Here’s How You Maintain Etiquette and Avoid Embarrassment At A Winery

By Razille Mae Biaca / July 21, 2022 /

Visiting a winery is doubtlessly a luxurious experience. And, as with such experiences, a code of conduct is a must. It doesn’t matter whether it's an exclusive and upscale winery that allows only a handful of visitors per day, or a crowded and cheap wine farm, you must maintain wine etiquette.

Following wine etiquette ensures that you not only make the most of your experience but also keep away from being a nuisance to others.

If you are visiting a winery for the first time, observing the process and enjoying the wine can be exciting and overwhelming. However, that does not give you the excuse to be sloppy, unmanageable, and impolite.

If you don’t know much about unspoken wine etiquette, learning about them is a must before your first visit. Arm yourself with knowledge and retain your dignity. Here are some rules for visiting a winery.

Things To Do

Know What To Wear

You cannot show up at a winery wearing your gym shorts or tracksuit. Doesn’t matter if you are a man, woman, or other, everyone needs to dress well and wisely when visiting a wine venue.

Dressing formally is preferred, but you must keep up with the weather. Overdressing during summer and not wearing enough clothes during the cold season is not advisable, especially if the winery has a vineyard you will be touring.

Men, in particular, should be careful with their wine tasting outfits. Try not to dress casually. Wear nice clothes and maintain a style, even if it is a laid-back look(especially preferred for summertime).

As for ladies, accessories cautiously. Don’t carry too much stuff that will make walking around difficult. Wear stylish yet sensible shoes, and try not to wear heels if an outdoor visit is involved.

Spitting Wine Like A Pro

Spitting wine feels disgusting to you? Try not to be, as it is often necessary for wine tasting, especially when you want to try a variety of wines.

Spitting out wine is better than making a fool of yourself by drinking too much, as it is impossible to not get drunk while drinking large servings of wine!

There is also an etiquette to spitting wine. Follow these steps:

  • Once the glass is handed to you, bring it to eye level and see the color of the wine. The visual, smell, taste, and texture, everything matters.
  • Take one light sniff, then swirl the wine lightly in the glass. When the aroma rises, take it in with a deep breath.
  • Take a sip, let the drink move around a little in your mouth. This is the best way to experience wine. Try not to make weird and obnoxious noises while doing so.
  • Carefully spit it out and control the spill. An uncontrolled spill can drench your jaw and ruin your clothes, not to mention, make you look unsophisticated.

Swirling Right

So many of us are scared of swirling the wine in our glass and, why shouldn’t we be? The risk of spilling is always on the horizon, and we don’t want to make a mess.

However, just as with everything else, a little practice goes a long way. Try swirling water in a wine glass in the comfort of your home. Swirl it slowly and gently at first, then you can try to add more force to your swirl.

Pay Attention

Let’s face it, many people go to wineries and wine tastings just to drink and talk to friends. However, it is incredibly rude to talk over the sommelier and not care about what is going on.

Winery visits should be interactive and respectful, so even if you don’t want to listen, don’t become a nuisance to others. If you do pay attention, you will learn a lot about wine. If you enjoy wine, this experience and knowledge can help you grow your taste.

Do Some Research

Do you have any experience with wineries? Make sure to do your research. Most of the people there are wine lovers, critics, journalists, etc. These people are well versed in wine, so you might end up feeling like a fool if you do not understand anything.

Enrich your wine knowledge so that you not only understand what they are talking about but can also actively participate in the discussion.

Doing research will not only help you gain some knowledge but assist you with selecting wine for gift baskets, for dinner parties, choosing for your collection, etc.

Things To Not Do

Drinking Too Much

Practice spitting out, applying it particularly on wines that you don’t like. It doesn’t matter whether you can hold your liquor or not, drinking too much wine won’t do you any good. Stay within a limit, because getting drunk and making a fool of yourself will give you an embarrassing memory for life.

Being Talkative Within Your Crowd

If you are constantly talking to your friend, especially when the sommelier is speaking, it will be seen as impolite. Sometimes drinking too much can make us talk more than usual. Keep both the talking and drinking in check, as you must maintain a respectful air.

Wearing Perfume

Love wearing perfumes? Don’t wear them when visiting a winery. Wineries are supposed to carry around the aroma of wine and when your perfume overwhelms the environment, you will ruin the experience for both you and others. If you must wear a fragrance, choose something light and with low sillage.

Not Buy Something

Not buying anything when visiting the winery looks bad. Keep some money to buy something. Doesn’t matter whether you buy an expensive bottle of champagne or red or some cheap vino, not buying anything does not look good.

Saying Dumb Things

Don’t know much about wine, stay quiet and listen. If you don’t have something fruitful to add to the conversation, try not to add anything at all. Making some silly remarks in front of people who know what they are saying, will make you look like a fool.

Final Thoughts

Winery visits are fun and exciting. Be prepared and make the most of this wine experience. Follow this unspoken code of conduct for wine, and you will never embarrass yourself.