16 Best Gifts for Men Who Don’t Drink

By Jeff Oxford / October 14, 2022 /

Despite what many might think, not every man in the world drinks alcohol for personal, social, health or religious reasons. Fortunately, there are many amazing gift ideas out there to help you find the ideal gift for that person in your life who does not drink. This gift guide for non-alcoholics contains many unusual goods and a few classic favorites, so you don't have to go to great lengths to find gifts that matter.

Many of these gifts make life a little easier and help people with alcohol addiction. So here are 16 amazing gift ideas for men who are non-alcoholic drinkers.


Personalized Leather Wallet

Adding a personal touch to your gift is a great way to show someone you care about. When it comes to those struggling with alcohol addiction, little reminders can be significant. And if he is tempted to reach for his wallet to buy a drink, this personalized wallet may serve as a reminder not to go back down that road. As silly as it may sound, a gift can have immense sentimental power in a person’s life.

Every line in the design of this handmade, beautiful and elegant leather wallet is designed to express harmony and smoothness.


John Bishop’s UNF**K Yourself Calendar

If you're looking for a book of self-help, I would highly recommend John Bishop's Unf**k Yourself. Although the language can be strong, the message is much more powerful, deep and meaningful. John Bishop has a reputation for cutting through all the nonsense while identifying every excuse we come up with inside our heads not to do better for ourselves.

This is a great gift not only for those who do not drink, but also the ideal gift for anyone struggling to get their lives in order. It is ideal for anyone who wants to cut off their drinking or for someone who wants to stay sober. The calendar serves as a daily reminder of a kick in the pants, which we all need from time to time.


The Junk Foodie Care Package

Treat your guy to a gift basket filled with his favorite snacks. Our Junk Foodie Care Package is chock-full of various snacks to whet his appetite. Frito Lay chips, Nabisco cookies, beef jerky, candy, popcor—this gift basket includes 18 packages of sweet and salty snacks and four cans of Red Bull to help him power through his eating fest. He’ll be thrilled to get this just in time for football night with the guys.


Sober AF Mug

This is one of those gifts for men who no longer drink, which can serve as a powerful day-to-day reminder to stay strong and sober. The journey of sobriety never ends, and that is why every day is a small victory. The mug has a sleek design and a straightforward message "Sober AF."

It makes for a fantastic soberversary gift and provides positive affirmation every time they take a drink. It holds 11 ounces of their favorite beverage, and the print does not fade, no matter how often the cup is washed.


Braun Series 5 5090cc Premium Electric Shaver + Clean & Charge Station

Another fantastic item in our gift guide for men who do not drink alcohol is this Braun Series 5 electric shaving machine with a convenient clean and charging station. Looking good can be a major part of helping someone stay sober.

When a person likes who they see in the mirror, as opposed to who they were when they drank alcohol, it can serve as a powerful motivator to stay sober. This electric shaver has an 8-direction flex head for added comfort even in those difficult-to-reach areas. It's also waterproof.



Oversized Cotton Rope Hammock

Gifts that allow him to rest and relax can be exactly what he needs after a difficult day. With this cotton rope hammock, he can swing his troubles away while enjoying his favorite non-alcoholic drink.

The hammock features a soft 8mm thick cotton rope designed to support maximum density comfortably. The rope reduces elongation while under tension. It also has precision weaving, which uses a lattice design that pulls the ropes against each other, so there is no need for knots in the bed. And the durable countersunk spreader bar has holes that reduce friction between the wood and rope.



Razerpit Sharpener

Great gift ideas can make someone's life much easier and save them money, and that's what this Raxepit Sharpener does! It is an excellent gift for non-alcoholics, and one of those unusual goods he never knew he needed until he used it.

The sharpener is compatible with all razors, including disposable cartridges and DE safety blades. It has a modern and sleek design that will extend the life of his razor blades, while providing a smoother, sharper, more comfortable shave each day.



Nespresso Vertuo Coffee & Espresso Maker with Milk Frother

This gift can save him time and money if he likes premium coffee. There is no need to wait in line at Starbucks for overpriced Java if he can make his own premium coffee from the comfort of his own home.

The unit also has an expresso and milk frother feature, as well as a sleek and modern design that will look amazing on any countertop. He can brew five different cup sizes with just a touch of a button. It's one of those great gift ideas that can help him get going in the morning!



Modoker Men's Canvas Vintage Backpack for Men

When it comes to gifts for non drinkers who love to explore the great outdoors, gift ideas that make their travels easier are always a good bet! And this vintage brown backpack is a fantastic gift that allows him to carry everything he needs.

It has a special compartment for laptops and tablets up to 17 inches and has a USB charging port. This durable, lightweight, multifunctional backpack has four interiors and three large exterior pockets. It also has a pocket with a quick access card on the left shoulder strap!



Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker with Egg Cooker Ring

If there is one thing a non-drinker needs to start his day, it's a good, hearty breakfast. And if your guy is in a rush every morning, this breakfast sandwich maker is the perfect gift. It has removable parts, which are super easy to clean.

In addition, it cooks and toasts four items simultaneously, such as eggs, ham, cheese and his choice of bread. Within minutes, he can have a power-packed breakfast without having to deal with the stove. On the Hamilton Beach website, he also has 25 incredible sandwich ideas to try out.


Fitness & Recovery Massage Cube

Many men who no longer drink alcohol turn to fitness to make them feel better and stay away from temptation. However, working out can be difficult on the body, especially for those who are just starting out. Gifts that help him overcome those sore muscles can do wonders for helping him stick with his new healthy lifestyle.

This fitness and recovery massage cub features lots of essential oils and ingredients, such as arnica and winter mint, that soothe and relieve muscle soreness while leaving him with a relaxing tingling feeling.


Personalized Metallic LP Record

One thing people who are no longer drinking find encouraging is celebrations of milestones. These celebrations are essential and can serve as reminders to not give in to temptation during their darkest hours. A cool way to commemorate a soberversary is to give him the gift of a personalized metallic LP record.

One of the unique gifts in our gift guide, Jeff Davis's record art, is made from recycled vinyl LP material, which is finished in either gold or platinum, before being suspended between two glass panes in a floating frame.


Tabletop Cornhole

Sometimes finding creative and fun ways to pass the time can help men who no longer drink keep their minds busy on these difficult days. One great game he can play with a friend or alone is this tabletop cornhole board game. Another example of uncommon goods is in our gift guide. This nifty little tabletop game delivers hours of challenging non-electric gameplay.

It's an excellent way for two people to bond and spend quality time talking about important issues in life while enjoying some lighthearted fun.


Around the World Brainteasers - Set of 5

Our gift guide also contains gift ideas for non-alcoholics that challenge the mind, such as Around the World Brainteasers, which contain five unique wooden puzzles. Keeping the mind occupied with a physical problem that he can solve is a proven way to help him relax and focus his energies on more positive goals.

He will solve the mystery of Chinese tea, take on the challenge of solving Egyptian Pi, unlock the secret behind Roman keys, find the Greek water mill and unlock the tricky Aztec Passion Flower puzzle.



Hatch Restore

Getting a good night's rest is essential for men who no longer drink. And this thoughtful present features a smart light, sound machine, bedside reading light, personal sleep routine, sunrise alarm clock, and wind-down content to help him get the most out of his nighttime slumber.

The wind-down content is especially important for those who have insomnia. Instead of reaching for a drink, he can now go to a state of peaceful slumber thanks to a combination of relaxing lights and sounds.



Korescale G2

Korescale G2 is one of the gifts for those who want to improve their health through diet and regular exercise, as it allows them to monitor much more than just their weight. For millions of men who no longer drink, fitness becomes a top priority to keep them on track and feel better.

The Korescale measures weight and other important factors, such as BMI, muscle mass, body fat, water content, visceral fat, normal muscle and skeletal mass, protein content, bone mass and metabolic age. It also has Bluetooth and an app that allows you to track your progress. Plus, it will enable multiple users to manage their own profiles! This is one of those stylish, futuristic gifts that can give him all the information he needs to stay on the right track while improving his self-confidence and self-esteem.




CarbonKlean Peeps Eyeglass Lens Cleaner

We have shared many incredible gift ideas that feature impressive technology, and this unique product is no exception, despite its simplistic function. For those men who no longer drink and wear eyeglasses, they know how frustrating dirty lenses can be. And like millions of people who wear glasses, they probably tried countless clothes, wipes and cleaning solutions with very little luck.

However, this brilliant tool by CarboKlean uses revolutionary technology that cleans any type of eyewear easily without scratching the surface. It uses a special carbon microfiber technology that is extremely effective and is exclusively used by NASA in space! As we've said, every little thing that makes life easier can also make staying sober easier. This thoughtful present will certainly allow him to see the world through crystal clear lenses.