By gavincaganoff / July 21, 2022 /
Brand New Website
Over the last few months, the guys and I have been working hard on trying to bring you guys a fresh new website. We experienced a lot of problems with the old one, and ultimately it wasn't something that we could be proud of, so about 3 weeks after our initial site launch in December, we began the task of crafting our new site. We were completely hands on with this one, as opposed to the last one. This time, we hired a developer that only really helped us with building the foundation of our new online home. Hanging the drywall, putting up the wall paper, tiling/carpeting the floors, and doing the interior decorating was all us. And we're super proud of the result. The photo's are all new and better quality. The site layout is more functional. We have a new "quick and easy" section for easy purchasing. We built a ton of redundancies in there so that no matter where you are on the site, you're no more than two clicks away from where you want to be. And lasty, we added reviews so that you guys can let us know how you feel about our products. Personally, I'm super excited for you guys to see/experience our online home. We tried our best to sprinkle our individual personalities all over the site; from the names of the occasions, to the pictures in the "About us" section its 100% us.   So don't be shy, let us know how you feel. See something we can improve? Give us a shout, websites are always a work-in-progress! :-)