Hop Scotch Run! Top 7 Races That Involve Drinking And Running

By Customer Service / July 21, 2022 /

If we were to be honest for a minute, we would wholeheartedly agree, that sometimes, running kind of sucks. Sure it’s a great way to work out and stay hale and hearty, but au contraire - it makes you heave and hurl, make your muscles go sore and suck the energy right out of you. What if we were to tell you that there is a way to make running more fun? If you are someone who enjoys a good drink and have a flair for trying out crazy things, then why not combine the two activities? While sprinting and chugging don’t seem like they go together, you’ll be surprised to find out that there are proper events that combine these two epic elements to make something amazing. Every year organizers diligently pit our never-ending battle of staying fit with our love of a good drink and the result is incredible races that will be etched in your memory forever! Whether you are into marathons and margaritas or 10ks and beer, believe us when we say - there’s a race out there for you that involves drinking and running in the UK!

So, on your mark, get set, GO!

  1. White Star Races

White Star has been responsible for organizing mind-blowing races that ooze of character and personality. From the Giant’s Head Marathon to the Dorset Invader, they’ve shown participants a good time. These races are mostly conducted in the picturesque regions of Dorset and the courses are popular for being tough. These courses are dotted with ‘Lovestations’ that show some TLC to the participants while giving them a generous helping of booze. White Star is also known to organize the Piggy Plod and the Cider Frolic races around cider farms. People are very fond of White Star races as they are popular for holding events with a kickass sociable ambience that makes everyone feel included. They also have post-event-gatherings over a hot meal and some more drinks. If you are looking for races that emphasize the fun factor more than anything, then this one's for you.
  1. Marathon du Malton

If you are a fine dining (and wine) savant, Marathon du Malton is the race for you. Since it's a 10k race and Malton is regarded as the hotspot of all things gourmet and sophistication, this event is rightly named “Britain’s Tastiest 10k”. The course has an eight aid station that includes everything from gin and craft beer to roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. To fully commit to the event, go all out with your costume, heck, have a customized beer coaster made for yourself and your friends. Visit Mosaic Board Printers to find out more about printed beer mats. Incidentally, if you are thinking of organizing your very own beer run, personalized beer mats will be handy to print the relevant details. You can also use it as a promotional product to create hype around your event.
  1. Beer Run By The Secret London Runs

If you are a big fan of sampling craft beers, then the Secret London Run is for you. Organized on a Saturday in January, May and July, you can find ‘Craft Beers of the East End’ to sip on and savor. The best thing about this race is that you can choose your own pace and complete an 8k while enjoying some of the attractions in London. Mark our words when we say that this race hosts some extremely delicious beers for you to sample on your race to the finish line. You also get a pint at the end of the race. If you’re a local, then you cannot afford to miss this event. If you are a true enthusiast, try travelling to London to experience this amazing boozy run.
  1. Gin Run By The Secret London Runs

If gin is your go-to drink then the Secret London Run also hosts an exclusive Gin Run for you. This is a 10k race and takes up to 2 hours to complete, mainly because the course has 10 stopping points. You stop and participate in various gin-themed games and trivia. How amazing is that? To keep things interesting (and nostalgic) you get a goody bag, a guide and an experience to last you a lifetime. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve earned your drink or not - what matters is the journey, the fun and the happy buzz that you’ll get after being a part of such an event.
  1. The Beer Mile

England is a hotspot for some of the major Beer Mile events hosted here. It’s all very simple - everyone comes together to participate and run 4 miles while downing four beers at the start of each lap. Even if you end up missing out on the actual event - it’s still worth it to participate. It’s actually quite simple to organize your own races and events. All you need to do is enter your own time into the official Beer Mile list and you’ll be able to see your time (and everyone else’s too) along with details on ‘personal bests’ or PBs that you can then aim to break.
  1. The Bacchus Marathon

Inspired by the French Marathon du Medoc, the UK has the Bacchus Marathon. Like the French race, the spotlight is more on having fun as most participants dress up fancy. There’s live music to keep you company and more importantly, there’s wine. There are five refreshment stations peppered across the course serving six variants of English wines across the two-lap course. As the runner, you get to savor twice the amount of wine as you run your marathon. When the race comes to an end, the fun doesn’t stop. Runners are welcomed at the finish line with an after-race hog roast not to mention more wine, which means, you have an action-packed entertaining evening ahead of you.
  1. Dramathon

If you are a whiskey person, then why not participate in Dramathon? These races are held near several Scottish distilleries across the route of the Speyside region. Take your pick from the very aptly named Half Dram, Full Dram and Wee Dram as you jog away. Participants pick up miniatures from the distilleries as they approach the finish line. You can enjoy these at your leisure. The course is gorgeous and with its panoramic view, it makes the event more fun.

To Sum It Up

If you wish to combine your love for adventure with a side of fun, check out these races for a buzz of a lifetime. These races are all about having a swig here and there as you socialize and have a great time running. It’s implied that in no way are we advocating heavy drinking. Ensure that you are taking care of yourself and others around you as the goal is to be a part of an event where people come together to celebrate their appreciation of a shared interest. There’s so much to look forward to at such events - there’s great food, great people and an amazing atmosphere. It all makes for a great day out. So, take your pick from our list above and go on your very own hop scotch run!