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Gifts For Book Lovers That Aren’t Books
Studying has different aspects, and sometimes this reflects on the life of bibliophiles. When a person spends a lot of time engaged in an activity, they can easily pick up specific tastes. So an essay writer may have different interests from a book reviewer as their jobs influence the way they think. And that makes coming up with gift ideas for book lovers a little more complicated than usual.   If you have a book lover as a loved one, you already know that searching for presents for them that aren’t books can be pretty challenging. But often, creative people love functional gifts. Of course, sentimental gifts are cool, but your bibliophile friend will probably prefer presents that ease their work or life. On that note, here are what we believe the best gifts for book lovers today:

An online course

Brilliant writers always look to improve their skills, so they read. And since the COVID-19 pandemic ushered in an era of online courses, they can now improve from the comfort of their homes. But these courses can be pretty expensive, so helping them get the needed resources will be thoughtful. To ensure you get your friend the right courses, ask them what they need. You don’t have to outrightly divulge your plans, especially if you want to surprise them. You could have a casual discussion about their work and deftly find out which online courses they plan on taking. When you’ve gotten that information, register and pay for them to start learning. If you choose this idea, be ready to fight your way out of a bear hug because they’d absolutely adore you after.

Library kit

There’s almost nothing as infuriating to a book-lover as losing track of the whereabouts of their books. Many readers are used to the scenario where one moment, they are lost in a masterpiece by one of their favorite authors, and the next, they can’t find the book. They may have to spend hours of productive time looking for the book only to discover that they loaned it to a classmate. A personal library kit can solve this problem for your book-loving friend. Check online stores and you can easily find a simple kit that can help bibliophiles track their books. The best library kits have helpful features like date stampers, adhesive pockets, check-out cards and stamp pads. Getting this kit for your loved one will help them stay organized and ensure they don’t go through the harrowing cluelessness of looking for their books when they need to read them.

Noise-canceling headphones

Individuals have different reading processes, but many of them agree that noise is the first and last enemy when they’re trying to concentrate. Because focusing is an integral part of reading book-lovers often appreciate some peace and quiet. They like to be in their headspace, and so they love noise-canceling headphones. Check some tech reviewers online to find the ideal headphones within your budget and buy them for your friend.

A food basket

Every ardent reader understands the hunger that comes with burying your head in books all day. When reading, you will often find that you crave food and drinks more frequently than usual. In fact, many people go as far as reading or writing in cafes where they have access to snacks, coffee, and other foods. Famous writers like J. K. Rowling and F. Scott Fitzgerald even created masterpieces in public cafes and coffee shops. So, getting a book lover a junk food or snack basket can be one of the most thoughtful and inexpensive things you can do for them. They will appreciate the gesture, and you can literally see a fire light up in their eyes as they receive your gift. You can get junk food baskets for less than $50 in physical or online stores.

To-be-read box

One problem that many book lovers face is indecisiveness. If you live with a bibliophile, you should get used to them going on and on about how they want to start reading a specific book but never get to actually doing it. Indecisiveness and procrastination can be major limiting factors for your writer friend and so helping manage that problem is one of the most thoughtful things you can do for them. The to-be-read box is a great way to hold writers and book lovers accountable for books they plan to read. It is often a transparent container with a lid that you can fold book titles and put in. You can get one with book titles already in it, so that your friend will have an assortment of new books to read. Alternatively, you can put the book recommendations yourself or work with them to ensure the titles are from genres they find interesting.

Fingerless gloves

When typing on a laptop, our palms can get sweaty while also staining the palm-rest of our devices. And since many writers and book readers get their work done digitally today, the issue of dirty palms constantly plagues them.  You can help your pal get past this problem by buying them fingerless writing gloves. They are made of soft materials covering the palm, the back of hands, and the base of fingers. They keep the hand warm and prevent sweat and skin oils from dripping onto surfaces. Such gloves come in various colors and designs and some of them have quotes from classic books inscribed all over. Fingerless gloves are trendy and valuable, and they’ll serve anyone working on digital books for a long time.

An ergonomic chair

A reader’s back and neck suffer the most. If your friend spends long hours at their workstation reading or churning out content, rest assured that they’ve often wanted to just ease that back pain. That is why you may often find them changing positions while writing to find the perfect spot with little to no inconvenience. Therefore, imagine how delighted they would be if you got them a well-made ergonomic chair. These chairs are made specifically for people who sit for too long. Different companies study the sitting behaviors of gamers, writers, students, media editors, and online streamers to build comfortable chairs. However, since a lot of effort goes into making ergonomic chairs, they aren’t the cheapest gifts on this list, so consider your budget before going for them.

Subscription to writing apps

Many readers love writing in their spare time; it’s a way for them to express their innermost desires. But they often subconsciously compare their written pieces with those of their best writers and can feel discouraged if they think they aren’t writing as well as they’d love to. So, helping a bibliophile-turned-writer sharpen their writing skills can be one of the most selfless things to do. There are different apps or software that writers need to fine-tune their works. Many of these resources are not free; the best ones run subscription models. And novice writers may not have the money to pay for those resources. In 2021, these budding writers can’t afford to lag, so they need all the help they can get from AI and digital resources. Paying for their subscription to these writing apps is a thoughtful way to encourage your friend on their path to literary greatness.

Gift cards

Finally, if you are unsure whether your friend will appreciate any of the gifts already recommended in this article, you can give them a gift card. Amazon and eBay are some of the most popular online shopping sites and they have gift cards that you can use to buy things from them. Giving your book-loving friend a gift card is like giving them money to buy whatever they are comfortable with. Your friend can spend their gift card on Amazon buying books they find interesting. This gesture will help them if they don’t have a Kindle account for reading. They can easily buy their books online and have them delivered to their homes. For extra flair, wrap the gift card beautifully and state its purpose or who it’s from to maintain that special aura that comes with receiving presents.

Final Thoughts 

If you want to present your gift to anyone who loves reading, doing that at random won’t project how much you appreciate them. And that is why we made this list. Get any of the gifts discussed above for a writer and rest assured that you’ll brighten their day.

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