By gavincaganoff / July 21, 2022 /
How to know if your mom is your Bro!

How to know if your mom is your Bro!

So it’s Mother’s day this weekend and you’re probably scrambling because you haven’t gotten her anything yet. Well… next year just skip the flowers and get her a BroBasket! Now you’re probably thinking to yourself “A BroBasket for mom???” Well, think about it, mom’s are Bros too! Your mom would do anything for you and that’s the definition of a true Bro. This is the day to thank her for being the best Bro you could possibly ask for. Need some more convincing as to how your mom is your Bro? Here’s a few…

Mom’s obey the Bro Code!

Maybe she’s embarrassed you a few times here and there but give her a break. She literally knows everything! It took me years to accept this but mom’s are the best private investigators out there. She will pretend she doesn’t know what “bro code” and “friendzone” and all those terms mean, but that’s her cover. She knows about you sneaking around with Sarah in Palm Springs back in 2013 and she always kept her mouth shut.

Mom’s would take a bullet for you

and they aren’t kidding around about this either. Do you know how many times she thought about kicking that bully’s ass herself when you were younger? She considered going to jail because someone took your lunch box, THAT is true Bro.

Who put together all of your celebrations?

Most likely, your mom. From celebrating your first years of life to getting you shmammered on your 21st birthday, she was there. She put it all together and most likely cleaned it up. Your mom was your main man for celebrations. Sounds pretty Bro-like to me! Mama bear has been your biggest fan, wing man, body guard, good time friend, and most of all she has been your Bro since day one. Share a cold one with your mom to reminisce on all the excitement you’ve put her through. Customize a basket just for her with her favorite drinks and snacks to show her some love!