The Perfect Gifts for College Football Fans? We Found Them!

By 180 Marketing / October 13, 2023 /

College football fans are a passionate bunch, and finding the perfect gift for them can sometimes be a challenge. This guide has you covered! Dive into this curated list of the best presents for the ultimate college football enthusiast in your life.


Wear Your Pride: Apparel and Accessories

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Every college football fan knows that the right attire isn’t just about fashion, it’s about allegiance! And let’s face it: donning your team’s colors is half the fun. If you’re aiming to win the heart of your favorite football fan, kick off with these stylish and spirited gifts that show their team spirit!


  • Jerseys: There’s nothing quite like wearing a jersey with the number of a legendary player. Whether it’s Alabama’s crimson or Notre Dame’s iconic gold, a jersey can make any fan feel like they’re part of their favorite team. Remember when everyone wanted a piece of the Tim Tebow magic with his Florida Gators jersey? That’s the power of a good jersey!


  • T-shirts and hoodies: These are the bread and butter of a fan’s wardrobe (plus football socks, of course). From classic logos to witty slogans (“Roll Tide!” or “Hook ’Em Horns!”), there’s a T-shirt or hoodie design out there for every college football lover. And for those chilly late-season games, a cozy hoodie from teams like the Michigan Wolverines or Oregon Ducks can be a lifesaver.


  • Hats and caps: A football game on a sun-soaked afternoon at the Rose Bowl or the Swamp can only mean one thing: time to whip out that cap! From snapbacks to beanies, hats are both functional and fashionable. Plus, they’re perfect for those “I didn’t have time to do my hair” days (we’ve all been there!).


  • Sports Bags: This seems like a no-brainer if you’re looking for gifts for football fans. Football fans should sport a duffel bag bearing an emblem or a backpack flaunting the vibrant hues of their favorite team. It’s a subtle nod to their allegiance and a perfect conversation starter.


  • Jewelry: For football fans who love a touch of dazzle! Think Ohio State charm bracelets, Clemson tiger paw earrings, or a USC Trojans pendant. This is where passion meets elegance.


Remember: the right outfit is a game-changer. And in the world of college football, showing your colors isn’t just encouraged, it’s essential!


Game Day Essentials: Truly Awesome Game-Day Experience

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Tailgates, touchdowns, and traditions—it’s what college football season is all about! But the right accessories? They can take a fan’s experience from benchwarmer to MVP status. For the college sports fan who believes the pre-game is just as important as the game itself, here are the best football gifts to level up their game day.


  • Tailgating gear: If you’ve ever set foot in the buzzing arena of a Penn State tailgate during college football season, you know it’s more than just burgers and hot dogs. It’s an art, a tradition. It’s the aroma of barbecue, the clinking of cups, and the fervent discussions about the Nittany Lions’ next big play. With the right portable grill, a team-branded cooler, and those foldable chairs that scream “I’m a seasoned tailgater!” you’re not just attending a pre-game party, you’re hosting an event.


  • Drink koozies and foam fingers: These might seem like small additions, but in college football, they’re monumental. A drink koozie ensures your beverage stays chill while your game heats up. And the foam finger? It’s basically a must for every football game! Waving it high, you’re declaring your undying loyalty to your favorite team and perhaps challenging the opposing team’s fans just a bit.


  • Face paint kits: One of our suggested college football gifts for the bold and the brave. For those who aren’t satisfied merely wearing their team colors but want to, quite literally, wear their hearts on their sleeves (and cheeks!). It’s a fantastic way to make new friends—or playfully intimidate the rival fans sitting next to you.


These football gifts might not guarantee a win on the field, but they sure do promise a victorious experience off it for college football lovers!


Deck Out the Home: Decor and Furnishings

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Transforming a living space into a fan cave is a rite of passage for true college football lovers. Beyond watching the game, a football fan’s home should echo the passion and intensity of a Saturday football game, making every guest instantly aware of where their loyalties lie.


  • Wall banners and posters: Hanging a colossal banner of the Georgia Bulldogs or a dynamic poster of the Texas Longhorns in action can make any room come alive. It’s like an instant teleportation device: one glance and college football fans are back in the stadium, reliving that unforgettable touchdown.


  • Framed stadium photos: The grandeur of stadiums like the “Big House” in Michigan or the magic of a night game at LSU’s “Death Valley” can be captured and relished daily. These framed shots not only serve as art but also as conversation starters, taking center stage in a living room or office.


  • Team-themed throw pillows and bedspreads: Dreaming of victory becomes literal when you’re nestled between sheets and pillows showcasing your beloved team’s emblem. Just imagine drifting off to sleep with the comforting thought of Clemson’s next big win or waking up surrounded by the vibrant colors of the Florida Gators.


For the college football enthusiast, home isn’t just where the heart is; it’s where the heart, soul, and undying team spirit converge. These gifts for football fans will make every day feel like game day, even when it’s not football season.


Stay Connected: Subscriptions and Media

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In today’s digital age, the distance between football fans and their beloved teams has shrunk to the size of a screen. Whether they’re yearning for the latest updates, exclusive interviews, or deep dives into strategy, there’s a platform eager to serve up their football fix.


  • Subscription services: Your favorite college football fan can’t get enough of the tactical plays of their favorite team or more info on their favorite football players? Dedicated magazines or online platforms that offer behind-the-scenes coverage, expert analyses, and insider news can be great gifts for football fans! It’s like having a backstage pass to your favorite team’s locker room!


  • Streaming platforms: Ensuring your loved one never misses a football game is now within reach, thanks to streaming services that offer replays, highlights, and exclusive content. Gifting them a subscription to a platform tailored for college football enthusiasts ensures they won’t miss moments like a game-winning touchdown or a game-changing interception. What better way to keep them connected to the action all season long?


With the right subscription or media platform, fans are always just a click away from the action, insights, and pulsating heart of college football.


Cheers to the Team: Bar, Drinkware, and Spirited Selections

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There’s an old saying that goes, “A fan’s thirst for victory is only matched by their thirst for a good drink.” Okay, maybe we just made that up, but it sounds about right! From the clink of glasses to the swish of a top-shelf spirit, here are some great gifts for football fans who love to kick back and relax with a drink in hand!


  • Drinkware set: Imagine the delight on your favorite college football lover’s face when they unwrap a glass, perfectly etched with the emblem of the Florida State Seminoles. And for those mornings after an exhilarating game? A coffee mug showcasing the logo of favorite football team will be their go-to for the perfect start.


  • Barware: Coasters, shakers, and bottle openers that proudly display logos from legendary teams, such as the Oklahoma Sooners, will make fantastic football gifts! It’s not just about serving drinks; it’s about turning their space into a haven for fans.


  • Spirited selections: Ready to truly impress?


    • Bourbon basket: For the Southern football aficionado in your life, a basket complete with top-tier brands like Maker’s Mark or Woodford Reserve, complemented by gourmet treats, is sure to be a touchdown.


    • Craft beer collection: This craft beer basket is the ideal companion for the discerning college football enthusiast! Filled to the brim with premium craft brews, it’s the perfect game-day accompaniment as they cheer on their favorite teams. Imagine their joy, savoring each craft beer while rallying behind the Ducks or any other beloved team. A touchdown in flavor and fandom!


    • Mule drinks: For the Kentucky fans who revel in the tangy, refreshing flavors of a well-made mule, a set of classic mule ingredients to make mountains of mules is the perfect gift. Whether they’re raising a glass to a stunning play or just enjoying halftime, having a mule adds that game-day zesty punch that fires up their team pride.


Here’s to the unforgettable plays, the nail-biting finishes, and the drinks that bring fans together, game after game.


For the Ultimate Devotee: Premium Football Gifts

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In the realm of college football fandom, there are fans, and then there are the ultimate fans. For those whose devotion knows no bounds, whose heartbeats sync with the rhythm of their team’s drumline, these gifts are the epitome of appreciation. They’re not just football gifts; they’re experiences, tokens of elite fandom:


  • Season tickets: This is the golden ticket, literally and figuratively. Imagine the sheer joy of securing a seat for every home game of the Nebraska Cornhuskers or feeling the electric atmosphere of the Tennessee Volunteers’ stadium week after week. Season tickets are more than just access; they’re a literal ticket to the heart of the action, all season long.


  • VIP experiences: How about a behind-the-scenes tour of the legendary “Horseshoe” at Ohio State? Or perhaps a pre-game sideline pass to watch their favorite star quarterback warm up? These aren’t just gifts; they’re once-in-a-lifetime experiences that bring fans closer to the game than they ever dreamed.


For those who live and breathe college football, these aren’t simply gifts for football fans; they’re game-day essentials, tokens of a passion that runs deep and true. After all, in the world of college football, go big or go home!


Remember, it’s not just about the gift but the thought behind it. Every college football fan has their own unique passion and memories associated with the game. Get the best football gifts tailored to their specific likes, and you’re sure to score a touchdown!