The Best Gift Sets for Different Types of Men in 2021

By Razille Mae Biaca / July 21, 2022 /

Speaking from experience, men enjoy being appreciated. And one of the best ways to do so is through gifting. Today, I won’t talk about anything expensive. Sometimes, it’s the little things that have a lasting effect. We can all agree on one thing - it always feels great when someone takes the initiative to get us a gift; regardless of how lame or inexpensive it is. 

Anyway, if you are looking for great gifting ideas in 2021, you’re in the right place. This post covers different kinds of gift baskets and kits for various types of men. So, sit back and enjoy your reading. 

1. For Beer Lovers – A Beer Basket

Beer has always been one of the best beverages for men. It’s inexpensive and forms a basis for great bonding experiences. Whether you are going out to the pub, watching a football match together at home, or just guys hanging out, some beer will definitely come in handy. 

Therefore, when you get an invite to a meet or hang out with other guys, why not surprise them with some beer. And if you don’t know where to start or what to get, try this Double Beer Double Snacks gift basket. It’s got everything needed for a decent, fun time with your bro(s). 

Even if you won’t be able to join them, they’ll drink and enjoy it in your honor. Moreover, the best part about beverage gifting is that you are not just limited to beer. It could be Bourbon, Whiskey, and so on… You’ve got so many options. 

2. For Grooming Enthusiasts – A Styling Kit

We all have that one friend that always looks sharp and well-groomed. And while there are many gifting ideas for such a person, the safest option is always a grooming kit. The last thing you want is to get him a shirt or pants that don’t fit. Right?

Besides, if he loves grooming, why not make it easier for him to do it at home (or even when traveling). Get it? Now, you want to get him the best gift, right? If so, it’s imperative to get something containing the most important grooming essentials

Long story short – the kit should contain the following; a hair clipper/trimmer, comb, brush, razor/shaver, nose/ear trimmer, pair of scissors, nail cutter, handheld mirror, shaving cream, some shampoo, and conditioner. I know it sounds like much, but nowadays, you can get all these items in small, travel-ready sizes. That way they’ll all fit into a small grooming kit bag. 

3. For Barbeque Kings – A BBQ Gift Basket

Picture this. Your father, brother, uncle, or granddad’s birthday is fast approaching and he also happens to be a grill master. What’s the best gift to get him (assuming, he has a grill and the weather forecast points to a perfect cook-out environment)? Prime Ribs? BBQ tools? A cooking book? Well, these are thoughtful but very predictable options. 

You don’t want to gift your loved one something generic, do you? If not, get him a sweet, all-inclusive, BBQ Bash basket. Why? Because it contains almost everything needed for a decent barbeque. Plus, it’s a unique gift; i.e. least expected and it mitigates the chances of you getting him the same thing as someone else. Get it?

4. For Handy Men – A Toolkit

If he’s always fixing things around the house, a good, tool-packed kit will do. Nowadays, these kits are very inexpensive and come packed with all essential items needed for light, household fixes. What’s more, getting a guy a toolkit is a subtle way of telling him; “You see and appreciate what he’s been doing to keep things up and running.

Anyway, a good home toolkit should include a hammer, screwdrivers, pair of pliers, socket set, wrenches, drill (optional), tape measure, and so on. This ensures he’s got everything he needs for his handy deeds. 

5. For Gym Goers - Supplements

Let’s face it. A large number of men go to the gym to get ripped. Arguably, we all want to have a well-defined body with strong, buff muscles, right? Or, as some would put it – “the ultimate beach/summer body.” Well, if you can relate or want to gift a weight-lifting jock, consider getting them this awesome Health Nut Gift Basket.

Why? It comes packed with healthy snacks and supplements to make it easier for them to achieve their training goals. Anyone who’s been to the gym knows that diets play a pivotal role when trying to gain mass or build muscle. And that’s why, for a gym-goer, a gift basket filled with health supplements is a great idea. 

6. For The Adventurers – A Survival Kit

It’s correct to assume that we all have an adventurer in us. Right? So, when choosing a gift for someone who loves the wild outdoors, it’s often wise to go with something best-suited for such an environment. That’s why a survival kit is probably the best gift for these types of men. Because? These kits not only simplify their time in the wild but also act as a happy reminder of you

7. For Car Lovers - A Cleaning Kit

Lastly, if he loves his ride, get him a car cleaning kit. It’s a fact that most men are very attached to their wheels. In fact, some treat these awesome machines the same way they would a child; FYI, there’s no sin in that. Because having such a friend makes gifting much easier. Simply put, showing love for his car is a gift in its own sense. 

Rather than going all out and getting him a new set of sick rims, get him something as simple as a cleaning kit. He’ll definitely appreciate it. And as a bonus, he won’t have an excuse to drive around in a stuffy, smelly car. Win-Win, right

Top 3 Quick, Easy Tips on How to Find an Awesome Gift for a Man

Now, assuming your giftee doesn’t match any of the profiles above, you’ll have to find a suitable gift on your own. But, don’t fret - it’s easy. Here are three awesome tips on how to choose the best gift for any man:

  • Put more focus on Value, not Price Tags. Note that an expensive gift doesn’t automatically count as valuable to the giftee. Therefore, you need to get them something that’s in line with their hobbies, talents, interests, and likes. 
  • Try, as much as possible to be UNIQUE. If you want to create a lasting impression or a memorable experience, your gift of choice has to be unique. For example, when you gift someone beer, try to include a custom-made (engraved) mug/glass. That way, even if he drinks all the beer in a day, he’ll still have a lasting reminder of your friendship or relationship and the gift; i.e. the mug/glass. 
  • Always take their interests and likes into consideration. This means getting them something relatable and relevant. For example, if he’s an avid gamer, gifting him the most popular, thrilling Spider-Man game will be much better than a fishing kit. Make sense?

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