New Commercial!!! (coming soon)

By gavincaganoff / July 21, 2022 /
We shot our new commercial yesterday. James lived up to his Jack of all trades status, put his acting hat on and became the star of our production. Verizon FIOS customers all over ventura county, and Time Warner customers in the Thousand Oaks area can expect to see it all during the month of june. It will be showing on HGTV, FOOD, Bravo and ESPN. If you're a FIOS customer who watches house hunters at 10pm, you'll definitely see it. If you're not in ventura county, no worries, we'll upload it to youtube and send out links as soon as it's done!!   Here are some pics & video from the production: 20150528_160652 20150528_152814 IMG_20150528_184207 IMG_20150528_184014 20150528_173812 20150528_152828