Gifts for Men Who Like Tools

By Jeff Oxford / December 28, 2022 /

The Best Tool Gifts

When it comes to tools, every man has unique tastes and personal preferences. This is why finding the right gadget can be challenging, as you're not sure what he needs. But trying to decide between a new hand tool, multi-tool, or tool kit doesn't have to be stressful.

Thankfully, there are tons of great gifts that would make any DIY guy or professional handyman proud to have in their collection. We are going to show you a few of the best tool gifts for Mr. Fix-it in your life.

The important thing to remember regarding tool gifts is the kind of tools he already has. If he's a novice DIYer, then you'll probably want to look at some basic tools that he probably doesn't have yet. And if he's a professional or experienced fixer, you should consider more advanced tools that can help him tackle tough projects. Here are a few tool categories to consider when shopping for men who like tools.


This device is a handy present for any guy who likes gadgets. It contains several useful implements, all in a single compact device.

A lot of multitools include instruments such as screwdrivers, knives, saws, and bottle openers, among others. This is a great present for any tool guy who keeps just what he needs within reach at all times.

Tool Kit

Tool Kit

Tool kits are fantastic gifts that both novice and expert DIYers can appreciate. Kits usually consist of a wide variety of different implements, like wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, and many more.

It's a fantastic present that ensures he has the right implement for the job all in one place.

Hand Tools

Hand Tools

Hand tools are the bread and butter of any handyman's repertoire. They are used in most, if not all, projects, from simple repairs to more advanced jobs such as building a home.

And there are a lot of implements to choose from, such as hammers, pliers, wrenches, and screwdrivers.

Tool Storage

craftsman tool storage

Tool storage is a fantastic present for your Mr. Fixit. The ideal storage can keep all his favorite implements organized and ready to use at any time.

There are many tool storage choices out there, from simple toolboxes to more elaborate wall-mounted organizers.

Power Tools

Makita Power Tools

Powered devices are really fun gifts for guys who love tools. The right gadget can help him finish projects quicker and with better results.

There are many types of power tools on the market, from powered drills and cutters to grinders and sanders.

Amazing Tool Gift Ideas

Here are a few examples of some great gifts for guys who love tools. They include implements such as the ones we mentioned above, along with handy gadgets that can make any job a lot easier.

  1. Magnetic Wristband: This gadget can be a very handy gift for DIYers as it can keep many of their important implements close at hand, allowing them to secure them quickly when he's on the move.
  2. Rechargeable flashlight: Having enough light can be a challenge with many projects, which is why a reliable flashlight is always a thoughtful tool gift that any DIYer can appreciate. You want just want to make sure it has durable construction and can withstand dr
  3. Cordless Drill: A cordless power drill is a must-have for any DIYer who likes building things. The best cordless drills are efficient, powerful, and useful in a wide variety of projects.
  4. Tool Belt: Another present practical DIYer will love a belt that holds all of their most valuable implements. These belts are customizable and can help him find just the right instrument quickly without having to run back and forth to his toolbox.
  5. Tool Apron: Like the above-mentioned belt, this apron can also hold his favorite instruments, but it also serves to protect his clothing. Aprons are useful for messy jobs where he'll also need a few implements handy.
  6. Toolbox: This is a must-have for any DIYer. It stores most, if not all, of his most-used implements and organizes everything so he can retrieve what he needs quickly.
  7. Claw hammer: This simple device might seem a bit primitive. After all, its function hasn't changed after thousands of years, but a well-balanced and lightweight hammer is always handy to have around.
  8. Pliers: Another essential for any DIYer is a reliable pair of pliers. And there are several types of pliers out there, such as Long nose, needle nose, flat nose, end cutting, lineman's diagonal cutting, slip-joint, crimping, and fencing pliers. You can also buy combination pliers that combine two or more types into one gadget.
  9. Adjustable Wrench: An adjustable wrench is a great basic implement for DIYers who need to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts. Many of the best types will have ratcheting that makes the job a bit easier.

7 Fantastic Gift Recommendations

Here are 15 innovative and fun devices that are sure to make the DIYer in your life smile. And be sure to check out some creative gift baskets for men by BroBasket that make for the perfect companion present for his new shiny gadget.

DEWALT Tool Organizer

Dewalt Tool Organizer

The Dewalt Tool Organizer is the ultimate storage solution that can allow him to stay organized even under the most challenging conditions.

The ToughSystem 2.0 Rolling Toolbox features a storage system that can handle travel over rough terrain using its durable 8-inch wheels. It also has sturdy two-piece metal front latches that secure all his essential implements. To create a rock-solid organizing tower, he can add up to 20 percent more storage when combining the DWST08300 and DWST08165 storage units.

This rugged system also has a removable inner tray that allows him to easily organize and is backward compatible with various other ToughSystem products.

PRECISION MEMORY Personalized 12-in-1 Hammer Multitool

PRECISION MEMORY Personalized 12-in-1 Hammer Multitool

This all-in-one multitool set is the perfect choice for any DIYer or outdoor enthusiast. Equipped with an array of twelve quality stainless steel implements, such as:

  • Pliers
  • Nail claw
  • Knife
  • Serrated knife
  • Phillips screwdrivers
  • Saw
  • File
  • Flathead Screwdrivers
  • Carabiner
  • A mini hammer
  • Wire cutter
  • Bottle opener

This multitool is designed to be ergonomic and lightweight with heavy-duty durability. It features a sturdy carrying case, a safety lock, and a handy belt holster.

You can not only use this multi-tool for fixing things but also for other activities such as camping, making it the perfect present for any DIYer.

They stand by the quality of our products and guarantee customer satisfaction—if you're not completely happy, you can return it for any reason.

With this powerful and unique toolkit, you will have the freedom to do all sorts of jobs, such as pry, cut, turn screws, hammer, saw wood, and cut rope, among other tasks.

STEALTHMOUNTS Magnetic Bit Holder

STEALTHMOUNTS Magnetic Bit Holder

One of the most frustrating things for any DIYer is trying to find the right bit that’s fallen down into his toolbox or bag. Keeping up with those small bits of metal can be annoying and time-consuming.

But, with the Makita Magnetic Bit Holder from StealthMounts, he can store all his favorite bits right there on his power drill!

The organizer works with the Makita 12v, 18v, and 40v power drill, keeping all his bits together, so he never has to lose track of them again.

The bit holders are sold in packs of two, and each holder holds up to five drill bits, allowing for fast access.

CARHARTT Legacy Tool Belt

CARHARTT Legacy Tool Belt

Every DIYer needs a reliable tool belt. And the Carhartt Legacy Tool Belt is one of the best you’ll find on the market, allowing him to keep everything he needs within easy reach.

It’s made with heavy-duty poly materials that feature Rain Defender water protection and durable metal hardware.

This belt is built to last, holding up to even the roughest conditions. It also has adjustable belts and several pockets that can store all kinds of implements.

It has nine pockets, two removable pockets, and six loops. There’s also a metal tape measure holder and hammer hook.

With its triple needle reinforced stitching and 600D-Denier canvas, this belt won’t fail him when he needs it most.

IRWIN Quick-Grip Clamps

IRWIN Quick-Grip Clamps

Certain projects may require him to hold something extremely large. Still, that’s where a quality pair of clamping devices such as these Quick-Grip Clamps by IRWIN come in.

These one-handed mini bar clamps come in a 4-pack and are the perfect devices for smaller jobs and when he needs to work in tight spaces.

This clamp set features hardened steel bars, reinforced resin bodies, and non-marring pads that will protect any work surface.

They are super-easy to operate with simple, one-handed quick-release triggers. The 6-inch mini bar clamps also feature a powerful 140 pounds of clamping force.

KLEIN TOOLS 6-In-1 Stubby Ratcheting Screwdriver

KLEIN TOOLS 6-In-1 Stubby Ratcheting Screwdriver

Combination tools are a great way he can reduce the number of tools he needs to carry on his belt or apron, and among the best is this 6-in-1 Stubby Ratcheting Screwdriver by Klein Tools.

This multi-bit stubby screwdriver has a convenient racketing mechanism that relieves a lot of pressure from his hands.

It’s made with heavy-duty construction and reversible ratcheting, making it useful for multiple applications.

Plus, its two nut drivers, a 5/16-inch and a 14-inch, deliver even more versatility, while its cushion-grip handle guarantees outstanding control and comfort.

Also, its strong holding power guarantees it can hold up under the toughest of jobs.

Whether he’s a hobbyist or professional, this amazing combination device will make any job that much easier.

KNIPEX LED Magnetic Light

KNIPEX LED Magnetic Light

Working in spaces without much light has always been a big problem for many DIYers and professionals alike.

However, it can be difficult to hold a flashlight and use his implements at the same time, which is why this LED Magnetic Light by Kiipex is so amazing!

The light attaches directly to a metal tool using a powerful magnet. So if he has to reach into a tight spot with a tool, he can easily see what he’s doing without struggling to hold a flashlight in his mouth.

This light is also perfect for guys who like working on cars, as they can now get under the car or hood without the need for flashlights that can’t get into those dark nooks and crannies.