15 Low Carb Craft Beers for Keto Diets

By gavincaganoff / July 21, 2022 /

When it comes to low carb beers (that actually taste good) they are hard to find!  Sorry Michelob Ultra, the only thing Ultra about ya is how low your carbs are, it certainly is not flavor!

Fortunately there are a ton of awesome breweries out there cranking out great beers that also happen to be low in carbs and calories.

Some of these beers we are about to mention can be found in our awesome Craft Beer Gifts, featuring some of the keto friendly low calorie craft beer brands on this page like; Lagunitas, Deschutes, Anderson Valley, and more.

I wont get into the in-s and outs of Keto Diets, but feel free to click on the link to learn more if you are interested in it.

As far as just enjoying a tasty beer that is also low in calories and carbs but not taste we hope this list helps you find something that checks all the boxes

Allagash Saison

Allagash Brewing Co. 

Carbs: 4.8 grams

ABV: 6.1 percent

Calories: 183

This brewery makes great beers, and you can not beat a Saison on a warm summers day.

Da Shootz

Deschutes Brewery 

Carbs: 4.2 grams

ABV: 4 percent

Calories: 99

This could also be filed under "Coolest Can" on this list, very crushable low calorie beer, a must try.

Kahana Blonde

Kona Brewing Co.

Carbs: 4 grams

ABV: 4.4 percent

Calories: 99

You can find this beer in our Kona Brewing variety pack, it packs a decent ammout of flavor in a skinny amount of crabs and calories.

Brut IPA

Brewery Ommegang

Carbs: 3.9 grams

ABV: 6.3 percent

Calories: 140

If you have not had a Brut IPA before, they are quite refreshing and have a dryer body to them so they are great for a warm day at the lake or your backyard.

DayTime IPA

Lagunitas Brewing Co. 

Carbs: 3 grams

ABV: 4 percent

Calories: 98

Lagunitas makes some awesome beers and this is no exception, luckily for you its low in calories so you can enjoy a few without enjoying a beer belly.

Firestone Walker Brewing Co.

Carbs: 5 grams

ABV: 4 percent

Calories: 96

This beer is a take off of Firestones flagship IPA, Union Jack.  It of course does not pack as much punch but hey, you can drink a lot more of them and not feel so bloated.

Deschutes Brewery

Carbs: 4 grams

ABV: 4 percent

Calories: 100

Another awesome beer from this brewery, if you ever get a chance try to taste their beers straight from the tap up in Bend or Portland OR.

Pacer IPA
Avery Brewing Co.

100 Calories, 4.5% ABV, 3.5g Carbs

Carbs: 3.5 grams

ABV: 4.5 percent

Calories: 100

Like the name says, this one is made to pace yourself foo!  Lots a flavor in the same nutritional package of a Bud Light, you crelly cant beat this beer.

Black Rice Ale
Anderson Valley Brewing Co.

Carbs: 8 grams

ABV: 3.8 percent

Calories: 97

Like the name dictates, they used rice sugar to brew this beer which you will find commonly in light beers like Bu Light and Coors Light, although they probably don't want you to know that!  Either way it gives this beer a crisp finish.

East Ringer Low-Cal IPA
Victory Brewing Co.

Carbs: 3 grams

ABV: 4..3 percent

Calories: 96

Vicotry makes some great beers, you can even find them in our Cali Craft craft beer gift basket.  You may even see this beer appear in ours variety pack from time to time.

Gose (Cherry, Briny Mellon, Blood Orange, and more) 

Anderson Valley Brewing Co.

Carbs: ? grams

ABV: 4.2 percent

Calories: 126

The only Sour beer to make the list, a good bet for those sour lovers that dont also love being fatsos

Go to IPA

Stone Brewing

Carbs: ? grams

ABV: 4.8 percent

Calories: 134

Stone makes awesome beers and this is no exception, I remember drinking this beer and not realizing it was so low in calories because its so dang tasty!  I suggest you find out for yourself aa well.


Oskar Blues Brewing

Carbs: ? grams

ABV: 4.5 percent

Calories: 135

Another beer that you may be able to find sold here at The BroBasket.  As the name implies it s a Mexican Style lager with more flavor than your Coronas of the world with a bit less calories.

Otra Vez

Sierra Nevada

Carbs: ? grams

ABV: 4.9 percent

Calories: 139

Similar to the Beerito, this is a Mexican Style lager great for sipping on warm days or just when you want a nice crisp beer that wont break the calories bank.

Honorable Mention

Its not technically beer but it sure is low in calories!  Its basically hoppy sparking water.

Hop Hoppy Refresher 

Lagunitas Brewing Co. 

Carbs: 0 grams

ABV: 0 percent

Calories: 0

Had to put this in here, if you are really cutting calories and dont want to chance it this is probably your best bet!