By Razille Mae Biaca / July 21, 2022 /
Things That Men Should Carry Every Day: An EDC Checklist
Guys, if you are reading this article, it means you want to be an alpha man. We all have faced at least one situation in our lives, and we must ask others for some essential thing. And I am pretty sure that you may felt regrated that you have begged for some item. Well, now you don't have to do it anymore. I came up with an everyday carrying (EDC) checklist for an alpha man. So, read further to know about these fantastic and imperative EDC checklists.  Note: There are more than ten items on this list. We are not saying that you should carry all of them in your pocket. It looks un-stylish. Instead of that, you can take them in a man bag. 
  • Headphones 
You may think of it as basic stuff but wait, and I haven't finished yet. Men should carry headphones with them. It doesn't mean that you should buy super techy expensive ones. Just make sure your earphone has a noise cancellation feature. This feature helps you when you are talking over a call while traveling. You can buy such earphones for under 100 bucks.  I prefer wireless over wired. Do you know why? It's because Wireless earphones look way more stylish and subtle than wired ones. You can easily buy wireless earphones from the online marketplace. Shopsees offer stylish wireless earphones at exclusive rates. 
  • Slim Wallet
I strongly recommend each of you invest in an excellent high-quality wallet. From my perspective wallet shows the man's nature. If he doesn't have a wallet, it means he may not be responsible and organized. While buying a wallet, you should check for the size. It doesn't have to be too big or too small to put some cards in it.  Women notice every small thing which you may ignore. So, make sure you should have a clean wallet. It doesn't have useless bills or anything else. Your purse should be slim in size when you put it in your pocket because if it is not slim, it will pop up, and it doesn't look good.  Fashion tip: Your wallet and phone case should have a similar color. It reflects your elegant personality. 
  • Petroleum Jelly
What? You haven't used petroleum jelly before. It is the most helpful thing. It would help if you used it every single day. It maintains the softness of your lips. You can carry a pocket-sized petroleum Jelly like Vaseline.  This also helps you to maintain your fragrance for long hours. It could be helpful if your pent zip is stuck. You can also apply petroleum jelly on wounds. If this thing is so much valuable, then why are you guys not using it!!! I gave you damn essential reasons, so buy a pocket-sized petroleum jelly and put it in your man bag. 
  • Sunglass or Spectacles 
What if it is winter? Do I still have to carry sunglasses? No, of course not. Do you want to look like a dumb boy? Instead of sunglasses, you can invest in a good quality spectacle. For example, if you have work in front of digital screens for longer hours, you can buy UV blocking specs. You will look smart and sharp.  And for an ideal situation, I should say, you should carry both. It is because man doesn't have the same mood throughout the day. He can be intelligent and sharp at work, and he can be a stud at a club. So, it depends on you. 
  • Steel Liquor Flask
If you want to look mainly, you must carry a steel liquor flask. What will you do if you want a sip of bourbon in the middle of the day? So, it is better to keep this in your bag. If you know someone who is a whisky lover, this could be the best birthday gift for them. You can also consider buying whisky and bourbon gift baskets for them. 
  • Power bank or charger 
You must have any of these or both items in your backpack. An ordinary man, on average, spends 3 to 4 hours on mobile. So, this thing is a trouble solver. And many power banks have a flashlight. It is handy if you are in an unknown place at night.  From morning to night, everyone doesn't have time to charge a mobile phone. We go to the gym, listen to music, take selfies, chatting on social media, and do many more activities during the day. And if you go for buying a phone with 10000 mAH battery, do you know how it looks like, a brick. And slimmer phones don't have such long battery life. So, it's better to invest in a power bank instead of a big fat mobile phone with a 10000 mAh battery. You can easily find a high-quality power bank on an online shipping website like Shopsees. 
  • Wipes 
If you think that only girls use wipes, you are undoubtedly wrong. Look around; pollution is increasing. And when you go are on the road, you will be covered with dust and many impurities. So, in such a case, if you have wipes, you can clean them anytime and anywhere.  Our facial skin is susceptible. If you don't your face frequently, it becomes dull and unattractive. So, make sure your bag has a couple of wipes. 
  • Pocket Size Cologne
You know that people tend to remember others if their fragrance is good quickly. And if you want to impress someone, never forget to put up a good cologne.  Suppose you go to the gym, and you are doing hardcore exercise. Your body is sweating. And your friend calls you to inform you that he will pick you up from the gym to go to dinner. And he is going to set you up with her girlfriend's friend. What will you do? If you have a pleasant fragrance, the other girl will ask you to meet again. 
  • Mint or Chewing Gum
We eat a lot of things and work hard thought out the day. Consider the same scenario where your friend will pick you up from your office. Mint not only refreshes your mouth but also rejuvenates your mind. And it also helps you to impress a girl while kissing. So, never forget to keep mint in your pocket. 
  • A Wristwatch 
Nowadays, people tend to see time on their mobile phones instead of watch. I prefer to watch for time tracking. Watch gives you a mature personality. You look more responsible and attractive when you wear a watch. I don't mean like a smartwatch. I am talking about an analog watch. These watches are super classy.  Fashion Tip: your watch color should match your belt. Suppose you have a brown belt; you should wear a watch with dark brown or light brown strips. 
  • A Water Bottle
A water bottles!! We should drink at least four liters of water every day. And most of the men make mistakes by not carrying a water bottle. If you keep your body hydrated by drinking enough water, your skin will glow, and you will feel energized.  I don't mean that you should carry a 4- liter water bottle, but you can at least take a 700ml to 1-liter bottle. Make sure this bottle has insulation, so your cold water remains cold irrespective of the extreme temperature. You can find it on any online marketplace website. Final thoughts This is the Everyday Carrying checklist for an alpha man. If you want to level up your game, you better carry these things with you. Would you mind writing to us by commenting below about another item you would like to add to your EDC checklist?  Author Bio: Kunal Thakkar grew up in India, currently located in Ontario, Canada. He has an immense interest in writing and researching about new things happening in the world. Kunal works in the field of digital marketing for more than six years. Apart from this, he loves to play cricket. Krunal writes early in the morning, then spends the rest of the day working as a digital marketer at Shopsees.