The Ultimate Guide to Military Gift Ideas

By gavincaganoff / July 21, 2022 /

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Whether they are going into the military or retiring from it they probably need your love and support more than ever.  What better way to support them than to give them an awesome gift for the occasion. That's why we put together the ultimate guide to military gift ideas, great for all stages of their military career.   

We broke this guide down to three simple to follow sections so feel free to scroll to the one that makes the most sense for the gift idea you are looking for.  This is by no means the end all to be all guide, but we hope it gets your creative juices flowing and headed into the right direction of finding the perfect gift.


Military Going Away Gift Ideas


This could possibly be one of the hardest parts of going into the military, leaving home and striking out for the big bad world of being a military man or women.  So finding some solid gift ideas for someone going into the military is of the utmost importance. They may be a bit scared and worried what the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard has in store for them so getting them something comforting is a good start.


Ultimate Military Care package - Junk Foodie BroBasket

I am going to have to kick this military gift guide off with tooting our own horn over here at The BroBasket.  A lot of people do not know that we can ship our non-alcoholic BroBaskets to military basis (sorry no booze, rules is rules!).  One of our favorites for military personnel, especially ones away on deployment, is our Junk Foodie BroBasket.  It comes packed with a ton of junk food and goodies that I am sure they miss while stationed in the middle of nowhere with nothing but MRE’s to eat.  


Almost as Good Military Care package

We have a number of BroBoxes that make awesome gifts for military men , whether they are going away, stationed out in ten-buck-two, or coming home.  BroBoxes are small enough to be shipped cheaply to just about anywhere, but still packed full of goodies that any military man will love.


DIY Option - Their favorite food Care package

There are a ton of great care package ideas out there on Pinterest which I feel is a great place to start when looking for gift ideas for military boyfriend or girlfriend.  This of course could be a couple of their favorite snacks and goodies that they can’t get while out of the country, or it could be some home made cookies, frozen lasagna, brownies, and/or whatever else you know that you make that the absolutely love.  Dont worry, there are a lot of ways you can ship food, trust me.    


Open when envelopes

If you and/or they are the sentimental type that might need a gushy pick me up then these open when envelopes are a great gift idea.  They are basically a bunch of sealed envelopes that says things like “Open when stressed” or “Open to make you laugh” that can really go a long way to picking up your significant other's spirits when they are thousands of miles away. This can also be a good DIY option if you are the crafty type.  


Combat flip flops

These are pretty interesting, this company offers flip flops, shoes and accessories that not only appeal to the military man, but also help to fund school for an Afghan girl.  Pretty awesome if you like giving and giving back at the same time, I’d call that a pretty sweet twofer!


Ammo Crate Boom Box

If they are more of the audiofile type, or just plain ol’ love music, then this can make one awesome gift.  Maybe they are still rocking some old ratty iPhone wired headphones and want to share their jams with their squad, this bad boy will take their audio came to a whole notha level.  This company not only make some of the best blood tooth speakers but this one in particular comes in an upcycled .50 caliber ammo can, how cool is that?!


Bottle Breacher

They might be the kind of guy or gal that got into the military because they love shooting guns.  Well then we have the perfect gift idea for them, the bottle breacher sells decommissioned .50 cal bullets they turn into pretty rugged bottle opens.  The bonus is they also allow you to personalize it to give it that extra special touch.


Military Promotion Gift Ideas


Personalised Mug

Now that they are headed on up the ranks with their very own promotion, they are going to have to look more offical. They might even have a sweet office and a desk now, so they are gonna need to flex a bit.  What better way than a coffee mug with their new rank, name, and military branch? Or of course you can stick with “Top Gun” or “Head Honcho”.


Custom Military Coasters

Now that he has his men coming in and out of his office, he may want to show off some custom military swag.  What better way to do than than some custom coasters that will catch the eye of any cadet. That is of course if they are known respecters wood.   


Personalized Military Sign

 This can be a great gift for the office or at home in the man cave.  Not only can you show off your military pride but also what branch you are in, least anyone get the wrong idea.  They come in all shapes and sizes and include all the branches typically; Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, & Coast Guard.


Personalized Tactical Knife

This probably falls into the category of one of the more manly items on this list of military promotion gifts.  Not only is it useful and practical, things guys really like, but it can include a personal touch like initials and military rank.  Please feel free to look around the internet a bit for these and not just use this link, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.


Military Retirement Gift Ideas


Personalized Map

A great gift for someone in the military that has been stationed all over the world as a lot of guys tend to be.  Whether it was the constant vodka shots in the Ukraine, the complete lack of alcohol in Afghanistan, or enjoying leave days in Germany, it can be a great way to commemorate a long and success military career that spans over the globe.


Personalized Flag Display case

This particular gift idea for military retirement can fall into your typical generic gift for military guys and gals.  Well it is because its a classic and a tradition for a lot of military folks. Making it personalized with their date of retirement, name, and rank can really set this apart from the standard generic flag display cases.  


DIY Option - Recycled Military uniform pillow

One of the cooler and mor unique options out there, especially for the crafty type.  Having their old uniform with their name and everything on it can be a really special retirement gift.  Not only is it super personal it is an awesome keepsake to keep on display proudly at your home.


Framed Military caricature

If you are into getting more cheesy or funny gifts for that military man in your life then this is the way to go.  He can hang it in that new office of his or at home where no one can make fun of him for it. Either way let's hope his guys put it up somewhere prominent after he retires.   


Patriotic Military Signs

They may be more of the sentimental type that likes to show their love for their branch whether it be the Army, Navy, Marinines, Airforce, or Coast Guard.  Luckily they make signs for every branch so no matter where they are retiring from they can show off how proud they are to have served.


We hope you enjoyed our list of military gift ideas and by no means take it as the end all be all, but rather a good starting point to find the perfect gift for the military folks in your life.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments bellow and if you have any other great ideas.



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