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The Truth About Organic Vodka & Why it’s Better

The Truth About Organic Vodka & Why it’s Better

If you are an avid vodka drinker you may be asking yourself “Should I be drinking organic vodka, and what makes it better?” which I get because its just a clear alcohol that some people liken to rubbing alcohol, so why should it even matter?  Well all spirits have a base, and that base is very important to the final product (bad in, bad out) so you would think the better the base, the better the final product, and that holds especially true for Vodka. It can seem a bit convoluted and hard to figure out, that's why we put this post together to help you navigate the world of organic vodka.  


Why is Organic Vodka Better

Vodka is not the archaic beverage it once was. Today, it’s used in mules, martinis, mixed with Red Bull, and as the base for some of the most popular cocktails in bars & nightclubs around the world.

Organic vodka is known for its versatility, flavorful mixes, and transparent taste with minimal bite - vodka is considered a classic among many. There are both cheap & expensive options, and although vodka has been marketed as a premium liquor throughout history, it’s accessible and affordable to the masses modern day.

Traditionally, vodka was organic as its core ingredients are ethanol and water. However, in the 20th century many alternative flavors and cocktails arrived on the market. Today, organic vodka is quite rare as shelves are lined with countless flavorful varieties.

However, consumers are growing more health conscious than ever before. With the help of technology, consumers are separating the wheat from the chaff in order to better understand the consequences of what we’re putting in our bodies on a regular basis.


Booze that’s Easy Going Down

Although the number of flavorful options on the market today is rather appealing, organic vodka is unique for many reasons.

Primarily, it makes a great base that’s also easy to drink on the rocks. Sure, there are several health benefits to drinking vodka, versatility, and a wide range of cocktails that can be made with a vodka base - but this benefit takes the cake. Vodka, in its purest form, is comparable to white whiskey. It should be flavorless, colorless, and odorless.

One organic Texas made vodka, suggests that drinking a vodka with minimal viscosity and NO flavor additives will yield a smooth drinking experience, absent of the annoying burning sensation following a typical shot of liquor.

The use of organic ingredients will reduce the secondary effects of a flavorful aftertaste, burning sensation going down, and consequently, you won’t wince while drinking it. This makes it easier to enjoy on the rocks, reducing the caloric intake, and strengthening the buzz.


The Versatilite Spirit

Even the cheapest vodka can be used to sparkle dishes, remove a stain, freshen garments, or soothe an aching tooth, canker sore, or throat. It’s no surprise that this spirit was originally invented as a source of medicine, according to

There’s no denying vodka is better for you, but here are just a few health benefits that may change how you view vodka, and the people that drink it on the rocks.



Vodka is a natural disinfectant. It’s also an antiseptic and can be used to sterilize everything from tools to open wounds to infections. In the old says, it was used to treat aching muscles, headaches, toothaches, and wounds.

Today, you can even use a lingering bottle of cheap vodka to clean the house, your clothes, or pet supplies. For this, consider adding a spray bottle of vodka to your cleaning supply closet. Rather than replacing your regular household disinfectant, use vodka as a companion in your cleaning regimen.


Provides Stress Relief

According to a study by the National Institute of Health, nothing compares to vodka, not even red wine, when it comes to relieving stress. The abstract of this study talks about how “vodka had a clear effect in reducing stress, [while] red wine did not.”

The study further suggests that red wine has psychoactive impacts independent of its alcoholic properties. In any case, vodka has been proven to relieve tension better than red wine.


It’s Medicine

To put it simply, the “warm & fuzzy” feeling you get from drinking vodka can help with blood flow. Drinking vodka can increase blood flow and circulation causing you to feel a warm sensation penetrating down your spine into your stomach. This reflects increased blood circulation as a result of drinking a stiff, alcoholic beverage.

Healthy blood flow and circulation can work to prevent blood clots, as well as strokes, and other heart-related diseases. Of course, drinking in moderation yields the most desirable results. Over time, too much alcohol consumption can create additional problems, but in moderation (no more than one shot per day) vodka is actually healthy for you.

Vodka has also shown support in lowering cholesterol. With moderate consumption, alcohol is known to decrease or eliminate cardiac risk factors. Vodka is also a favorable dietary pick for its low-calorie nature and minimal aftertaste.


Improve Oral Health

As mentioned above, vodka can be used in moderation for medicinal purposes. Whether you’re trying to relieve an aching tooth or soothe a sore throat, vodka is just what the doctor ordered.

It’s a little known fact that swishing a shot of vodka, in place of Listerine, can combat bad breath. Its antiseptic nature makes vodka the perfect oral cleanser. If you don’t fancy vodka, but would like to try this remedy, consider holding your breath while swishing and then spitting it out, rather than swallowing.

Vodka is generally colorless and odorless, so you’ll want to do this after your morning cup of coffee. Spit it out, or swallow the shot of vodka if you’ve built up any stress during your morning routine. You won’t get drunk, but this solution proves to be the perfect remedy for stinky breath and a stressful morning.

Just give yourself some time before jumping into rush hour traffic. Driving can lessen the benefits of swishing vodka in the morning by creating further stress, and could get you in trouble with the law.


Relieve Arthritis

As mentioned above, vodka is great for relieving aches and pains. It’s also shown to relieve painful arthritis. According to a study byWebMD, patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis had semi-regular vodka drinks while under the study which took place over the course of a month. Afterward, they reported less pain and inflammation. This slight dietary change, yielded an overall improvement in their flexibility and day-to-day comfort while dealing with the disease.


Treat Diabetes

Ok, typically alcohol is a no-no when it comes to diet for diabetics. However, unlike beer and wine, vodka can actually reduce blood sugar levels rather than spike them.

According to, a shot of pure vodka won’t contain any carbohydrates and is more likely to cause a drop in blood sugar.

Drinking pure vodka lowers blood sugar by allowing the body to process the vodka before it would begin breaking down carbohydrates. In this scenario, the liver does not release glucose, and ultimately the carbohydrates metabolize while the body is busy removing the alcohol. Your body will basically assume what you’ve consumed has carbohydrates, and then realize there aren’t any once the break down process has already began. Additionally, distilled liquors cause the pancreas to avoid releasing insulin, furthering the benefits of drinking a shot of vodka every now and then for diabetics.

If you’re going to try this out, be sure to drink the vodka straight, and in moderation. Over-drinking has harmful side effects, and can create more problems for those facing medical challenges already.

This odorless, transparent spirit offers numerous health benefits that should have us reconsidering everything about vodka. When served organic, on the rocks, vodka becomes medicine rather than poison, like most alcoholic beverages. Next time you’re deciding what to drink, consider choosing vodka over rum, tequila, beer, or a less healthy alternative.



We hope you enjoyed this post on organic vodka and got something out of it.  Let us know your experiences with organic vodka and any other cool uses you have for the clear stuff.



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