Best Anniversary Gifts for Men

By gavincaganoff / July 21, 2022 /

Trying to figure out a great anniversary present for him can be tough. You feel like you know him inside out but he's still difficult to buy gifts for. That's why we've put together these best anniversary gift ideas. Whether it's your 1st or your 20th year, we've got a gift theme for each year—from paper, to leather, all the way up to your iron years.

As an upcoming 1-year wedding anniversary approaches, the search for the perfect gift begins. Having a gift theme is pretty important, especially for the first few years. You can see from this list and accompanying cheat sheet that making it every 5 years seems to be of most importance (which sounds lazy to me).

Having all of this information in one place can make it easier for folks to decide on the ideal present for the celebration, as well as the corresponding gift theme. Because using basic numbers is uninteresting, you may make your gifts more unique and considerate by learning the various gift themes.


Anniversary Gift Theme Cheat Sheet


1st: Paper

2nd: Cotton

3rd: Leather

4th: Linen

5th: Wood

6th: Iron

7th: Wool

8th: Bronze

9th: Pottery

10th: Tin

11th: Steel

12th: Silk

13th: Lace

14th: Ivory

15th: Crystal

20th: China

25th: Silver

30th: Pearl

35th: Coral

40th: Ruby   

45th: Sapphire  

50th: Gold  

55th: Emerald 

60th: Diamond



1st Anniversary | Paper

Photo by Gaurav Kumar on Unsplash


Paper has historically been linked to the 1st year since it represents the new marriage's blank page. You can begin to write about your shared future here. For this occasion, a personalized journal would make a wonderful gift, especially if neither you nor your husband currently keep one. It may be incredibly instructive and soothing to take some time to sit down and think back on your actions from the previous week, month, or year.


2nd Anniversary | Cotton


The interconnectivity of your marriage is represented by cotton. Having been married for 2 delightful years, you are now knitted into one.

You might have been a little too accustomed to making time for one another after 2 years of marriage. Making a regular date night a priority is a terrific strategy to combat this. Here, the 2 of you may relax and just take in each other's company. There isn't a better way than an outdoor picnic on a good day, and a monogrammed blanket for your picnic dates would make a wonderful gift to go with this cotton anniversary theme.


3rd Anniversary | Leather


Image by StockSnap from Pixabay


The durability of your partnership is represented by leather; after 3 years, you are confident in the strength of your union.

A leather shoulder bag would be a wonderful present to get things started if you and your spouse are both travelers or could really need a vacation. A customized leather journal cover would be a lovely gift for your 3rd year, much like the paper anniversary.


4th Anniversary | Linen


Although this may not initially appear thrilling, remember that the linen anniversary is also linked to silk, fruit, flowers, and, strangely enough, appliances. Thus, you have a wide range of possibilities. Sexy bedding made of linen or silk would be a particular fave. You should make your bed as comfy as you can since you spend one-third of your time there. A BroBasket of his favorite drinks would be a fantastic alternative. It's comparable to giving a man flowers, but for men. (Yes, this is a shameless plug, as this is our blog article.)


5th Anniversary | Wood


The wood in this place stands for the durability and strength of your relationship.

If your husband is a man's man, consider getting him some woodworking tools. An antique or faux-antique wooden record player with your wedding song on vinyl would make a lovely gift if you want to go for a more romantic look.


6th Anniversary | Iron


After 6 years of marriage, you are showing that it is durable. That's exactly what Iron means here: the durability of your partnership. Although it is also known as the Candy Anniversary for the sweetness.

Having an engraved iron key chain with your wedding date is a great idea because it will always serve as a reminder of your commitment to one another after six beautiful years. Of course, if he already has a jumbo janitor key chain, it might be preferable to receive a fun candy present.


7th Anniversary | Wool


Image by StockSnap from Pixabay


Wool is the theme this year because it represents the warmth and comfort you feel after being married for seven years. It is also known as the copper anniversary due to the endurance of copper as well as its ability to attract love and defend against evil.

If you reside in a cool environment, a wool knit cap (beanie) is an excellent gift since if you haven't dressed him by now, you should! Of course, if you want to stick with the copper wedding anniversary motif, a copper bracelet might be a very manly item that he could actually like.


8th Anniversary | Bronze


Because bronze is created by combining copper and tin, the 8th anniversary is also known as the bronze anniversary. It represents the joining of two various people into one.

Consider getting him a bronze multi-picture frame with a photograph of the two of you on your wedding day next to a more recent picture of you to symbolize the bond you have forged over the course of your eight years of marriage. A traditional bronze-and-gold putter seems like the best option if he enjoys golf and neither of you are interested in romance.


9th Anniversary | Pottery


Image by PDPics from Pixabay


This is known as the pottery anniversary because, like a lump of clay, your marriage continues to grow in new and better ways over time.

A pottery-making program at your local community college is the best option if you are crafty or want to save money. For an added romantic touch, write the date of your wedding at the bottom of your creation. If you aren't crafty or are too busy, a cute ceramic pen holder might be a nice desk item as a reminder of you throughout the day (provided you don't email him memes all day long already).


10th Anniversary | Tin


It is also known as the aluminum anniversary because it represents the flexibility and durability that a marriage must have after 10 years to be successful.

You can't go wrong with a personalized cocktail shaker if the two of you occasionally enjoy a beverage. All that's left to do is get some alcohol to go with it and show him how to mix your favorite drinks. Who needs a mixologist?


11th Anniversary | Steel


Steel, of course, stands for strength, and your marriage is undoubtedly robust after 11 years.

You can't go wrong with a steel multitool box as a wonderful anniversary gift whether you have a guy who is handy or just likes amazing gadgets. If he isn't into those things, then perhaps he is romantic and would really appreciate a steel-framed picture of the 2 of you on your wedding day (or perhaps even a sexual one).


12th Anniversary | Silk


This is also known as the pearl anniversary, but what guy enjoys pearls? It was unusually difficult to research why it is silk, so we may argue that it is because silk is refined but durable.

You should probably spice up the bedroom decor a little by this point, but there's no need to go overboard—just don't do anything that would make the room look like it's from 50 Shades of Gray. Silk pajamas or linens would make an excellent anniversary gift. A silk blindfold can be added if you want to stick with the even hotter look.


13th Anniversary | Lace


Photo by Ferdinand Studio


Lace is a metaphor for something of complex beauty, like a 13-year marriage. Sorry, but you're not getting out of this one; you have to get a sexy lingerie set, for yourself, of course. After 13 years, it's time to shake things up a bit and surprise him with an ideal gift that he will value far more than a gadget.


14th Anniversary | Ivory


Despite the fact that the 50ths are also known by that name, this event is now also known as the gold anniversary for obvious reasons. But hey, history repeats itself, so who cares?

After 14 years, he truly deserves something good, such as an amazing gold watch—or, if you're on a tighter budget, a faux gold watch. If you truly want to spoil him, take him on a trip of a lifetime to Africa. He can get up close and personal with some ivory on a massive African elephant! He'll be thrilled either way, just don't tell him about the safari choice if you buy him a watch instead.


15th Anniversary | Crystal


Crystal is gleaming and clear, exactly like your love for your husband after 15 years of marriage.

A customized wedding photo in a crystal frame along with a recent photo of the two of you would be a wonderful gift (unless you already decided to get a similar gift in the past). A trip to Lake Tahoe may be in order if you like the more abstract interpretation of things (or just prefer cooler presents) and, after 15 years together, you need to let off some steam and enjoy some quality time together. A far more priceless gift would be to give him the opportunity to enjoy the views of the crystal-clear lake.


20th Anniversary | China


Most people refer to it as the china anniversary, although the more formal platinum is preferable. Although both symbolize the subtle yet graceful ways your love has grown and deepened over the past 20 years.

These presents will become a little crazier, but after many years of marriage, you deserve it. Due to the fact that most guys don't like china (housewares), you must consider visiting China and walking on the Great Wall. Of course, if you prefer something more straightforward or do not enjoy traveling, a platinum watch or even a golf shirt is an affordable alternative.


25th Anniversary | Silver


Photo by Pixabay


In this context, silver stands for something that is both beautiful and radiant, similar to your love and marriage over the last 25 years.


Even if it seems repetitive, if you haven't already chosen the watch option, a lovely watch can always work wonders. The budget option here would be some good silver sheets or a new silver shirt he can take you out in on a wonderful date. If you are really looking to get wild, then it's about time to pony up and purchase him something (only if he deserves it) that is truly amazing, such as a classic silver Corvette.


30th Anniversary | Pearl


In this case, the pearl stands for devotion, riches, honor, and purity, pretty much exactly like your 30-year marriage to your husband.

Most guys don't like receiving pearls as gifts, as was indicated in the 12th-year gifts section. Take it more literally, though, and visit Pearl Harbor in Honolulu or go pearl diving in Maldives. You earned it because you persevered for thirty years. But if you're on a tighter budget, consider purchasing a functional decor made of mother of pearl for men.


35th Anniversary | Coral


Coral forms slowly but is sturdy and resilient, much like a 35-year marriage.

It would seem obvious to travel to Australia to visit the Great Barrier Reef while it is still there or to Tobago to see the Buccoo Reef. If you don't enjoy traveling as much, you can get your husband some really cool coral-made items from the market.


40th Anniversary | Ruby


Given that you have been married for 40 years, the ruby here symbolizes an eternal flame that demonstrates how strong your love is for one another.

Although you may believe that many of these presents were initially intended for women, we can make an extra effort to make them more suited for males. You cannot go wrong with either a glass of ruby red wine or a tour of Tuscany while enjoying said wine. He can get wine delivered to your door from sites like California Wine Club in addition to the fantastic wine gift baskets we produce.


45th Anniversary | Sapphire


Photo by Maurício Mascaro


Being married for 45 years must be the realization of one's fondest desires since sapphires are thought to be able to do so. Depending on the person you're married to, it could be a dream.

Since a sapphire is a deep blue gemstone similar to the ocean, taking him on a cruise around the world would be a really special gift. They really exist and can be a reasonably priced way to travel the globe while relaxing on a cruise ship.

After purchasing all of the previously listed gifts, you may be at the end of your budget, but a similar dinner cruise around your nearest large lake or harbor can go a long way toward a beautiful evening celebrating your anniversary.


50th Anniversary | Gold


By now, this must be a recurring theme, but gold is a lovely metal that resists corrosion over time and is sturdy, much like a long-term marriage.

You'd have to go with a gold watch, maybe even a Rolex if you're feeling particularly generous, but as previously noted, this is not the most cost-effective option, and you may have already bought him a watch. Another great option to honor the theme of this anniversary would be to give him the gift of a trip to the Golden State to view the Golden Gate Bridge.


55th Anniversary | Emerald


A 55-year marriage is a very uncommon thing to find, just like the emerald, which is the motif of this anniversary.

These are all beginning to have a trip theme, but you deserve it if you've been married for this long! If you've never been, you must take a journey to Ireland's Emerald Islands. It can certainly be a journey to remember, from kissing the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle to taking in Cork's beautiful old town streets, the Cliffs of Moher, and drinking beer with locals in Dublin bars. For the thrifty, perhaps a lovely green flannel shirt will suffice.


60th Anniversary | Diamond


Photo by Enchanted Earth



You could assume from previous anniversary themes that the name diamond anniversary refers to how durable and uncommon it is, but you'd be mistaken. After 60 years of marriage, it essentially stands for the enduring love that you and your spouse share.

It might be necessary for you to give your husband a diamond or an item embellished with diamonds. However, there aren't many items for men that have diamonds on them. He would happily accept something easier, like taking him to Vegas to play some diamond slots; you might even cover the cost of the trip there!


Plan Your Great Anniversary Gift Ahead


Hopefully, you've found ideas here. If you want to know all of the anniversary presents for reference when you and your husband turn 120 and celebrate your 90th anniversary, you can look up anniversary gift themes for the 70th to 90th. Feel free to leave a comment if you enjoyed these anniversary gifts or if you have any additional suggestions for wedding anniversary presents.