing says you understood the assignment better than a good bottle of aged Scotch. You get them this perfect gift, and they will remember you whenever they send a shot down their throat. This rarity is a natural ruby red that has been in the making for 17-21 years. The first hints that hit the nose are vanilla and raisin, while a second whiff gives off orange, lemon, and apple. It is citrusy to the palate with hints of oak to remind you how it was developed in the sherry casks. 

This rare single malt is even more special because each product may differ from the next due to the brewing process. If you are looking for a holiday gift for someone with great taste, this could be it.  

2. Haus: The Sampler Kit

If you like thoughtful gifts that will not cost you an arm and a leg, this is one for the books. It gives one a home Reserve Bar feel where they can sample some of the best of Haus without leaving the house. This gift set with aperitifs containing low alcoholic levels will give you a range of cocktails to suit your palate while allowing you to try out some of the best made. 

Each contains four carefully selected products and a gift guide on how to get the ideal cocktail using this signature brand. There are tropical flavors such as Strawberry Basil, Lemon Lavender, Rose, Citrus Flower, and Grapefruit Jalapeño, among others. 

3. 20-Year-Old Chicken Cock Cotton Club Whiskey 

This Rye whiskey is 90% rye and 10% malted barley and has an exciting history that any whiskey lover might find themselves thinking of whenever they open it. You can get them the limited edition for an even more memorable time since they are available at the right price. Its yellowish-brown hue attracts the eye when it’s poured, while the sweet candy ideals hit the nose once you sniff it. 

The earthy notes with hints of orange and spice are the signature, while molasses, vanilla, and toasted oak remind you of the bourbon barrel it was finished in before being bottled. Collectors are usually keen on having this whiskey in their collection for posterity.  

4. Double Action Pump - Wine and Champagne

Away from whiskey and wines are the accessories that complete these. If you know a total wine person that is always complaining of their wine going flat, this tool from Peugeot is fashioned to prevent that from happening. The stoppers keep the contents at their crispiest even after being opened, so they are ideal for a Reserve Bar cart or Drizly for home use. What makes this a favorite buy is its price. It gives enough value for money without breaking the bank and is small enough to carry when they go to parties. 

5. Angel's Envy Bourbon

What makes this perfect is the effort the makers put into each barrel. They have 8 to 12 barrels to ensure each batch gets as much attention as possible. Whiskey is known for the fruit notes that hit the back of your throat, but these take it a step higher: each batch is finished in the last six months of brewing to bring out these fruity notes to the core. 

The bourbon is finished in hand-picked ruby port casks, while the rye goes into rum ones after going through a tasting session at each step to ensure it measures up to the standards. You will want to get this for someone with a discerning feel since a bottle doesn’t come cheap. 

6. Clase Azul Gold Tequila

Like most tequila bottles, this one is designed beautifully, so anyone would be happy to display it in their home bars. It matures in French oak casks after eight years in ex-bourbon casks, and the hints of its aroma make it a hit for us. It looks clear in the bottle before you pour it out, and as soon as it hits the glass, you catch the candied hits that will give this a delight to the palate and nose. It pairs perfectly with oily fish and seafood. 

7. Hennessy Paradis

Pour out this cognac, and you will get hints of rose petals, a bit of honey, truffle, and the unmistakable delicate hint of spice. You can select the year you want since they are available in a desirable variety. What makes this bottle worth its price is the craftsmanship that goes into its making. From Bordeaux’s finest grapes to the design of the bottle and the period it takes to bring it to perfection, this masterpiece is one of a kind. It will most likely end up in a collector’s cellar if you get it for a buddy that knows its true value.

8. Diplomatico Ambassador Rum

It takes no less than 12 years of aging in white oak casks before this unique rum is bottled for the stores. It can then be owned by someone in your life for all the right reasons if you decide to buy and gift it. The reported notables are cinnamon, nutmeg, and the premium toasted oak in honor of the process, so you can expect an excellent aftertaste if you enjoy premium liqueur.  

Things to Consider Before Buying

1. Age

More experienced drinkers are likely to have better taste, so they prefer aged products that may only be available on special websites for premium alcohol lovers. Look at the year the bottle was made if you want to get a great holiday drink for your close friends. 

2. What they like

You do not want to project your love for spirits onto someone that prefers beers as the ideal gift. There are several craft beers the person will appreciate more that they cannot get at a bar, so you may want to leave the spirits and vodka cocktail gift to those that prefer them.  

3. Seasons

Summers are ideal for cocktails, so you may want to spare your bourbon, gin, brandy, rum, and vodka for this season when all the cocktails will be made. Whiskeys, vodka and wines are ideal for chilly nights by the fireplace. 


One of the best things about our times is online delivery. There exist a lot of services that will deliver your orders to anyone with ice, too, if you are too lazy to get to stores. You just need a list of items to order, and your friends will be getting their orders timely. We focused on the liquors, but there are a million other things you can get for an alcohol enthusiast, such as shakers, glasses, and wine openers. You can add them to complete a package that will be truly appreciated. 

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