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Life after Graduation - 5 Tips on What to Do

Life after Graduation - 5 Tips on What to Do

So you've Graduated… NOW WHAT? The college days may have been a blast, but now that you’ve gotten that really expensive piece of paper, it’s time to settle down and start “life”. Before you do however, we have some suggestions on how you should spend your last summer vacation EVER…

Summer Trip!

Whether its an epic, all expenses paid Eurotrip, courtesy of mom and dad’s bank account. Or it’s a cross country trip, courtesy your last work-study job, travel is one of the absolute best ways to spend your last full summer of freedom.

How to do Europe…

There are a number of ways to do Europe. You can backpack and stay in hostels. You can do an all inclusive tour. Or you can have a travel agent plan one that only includes the places YOU want to see. Really, there is no right or wrong way, as long as you just get out there and DO IT!. If you want to do an all inclusive tour, Contiki tours or EF tours may be your best bet. They have a younger crowd (under 30) and you’ll have the chance to make a lot of new drinking buddies. Make sure to research these tour companies before you buy your ticket though, you don’t want to end up in a sticky situation you didn’t expect.

If backpacking is more your speed, a hostel may be your residence of choice. Although hostels get a bad rap from that movie “hostel”, there are tons of reputable ones across europe. In fact, its a pretty popular means of travel for a lot of the under 25 crowd. Once again, make sure you read tons of reviews and suggestions when picking your hostels. Additionally, if you’re doing Europe on your own, remember that most of the major cities (Paris, Rome Etc) have a “pass” that allows you to skip lines and do hop on-hop off bus tours. Some even include the cost of train and bus tickets. This may come in very handy if you’re ballin’ on a budget.

Finally, believe it or not, travel agents still exist. They provide the level of personal service that many online company’s simply cannot. In fact, we recently met the owner/operator of He told us about all the personal services he provides for his travel clients. Andy, and others like him, will put together the perfect trip for you that includes all the activities you want to do.

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If you were one of the lucky ones who landed a job before graduation, you may want to look into sprucing up your wardrobe for your first “Big Boy” job. Chances are you won’t stay at the company for the rest of your life (or at least we hope you don’t… this isn’t the 70’s    anymore!), but you’ll need to make great impressions as you start that long corporate ladder climb. A great wardrobe is a good way to get noticed… in the good way. We aren’t style experts here at The BroBasket, but we know there are people out there who make it their     business to keep up with style trends. Visit sites like, and for great style tips that will keep you ahead of the game. Even though these sites tend to suggest you spend thousands of dollars on designer label clothes, you can get the same style effect wearing H&M. Take the style points you learn on these sites and visit outlet stores, thrift stores and others of the like to improve your style before your first day!

Hang with the Homies

Chances are it’s going to be quite some time before you guys will have a 3 month stint where you can just kick it (until you retire… then you’ll kick it on cruise ships! ) But until then, make use of your last summer vacation and spend time enjoying life with your friends. Our suggestions? Tons of beach outings, bon-fires, kick backs, nintendo championships, road trips and picnics. Make those “memories that last a lifetime”.

Family Time

Just like the homies, your family deserves some attention too. After all, your parents DID birth you, feed you, take care of you when you were sick, put clothes on your back, make sure you did your homework, and in some cases, paid for your schooling. The least you    could do is spend some time with them before you go off and start adulthood. Kick back with dad, share a beer (or scotch) and soak  in all the wisdom he has to give. Even if you don’t know it yet, all that parental wisdom will serve you well in the future.

Plan Your Life

Even if you’re about to graduate and you still don’t know what you want to do with your life, don’t freak out. Many of us didn’t find our passions until way later in life. The trick is to do it some time before you’re 50. Maybe you were a biology major in undergrad and you realized somewhere along the line it wasn’t for you… THATS FINE! Now that you know that’s not what you want out of life  you have the chance to take this summer and plan out exactly where you want to go. Do new things, find things that interest you. Discover yourself! And remember, if all else fails… there’s always Grad School!
You’re probably asking yourself “Hey BroBasket! I thought you only cared about selling gifts for guys?!” Well yea we do care about it, but we care about our customers more!  We know how tough it is getting out of college and how a little bit of guidance can go a long way.  So lets raise a glass to all of the freshly minted college graduates, they’ve earned it. Now get out of your moms house and get a job ya bum! Cheers! The Guys at The BroBasket