Gift Ideas for a College Farewell Party

By Razille Mae Biaca / July 21, 2022 /

After four years together in college, it is time to say goodbyes. With so many beautiful memories created together, you want to send off your friend with something to keep the memories alive. You have no idea what is perfect. 

Buying gifts is a huge task. You do not just walk into a store and pick the first item on the shelf. You must think about whether it is appropriate, especially considering that you have been friends or classmates for years. At the same time, you want an item that will last. 

Before looking at the best farewell gifts for college, it helps to look at what makes a good gift for college farewell. Here are a few ideas to guide you into picking the best gift. 

  • Relationship- how do you relate with the recipient? Are you friends, classmates, roommates, or intimate pals? The relationship gives you an idea of what your friend would appreciate as a gift. A gift for a girlfriend or boyfriend will be different from that of a deskmate or coursemate. Choose a gift that gives the impression that your relationship was valuable.¬†
  • Personal regard- how close were you to the recipient. You might have been roommates but did not relate too well. You might want to show appreciation without attaching a lot of meaning to the friendship. Do not spend too much or go for a long-lasting gift if you do not want the memories to last as long.¬†
  • Gender- it is probably the most straightforward guide of the gift you can give a person. Men prefer and appreciate different types of gifts from women. For instance, a man may appreciate a gadget more than a deodorant. An accessory could be more valuable to a man than it is to a woman. Pick a gender-sensitive gift that the recipient will appreciate.¬†
  • Budget- how much do you want to spend on the gift? The price will depend on how much you have and the regard you have for your friend. Some relationships are so strong that you can go all the way. In other cases, you do not want to look extravagant yet the friendship is not that strong. Keep your budget within a manageable limit.¬†
  • Personal preference- do you know what the person would appreciate as a gift? Go ahead and buy. You might have talked to the recipient about the gift or could have heard his desires indirectly. It is one of the best surprises you can give a person during a party.¬†
  • Occasion- who has organized the occasion to offer the gifts? Some organizers indicate the type of gifts to bring. For instance, you may be told to make a gift with your hands or not go beyond a certain budget. Obey these conditions to be at par with friends. If you are buying of your own volition, consider the circumstances surrounding the award ceremony.¬†

While you consider the thoughts and reactions of the recipient, remember that it is you who is offering the gift. It is the thought that counts. Whatever you offer will be accepted, only that you are looking for a greater sense of approval. 

Here are excellent gift ideas you should consider for a college farewell party. 

Autographed Photo

Do you have a photo taken together or alone? Autograph the photo and offer it to your friend. Do not choose any photo. The best choice is one that evokes memories of your life in college. You could have been playing, making a presentation, enjoying social time, or such activities. Autograph a date and a special message on the photo. 

You may print it on paper or frame it. Every time your friend sees the photo, the memories of college will come flooding back. It is probably the best idea you can think about if you want to keep the memories alive. 


Art can capture a very strong message. It is also easy to use beyond personal spaces. Commission a painting to capture his or her favorite ideas, sceneries, dreams, and anything that will remind the recipient about college. 

Inscribe a date on the painting alongside a special message. The painting can hang at home, in his room, or in the office. It shows special dedication because you want out of your way to customize the price. 


Beadwork is best done by hand. It shows a personal touch. Because it is the work of hands, beadwork comes with an emotional attachment. The design and knots were done with your hands, unlike a generic accessory that you can buy from the shop. 

Beadwork also offers a chance to customize your gift. You may write your name, that of the recipient, college, date, and any special message. Beadwork can be used as a bangle, necklace, on shoes, clothing, and such other decoration points. It leaves you with numerous options to impress the recipient. 


How about a customized watch? Since you are friends, you know his favorite colors, designs, and even brands. Order a customized watch for your friend as a farewell gift. 

Watches have a unique significance. A person will check the watch several times a day. Every time they see the watch, you will come to mind. You may also include a message that will accompany your gesture. 


How about a chain with a medal? Include a special message on the chain. A necklace or anklet will also have the same effect.

Accessories fit women better than men. You must understand her taste so that the accessory is more valuable. Customize the message on the medal or any other part where you wish to register your appreciation. Some men would also appreciate accessories like chains and bangles.

Gift basket

Always a good bet is to get your college friends a farewell gift basket. It can include everything from drinks like wine or a nice bottle of scotch, cool accessories and even fun snacks. You can even order a customizable gift basket because they are an ideal and very creative gift any type of friend will enjoy! 


Friendships warm the heart. In the same breath, order a personalized scarf. Include his name and a special message to mark your years together. Choose a neutral color or his favorite so that the scarf is useful on multiple occasions. 

Flower Vase 

Does she like flowers on the table? A flower vase is, therefore, an excellent option. Take the appreciation a notch higher by customizing the vase. Inscribe a personal message on the side. 

Flower vases are beautiful on their own. They are used to decorate shelves, tables, and spaces around a room. When it is functional, a flower vase will capture attention. It allows flowers to sit pretty on the table in a room. The beauty of the flowers will make your gift even more thoughtful. 

LED display clock 

College years are time spent together creating memories. A display clock will always remind him or her of your college years. The market has many varieties leaving you spoilt of choice. At the same time, you may customize a message on the clock to capture your appreciation of the time spent together in college. Other clock brands offer the chance to add an image on display. Every minute will be a time to remember the memories you have created together. 

The options for college farewell gifts are endless. Pick a gift that matches the relationship you have with the recipient and your budget. Consider the recipient so that they appreciate your gesture. 

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