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Giving a Wallet as a Gift for Guys

Giving a Guy a Wallet as a Gift

Giving a wallet as a gift for a guy can be a tough decision.  Even if they are still rocking the Heman velcro wallet from when they were 10 (he loves that thing),  It can be hard to figure out if you should even get one in the first place or what kind you should get, but we hope to make that process a little bit easier.

There are a dizzying array of wallets to choose from; minimalist wallets, front pocket wallets, traditional bi-fold, long wallets, card holder wallets, and  slim wallets from places Kinzd just to name a few.  The good news is he should be happy to receive any of the above, and you should know him well enough to get him a wallet as a gift and know what kind he would like, otherwise just stick to getting him a BroBasket, works for all occasions ;-) .  

Anyways, enough with the pleasantries, now let's get more into why a wallet makes a good gift for a man.


Reasons to buy a wallet as a gift

It will last for many years 

Manufacturers make men's wallets to last for many years (ideally). It is something the lucky recipient will use for years to come. On average, a quality leather wallet should last at least 2-3 years. But let's face it, people continue holding their old busted wallets for more years after they have started falling apart, hello George Costanza wallet.  Either way, make sure you hide a little date card in there to commemorate such an awesome gift as well as the joy of the “I told-a-so” moment when you tell them to get a new one years from now.  

A wallet is personal 


It is definitely not your everyday run of the mill gift, it seems simple enough, but in fact is much more thoughtful.  Getting someone a wallet says “I know you, and I appreciate you”, it's where they keep their money among other important things, and a nice wallet goes a long way to making someone look more professional and put together.  Most importantly, every time they bust that wallet out to pay for something they will think of you, the gift giver in chief!  

The work of choosing a quality wallet can be easy 

A wallet is a personal thing, because of this, the process of choosing one for someone else can be a hard one, but this should not hold you back. The internet offers many guides that you can easily figure out the perfect wallet for your man (this one included) or any other guy in your life. As we said before, there are A TON of wallets offered on the market and the process of narrowing them down can be seemingly daunting. 

We would suggest that you start by checking the type of wallet the person is currently using. Surprisingly, most people like getting something that is a little different from the basic bitch ones other guys be using.

If he has a classic credit card wallet or a bifold wallet, it is likely that he purchased it for a good reason.  We can assume he likes that style and will use his current wallet as our guide. Also take note of the color, use his as the starting point.

If you don’t see him very often or can’t quite pin down what kind of wallet he uses (because he never pays), either go with a simpler gift or stick to a classic wallet style in black or brown leather.  

You don’t have to break the bank

If you are not planning to purchase a name brand / designer wallet from a luxury brand, like the Louis Vuitton’s, Fendi’s, and Burberry’s of the world, don't fret, there are a lot of affordable options out there. Most luxury brands provide the same damn thing that all the other wallet makers provide (a place to put your money), with similar materials and production standards.  The only difference is the logo or the print, which a lot of guys find tacky anyways, so stick to a reasonability prices wallet unless you know he really wants a bougie one.

Shoot for a solid wallet in the $30-60 range that is the style, and color that he will like, you really can’t go wrong with something like that.

Wallets are an important accessory for Men 

The man you give the wallet to might choose to use it as casual every day wallet or a formal one, using it to impress on special occasions (Guess it depends on how much ya spent!).  High quality formal wallets made of high end leather are like dress watches. It can help him show off his style and his classiness.

On the other hand, if the guy you are buying for is a bit more casual, a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy, then a quality casual wallet will be a great fit for him. In addition to being functional, the wallet will be a vital accessory to step up his otherwise casual look. And if your man does not have the eye for fashion, then any old wallet that isn’t his current busted one will probably do!

Wallets are functional


Men are generally more practical than women, (how many cards can I fit in this thing?!). As a result, they prefer getting gifts that have more practical value than sentimental value. Fortunately a wallet carries both sentimental and practical value, so practical in fact guys typically use it on a daily basis, unless they’re cheap.

How to choose a wallet for your men 


The the internet has an endless supply of places to buy wallets, so getting one can be easy, but figuring out what kind (as we have gone over) can be a bit harder. You can go for one of the old-fashioned leather wallets, which are always in style, a new aluminium “minimalist wallet” for the modern man obsessed with EDC stuff, or a lovely front pocket wallet for the guys (myself included) that prefer their wallet in the front.

Anyways, we’ve beat the dead horse enough, we all get it, there are a lot of freaking kinds of wallet!  Now let’s help you figure out which one to get.

The material 


Manufacturers use many types of materials and fabrics to make wallets; from recycled materials, to metal ones of all stripes, and even upcycled wallets made from tent material, great for that outdoorsy guy you know that kind smells like BO.  Whatever you choose, try to stick to his tastes, but if you don't know what those are or he seems like a old-fashioned kind of guy, a leather wallet is always ideal to stick with.

Wallets are typically made from leather for a reason; they are resilient and will last for many years with minimal maintenance. Leather is also comfortable, soft, and fashionable.

If you think they will like something a little more unique, go for one of the latest carbon fibre wallets in the market or an aluminium one. These kinds of wallets are typically your minimalist design and ultra durable, lasting for years longer than even leather.  

The Size 


For some individuals, a large wallet is a good choice, you know the kinda guy that keeps LITERALLY everything in his damn wallet (Wonder if that condom from 2002 is still good). However, some people prefer smaller wallets that you don’t need a murse for and are just big enough to hold their essential items.

To be on the safe side, select a wallet of similar size to that he is currently using. If you think he needs a larger one, then get one for him.  If he is always complaining about how big his current wallet is, get a smaller one. Either way, it should always be an upgrade from his current situation.  

The Type of wallet 


As we said earlier there are just so damn many types of wallets in the market to choose from. The bifold, trifold, chequebook, minimalist, decafold (you wish) and ID / Minimalist wallets to name a few. Each of them comes with its unique features and it will serve different needs and requirements.

A bifold wallet is foldable into halves, you know, bi, as in two, and they typically have a fairly compact design and are lightweight.

The trifold wallet is foldable into three parts, unlike tri tip. For this reason they tend to be bulkier than other types of wallet, but they hold more stuff and have a lot of compartments.

A checkbook or long wallet is not something you normally see everyday, but are pretty classy and a great way to keep those C-notes extra crispy!  They typically do not fold your bills and can hold a butt load of credit cards, but they don't usually fit in your pocket, only the suit wears would appreciate and be able to rock it.  

Lastly you have your minimalist and ID wallets, like their name denotes, they typically only hold cards (who needs cash, am I right?) but some have small money clips attached for that sort of thing.

Just like everything else here, stick to a similar style to what he currently has or know enough about him to know he wants/needs something bigger or smaller.

The Color 


As we have already mentioned, you should stick to a color he currently has, or a classic like black or brown. This holds especially true if you are getting a leather wallet, who the hell wants to pull out a pink leather wallet except for my Grandma?.

Either way, stick to the classics if that's the kind of guy he is, if not, then get crazy and buy something a little more on the wild side.

The best wallets for men

I’m not sure if we helped you here or confused you more, but I do hope at the end of the day you got something out of it and are on a better path to figuring out what wallet to get as a gift.  At the end of the day, the best wallet for a guy is the one he will love, and if he loves you then he should appreciate it no matter what.