By Customer Service / July 21, 2022 /
Finding the Right 10-Year Anniversary Gift for Your Husband

Has your brain been spinning round and round in an attempt to figure out what to give your husband as a tenth anniversary gift? If so, the challenge is even more frustrating if you know he's already gotten you that perfect gift and can't wait for you to open it. Have no worries because there are ways you can get the gifting job done and deliver a dose of surprise to him when he's least expecting it.

The trick is to give yourself plenty of choices and not fall into the trap of thinking that there's one perfect thing he wants or needs. Nor do you need to spend a fortune. Some of the hottest guy stuff on the market these days is reasonably priced and fully customizable. Here are several ideas to get you started. Make your selection based on which of the listed items best fits your husband's particular tastes or avocations.

Finally, if you need to pay up front and don't have the cash on hand, it's simple enough to take out a personal loan to buy it and snag a time-sensitive discount or special sale. Using a private lender makes sense because you have plenty of options when it comes to repayment terms, can shop for a favorable interest rate, and improve your credit by making timely payments.

An Adventure Trip

Arranging an adventure trip for him can be a challenge, but it will work best if you plan it based on his ideas about adventure, not yours. Popular candidates in this department include remote fishing excursions, white water rafting weeks, hiking near or on a famous mountain, traveling by riverboat down the Missouri, Mississippi, Amazon, or Nile. The possibilities are virtually endless and should be geared to his outdoor tastes. Some men love nothing more than fishing in a secluded spot while others prefer group-based activities like tours of remote ruins or sacred temples. When done right, the adventure package can be something he'll never forget.

A Bracelet

Even if your man doesn't wear much jewelry, you can help plug him into one of the hottest trends of the 2020s by getting him an elegant cuff bracelet made of sterling silver, titanium, or another fashionable metal. Expect to spend several hundred dollars for one of these choice pieces of personal wear. The upsides are many. For starters, he'll love it because guys typically don't like to shop for this kind of stuff themselves. Additionally, some of the newest titanium and silver products in this line are worthy of being heirlooms, last a lifetime, need no maintenance, and can be engraved with special messages. You can ask an adult male family member for help. It's easy to go adrift when it comes to someone else's personal style. Having a brother-in-law, uncle, or grown nephew assist you with picking out just the right bracelet can make a huge difference.

Spa Services

Even though most men refuse to admit it, they love most spa services. High on the list of guy-friendly treats include infrared sauna sessions, deep-tissue massages, manicures, facials, and entire spa days just like the ladies get. Your key ally here is the personal services industry, which has been adapting all their offerings to attract more men. Gone are the days when the local day-spa was an all-female private club. Today's retail giants of this market niche offer full menus of services specifically designed for young, middle-aged, and older male clients.

A Customized Watch

If it were possible to read minds, you could probably find out that every husband has a secret wish that includes owning at least one exclusive wristwatch. It's your choice whether to opt for one of the two or three biggest names in the genre. Even if you don't, expect to spend around $1,000, more or less, for an excellent specimen. Use your judgment about his preferences when opting for the simple look or the more tech-laden options. Again, this is a task in which you should have someone give you a hand, and that someone should be male and close to your husband's age. Make sure to have a discussion with the seller about being able to return the item if necessary, for a full refund or an exchange. Shop where there's a wide selection of watches in all price categories. That way, if your pick is not a home run, he will have plenty of choices when going back to exchange it. Also, consider engraving his initials or something memorable on the back of the watch. A preference for engraved, initialed, personalized gear appears to be part of the human male DNA.

Classes/Lessons He's Been Thinking About

Has your man been talking up kung fu, jiu jitsu, judo, or some other martial art form that is currently popular among older adults? Many of today's classes have adapted to the population surge of adult learners and offer courses geared for students over the age of 40. Don't be afraid of signing your beloved up for a package of trial sessions in a class you know he'll enjoy. Nearly every martial arts studio offers 10-class passes in the $100-$300 range so new attendees can get a taste of the lessons before deciding on regular attendance.

Car Stuff

If your other half is a car enthusiast, you have it easy. First, you can take the simple route and give him a gift certificate to his favorite vehicular money pit. Or, be a bit more creative and enlist the help of one of his friends and find out what will make the grade in terms of gift giving. Many women wince at the thought of wrapping up a pricey set of rims as an anniversary present. But if your husband is a true vehicle enthusiast, a set of specialty rims will make his eyes water, as will dozens of other products on offer at his preferred auto accessories shop. Standard warnings suffice to include keeping receipts, make sure returns and exchanges are allowed, and get competent shopping help from car-conscious male friend or relative.

Cool Tech

Some of the most interesting ways to solve your anniversary dilemma is to check out the latest tech products. These clever offerings come along so quickly it's almost impossible to keep up with the speed of the marketplace. High-tech watches, GPS devices, powerful computer tablets, and many other choices can fill your gift giving need in this instance. Sometimes, nothing says long-term love and commitment better than a new laptop with all the bells and whistles. If your mate already has enough computers to start his own IT firm, consider venturing into the entertainment segment of the field and getting something like a high-end plasma TV, a top-tier sound bar, or digital recording equipment to accompany his musical talents. If you want to get a sure-to-please tech toy that serves a practical purpose, consider a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Prices range wildly on these little devils, so you'll be able to find something to suit your budget. The great part is that you don't need to spend too much to get awesome sound and a very high-quality product. Recent advances in personal audio technology are wondrous, which makes this the perfect surprise for men of all ages and tastes.