The Best Gifts for Men Who Work Out

By 180 Marketing / April 3, 2023 /

Finding the best fitness gifts for a man who enjoys staying active and working out can be challenging. A fitness enthusiast will always love receiving a thoughtful fitness gift that can make his workouts more enjoyable.

The good news is many great fitness gifts will make any fitness lover smile. Below we've listed some of the best fitness gift ideas for men. And if you happen to be looking for a gift for your brother, be sure to check out our list of the best gifts for brothers featuring gift baskets for him.


The Best Gifts for Fitness Guys

Cooling Towel

Every man can appreciate a durable towel to keep him cool when working out. That's why a high-quality cooling towel is one of the best fitness gifts you can buy. It's the perfect fitness gift to add to his workout gear, and many fold into easy-to-carry pouches that don't take up too much space in his workout bag.


Vented Workout Gloves

If your guy likes to lift or engage in workouts involving a lot of hand contact, then workout gloves are a great gift that can give him more grip strength while protecting his hands. High-quality workout gloves allow him to get the best fitness results from his hard work. Best of all, the vent features keep his hands more relaxed!


Heated Neck, Back, and Shoulder  Massager

If there's one thing a guy who works out can appreciate, it's fitness tech that makes after-workout recovery feel easier. After a challenging workout, his body will likely feel stiff, leading to uncomfortable soreness. By using stretching and massage techniques, he can reduce stiffness and loosen his muscles, which helps alleviate a lot of soreness caused by lactic acid buildup.

A heated neck, back, and shoulder massager is one of the best fitness gadgets to help him relax. He can use this gift in the car or home, kicking his feet up.


Healthy Snacks

Every fitness lover knows nutrition is one of the keys to achieving the best fitness results. Healthy snacks can help fuel his workout, assist in post-workout recovery, and help him avoid unhealthy food. One of our incredible gift sets for men features many healthy snacks he can munch on before or after getting his grind on.


Acupressure Pillow and Mat

After or before a challenging workout, acupressure pillows and mats are a fantastic way to get the blood flowing while relieving many aches and pains. Using acupuncture pillows and mats won't feel comfortable initially; it might feel like torture. But if he can tough it out for a few minutes, he'll feel a warm, soothing sensation as they work their magic. It's one of the best fitness presents he'll use religiously for years. 


Sneaker Balls

Smelly sneakers, lockers, and gym bags are just a fact of life for most men who enjoy fitness. However, sneaker balls can eliminate odors in these places and more. Plus, you can find some very cool designs that will allow them to deodorize in style! They can now enjoy the best fitness without making folks move to the far side of the elevator.


Happy Nuts

For men who enjoy fitness, if there's one annoying thing that hinders their performance, it's chafing. It's just a fact that many gym shorts have rough material that can rub his “boys” the wrong way. With Happy Nut's deodorant cream, he doesn't have to worry about chafing or foul odor. It protects that sensitive region and can help him get the best fitness results. It's a gift he'll never ask for but will always appreciate.


Sweat Activated Motivational T-Shirts

Motivation is a big deal when it comes to fitness, and one of the best fitness presents are t-shirts that can inspire and motivate him to keep pushing himself. One of the most brilliant workout shirts in recent years is sweat-activated t-shirts that feature motivational messages that only appear after they've drenched their shirt with sweat.

 Messages such as "Workout 100% Complete" and "Okay, You Can Go Home Now" show only after he's done some serious work. Seeing these messages lets him know he's gotten the best fitness out of his workout, and it's time to relax. 


Slim Wallets

One hassle for men who love fitness is carrying their wallets while working out outdoors. Carrying pouches around their waist or shoulder can feel like a hindrance during a run or some other outdoor activity. 

This is why having a wallet that can fit securely in a small pocket is ideal for most guys allowing them the best fitness experience. These slim wallets also hold many cards, so he doesn't have to agonize over which ones to leave out.


Wireless Headphones

Listening to his favorite music, book, or podcast can help him stay motivated (or distracted from the burn), allowing him to achieve the best fitness results from his routine. 

One of the most thought of fitness gift ideas is high-quality wireless headphones that connect to his phone via Bluetooth and allow him to enjoy his favorite tunes while making and receiving calls without touching his phone. 

A decent set of wireless headphones typically charge for many hours, so he can enjoy his workout without running out of juice.


Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Sometimes, he needs a deep tissue massage in areas most massages can't work. That's where a high-quality deep-tissue massage gun can help. These devices produce powerful vibrations deep within mussel tissue to relax "knots," providing near-immediate relief from soreness and cramps. 

It's an excellent tool for sore legs and abs. Now he can push for the best fitness the next day without paying the painful price.


Jiu-Jitsu Training Dummy

For guys always looking for a new fitness challenge, a jiu-jitsu training dummy is one they'll find intriguing. These dummies are made from durable materials and weigh 70-200 lbs. 

He'll get some of the best fitness results from tossing it around and practicing his favorite UFC moves. It's an excellent gift for any MMA fan and a fantastic stress reliever for when he needs to decompress after a tough day. 


Sweat Trapping Clothing

Another innovative fitness gear is sweat-trapping compression clothes that trap body heat, delivering more burn during workouts. Many customers swear they get the best fitness results when using these garments. You can find sweat-trapping shirts, shorts, tank-tops, waist toners, and more. This is the perfect gift for guys who want to use their body heat to burn more calories.