Pricey but Absolutely Worthy Gifts for Men

By Customer Service / July 21, 2022 /

Tired of buying your husband, son, or father socks again for Christmas. You’re looking for ideas to buy him something special, but men are incredibly hard to shop for. You want to give him something more personal than a bottle of whiskey, and a little pricier than a card. Well, look no further than the below ideas to get him the perfect gift.

The Ultimate Whiskey Sampler

Is he a fan of whiskeys and not a whiskey? The ultimate whiskey supplier gift is perfect for the whiskey connoisseur. It comes with 9 different miniature whiskey bottles for him to try out. It also comes with snacks that pair well with the alcohol, a tumbler to drink it out of, and a personalized card to give it that final touch.

Double Beer Double Snacks

Perhaps he is more of the relaxing type. The kind of guy who kicks back after a long day at the office, cracks open a cold one, and unwinds into relaxation. The beer snob gift, or the Double Beer Double Snacks basket, is great for the man who deserves a break. This basket comes with five firestone 805 cans and five Stone IPA bottles. The basket also comes with a bottle opener to open his beers, two-pint glasses, two koozies, and two coasters. Making it perfect to keep the beers cold, comfortable and keep the lady of the house happy with no rings on her favorite wooden table. The basket also comes with a large reusable BroBasket tub, to keep cold beers at an arm’s length away. Popcorn and pretzels are included to pair with the beers, making them a great couple.

For the Non-Alcoholic Man

Not all men enjoy a beer after work or the occasional whiskey. More and more men everyday stray further away from alcohol, and “TheBroBasket” has catered for that. For the man with a sweet tooth, “The Ultra Candy Box” is a fitting gift. This basket comes with a range of candy from sweet, to sour to spicy. It has chocolate, fruity flavors, and delicious gummy bears. For the jerky fan, “The exotic meats brobox” comes with a massive range of different jerky from Buffalo Bobs. There’s Beef and Ostrich, Wild Boar, Kangaroo, Alligator and many more.

Power-Packed Protein Parcel

For the gym fanatic, the man who strives to be the strongest version of himself is a gift set personalized for him. This gift box will fill up his tank with the highest-grade muscle fuel. It comes with trail mix, protein bars, beef jerky, muscle milk, and of course whey protein. This gift is thoughtful as well as practical. Also, a great way of motivation for the man who has just started on his muscle-building journey.

The Man Away from Home

Your son or boyfriend has been shipped off to college and is in dire need of assistance. He is on the front lines of deadlines, studying, and college parties. Send him support with the College Care Package. This comes with everything he needs to win the war against student life. Get him that sugar high on all the candy included. From Snickers chocolate to starburst to Famous Amos cookies. He may not be eating as healthy as you’d hoped, so it also comes packed with beef jerky to keep his protein levels at a reasonable level. More hours in the day means more prep time to get through the year. The package also comes with a tin of red bull to help him with those all-nighters. Whether it be because of studies, or just the next frat party.

He Only Plays Golf on Days That End In “Y”

Show your husband that you are not jealous of his affair with his clubs with a golfer's delight gift basket. It has been designed and built with the avid golfer in mind. A bottle of scotch whiskey with two glasses to enjoy it with. A set of whiskey stones to enjoy the scotch cold without losing its flavor. The set comes with jerky and cigars to pair with his whiskey and cigar cutter and a triple torch lighter to aid in his endeavor. The set also comes with energy-filled snacks to keep him going on the golf course, as well as the tools he needs to play his game. It has a complete set of golf accessories. Golf balls, tees, tee holder, golf towel with a bag clip, and a DivPro… a multipurpose golf tool.

More of A Hot Drink Kinda Guy

Perhaps the man in your life hasn’t dedicated his drinking habits to the tasting of different whiskeys or brandies. Maybe he has a liking for the cuppa java side of edible liquid pleasantries. With the Cup O Joe BorBox, you can give him an entire world of coffee delights. Not only does it come with rich tasteful coffee from Vietnam, Guatemala, and the Caribbean, but also coffee-infused honey for that sweetened effect. There is a Fool’s Gold Coffee blossom honey and a Fool’s Gold Espresso Infused Honey. To add the cherry on top of this marvelous gift, the basket also comes with delicious dark chocolate-covered Espresso beans from Marich.

He’s Not Really into Gift Baskets

So maybe you’ve read this entire article and still don't know anything that makes you think of that special man in your life. Below is a bunch of other stuff that he might appreciate. The Saeco Picobaristo Espresso Machine is for the man on the go. He needs those reports yesterday and that mail to be sent out immediately. With this, he can take in his daily dose of caffeine while losing out on minimal man-hours. Perhaps he is a man of the outdoors and needs to protect those eyes of his from the harmful UV rays of our friend and enemy… The sun. Oakley caters to all outdoor activities from cycling to skiing. A hiking backpack is a tool that many people look over. It is excellent to spend with your husband on a weekend away from the rat race… Or maybe it’s just for him, to have some personal time for a day. Something to get him with the protein power pack is a trap bar… The right diet and tools are needed for that perfect body. As we modernize more and more… More men are becoming world-renowned chefs. If he is one of those guys and loves to go away… The portable induction cooktop is the way to go. You can also give him a mini rice cooker, for easy and hassle free rice cooking. For the child in him, but not for the child in the house. Crossbows are a great way to blow off steam, and scope will just make it that much more enjoyable.


So, this year don’t meet your husband/father/son’s expectations, but rather raise them. Get him something that shows your care about more than just his feet. Show him that you care more about the range of ties he gets to choose from every morning before going into the office. Get him something he will display for the whole world to see, or even just for his whole world to enjoy. Let him realize that men can enjoy their gifts as well, and not just expect necessities when it’s his special day. This year; spoil him.