Ordering Online Plants for Valentine - What Makes it a Perfect Gift?

By Customer Service / July 21, 2022 /

Despite Valentine's Day’s mysterious and gory origins, lovers have been celebrating the occasion for hundreds of years. Although there are varying accounts, the most common legend states that a priest, St. Valentine, defied Emperor Claudius II Gothicus by secretly marrying couples. Another story goes that the Saint fell in love with his jailer’s daughter, whom he had healed from blindness. He’d send her love letters signed “Your Valentine” during his incarceration. Whatever the true history of the holiday, it’s one that’s recognized globally. It’s a day where you get to show your loved one how much they mean to you.

Sure, you do this anyway, but February 14th gives you a unique opportunity to go all out. While traditional Valentine’s gifts often include floral arrangements or a bouquet of roses, plants are fast becoming a much-loved alternative. If you’re stumped for original ideas, short on time, or just need some inspiration, then keep reading. We’ll tell you why the botanical allure of Mother Nature’s creations, with their roots intact, make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. We’ll also look at why ordering online and having these gorgeous gifts delivered may be worth considering. 

Potted Plants Last Longer

What better way to immortalize the love you share with your sweetheart than a plant that can last for years to come? There’s no question that cut flowers are gorgeous. They light up a room, make a beautiful bedside or living room table centerpiece, and send butterflies fluttering around in your darling’s stomach. Still, they’re temporary, and even the best-kept floral arrangements whither, die, and get thrown out. However, potted plants and flowers can stick around for ages, transforming a simple Valentine’s Day gift into a sentimental, long-term reminder of your loveIf you have one of those partners that tend to lose the battle with houseplants - don’t worry. According to experts in all things floral and plant delivery - Bouqs, you don’t need a green thumb to enjoy the beauty of such a gift.

Low-care Lovelies

There are numerous low-maintenance options that come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Here are a few popular ones:
  • Violet saintpaulia, also known as African Violets, are easy-care indoor plants. Their flowers come in rich shades of blue, purple, red-violet, lavender, pink, or white. Petal shapes can vary, too. 
  • Succulent species are exquisite, hassle-free, and varied. The Schlumbergera x buckleyi or Christmas Cactus has gorgeous pink flowers, perfect for symbolizing love. 
  • Hens-and-Chicks (Sempervivum tectorum) are also a fantastic choice. They form into rosettes and produce white, pink, or yellow flowers that only bloom once.
  • Alternatively, you could opt for something more exotic, such as the Zebra Haworthia (Haworthia fasciata). It features striking stripes and foliage, and makes a magnificent addition to a modern, minimalistic, or “zen” home.
  • If your partner prefers more lush, green plants, then the Chinese Evergreen or Aglaonema may be the perfect choice. These sturdy plants come in a variety of eye-catching leaf patterns and shapes. Plus, some types may even produce delightful lily look-alike flowers.

Other Gorgeous Garden Offerings

Want a plant with a bit more pizazz that would suit your sweetheart better? Perhaps you’re looking for one to complement those Valentine’s chocolates, that Irish Coffee gift basket, or a bottle of wine? Either way, the following beauties are bound to inspire you.
  • Anthurium, also known as the Tailflower or Laceleaf, produces precious heart-shaped leaves. Its red, yellow, white, or deep purple blooms are stunning - ideal for a gift representing love and affection.
  • Orchids or Orchidaceae are another exquisite option. There are so many striking types that all have unique yet fragrant blooms. For instance, the Lady’s Slipper has speckled petals while the Sharry Baby has gracious, reed-like stems with petite flowers.
If you two lovebirds are into the macabre, then a Pitcher Plant or Nepenthes is perfect. This offbeat yet charming carnivore gets its name from its pitcher-like bloom. It comes in vivid shades of red, purple, yellow, copper, and white.

Mother Nature’s Good For Your Health

It’s no secret that Mother Nature benefits our health in countless ways - from the food we eat and the water we drink to the sunshine we enjoy and the fresh air we love. Plants are good for us, too. With the majority of us spending a lot of time indoors, some greenery and flowers can have positive effects on our physical and mental health. For starters, indoor plants add moisture to the air, promoting optimum humidity. This aids in preventing colds and flu. Plus, foliage catches allergens and other airborne particles. Some even absorb volatile chemical components (VOCs) from carpets, walls, and beds, keeping the air clean. Additionally, studies have shown that plants can reduce stress levels, enhance concentration, and even boost productivity. Some researchers also suggest that greenery in the home or office is not only therapeutic but improves one’s overall outlook on life, too. 

Greenery is Environmentally-Friendly

You don’t need to be a full-blown eco-warrior to appreciate the environmentally-friendly aspect of greenery or flowers. While it’s no secret that pollution is a global problem, something as small as a plant present still contributes positively to the environment.

Plants and Flowers Complement the Décor

Valentine’s Day plants aren’t just unique gifts symbolizing your love; they also complement the interior of a home or office. Potted flowers can brighten up a dark or mundane corner, a windowsill, or the dining room table. Meanwhile, lush greenery fosters a more relaxing living room, bedroom, or bathroom environment. Succulents are also versatile, where entire mini-gardens can be created while taking up very little space.

They May Inspire a Hobby, Too

When you gift your significant other with a plant - whether it’s an orchid, a cactus, or some violets, you’re also giving them the opportunity to fall in love with Mother Nature. Who knows? Maybe you’ll reignite a passion for gardening or unleash your love’s hidden green thumbs.

Ordering Online Saves Time

Now you know the countless reasons why a plant makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, but what about the logistics? Well, fortunately, technology has made our lives easier in more ways than one. Ordering that personalized, symbolic, and unique plant present online is quick, easy, and convenient. Forget about running around from florist to florist, looking for a specific type of flower or potplant. Online stores usually have a comprehensive inventory with relevant information such as pricing, care tips, and even some pretty cool ideas. You’ll be able to save tons of time, customize your gift, and even have it delivered if you want to surprise your Valentine. This, all from the comfort of your home.

The Bottom Line

While gestures throughout the year show your loved one that you care about them, Valentine’s Day presents an opportunity to take it up a notch. Still, traditional cut flowers are often overdone. If you’re aiming for something a little different this time around, then ordering plants online is a brilliant choice. Potted plants and flowers make the perfect gift because they:
  • last longer
  • benefit for your health
  • are environmentally-friendly
  • complement the decor
  • May inspire a hobby
Plus, ordering online saves time and makes it easier for you to choose the perfect plant for your beloved Valentine.