24 Vacation Gift Ideas for Wanderlusters and Casual Travelers

By 180 Marketing / September 1, 2023 /

Ah, the allure of travel! Are you seeking the perfect travel gifts for loved ones with insatiable wanderlust? The kind who always has a packed suitcase by the door, ready for the next escapade? Look no further! Our meticulously curated guide on travel gift ideas is your treasure map to gifts that will have them itching to embark on their next journey.

From high-tech gadgets and chic accessories to the perfect travel companions in book or digital form, this list promises to make their trips—and your reputation as an epic gift-giver—utterly unforgettable.


Travel Accessories and Gear

Let’s dive straight into the creme-de-la-creme of travel gift ideas that’ll make any frequent traveler jump in glee.


1. Away - The Bigger Carry-On

Photo from Away Travel

Meet The Bigger Carry-On by Away. It’s not just any suitcase; it’s the James Bond of suitcases. Sleek, stylish, and with a built-in battery to boot.

Why folks will love it: Ever seen someone gracefully glide through the airport while also charging their phone? No? Gift this, and you will.


2. eBags Classic Packing Cubes

Photo from ebags

If you want to organize like a boss, consider this a travel essential! With the eBags Classic Packing Cubes, your travel gear goes from messy pile to neatly filed.

Why folks will love it: This is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys unzipping their suitcase and finding a color-coordinated, Tetris-like masterpiece!


3. Cabeau Evolution S3 Neck Pillow and Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask

Photo from Cabeau

Let’s be honest, airplane neck cramps? No, thank you! Get a Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow and match it with the velvety embrace of the Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask for a cramp-free trip.

Why folks will love it: Perfect for the avid traveler. It’s like gifting someone a first-class upgrade without the hefty price tag.


4. EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter

Photo from EPICKA

Power up anywhere from Timbuktu to Tokyo with the EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter. This little gadget’s got the power (literally) to fit in over 150 countries.

Why folks will love it: Playing “will my plug fit?” is a game nobody wants to play.


Travel Tech and Gadgets

Every modern nomad knows that the right gadget can elevate any travel experience. From pocket-sized powerhouses to nifty innovations, here are some travel gift ideas to revolutionize the way any gift recipient with wanderlust roams!


5. GoPro HERO11 Black

Photo from GoPro

Dive, fly, or trek; capture it all in jaw-dropping clarity with the GoPro HERO11 Black. It’s not just a camera; it’s your ticket to relive every adrenaline-pumping second.

Why folks will love it: With its unbeatable ruggedness and the ability to make anyone feel like they’re shooting a National Geographic documentary, this is one of the best gift ideas for anyone adventurous.


6. Anker Power Banks

Photo from Anker

When you’re out conquering worlds, the last thing you need is a dead phone. Enter Anker’s power banks. Never miss capturing every moment with your phone (or even your laptop!) juiced up.

Why folks will love it: Power on-the-go without the bulk? Yes, please! These power banks will make the perfect gifts for travelers, whether they’re up for international travel or a simple weekend getaway.


7. Kindle Paperwhite – Waterproof with 2x Storage

Photo from Amazon Kindle

Beach reads or mountain tales, the Kindle Paperwhite is your library without bounds. Plus, a splash or two won’t rain on your reading parade!

Why folks will love it: Lightweight reading for heavy readers. One of the best travel gifts for the voracious traveler who can’t decide on just one book.


8. Sony WH-1000XM4 - Noise-Canceling Wireless Headphones

Photo from Sony

Tune into tranquility amidst the chaos. Sony’s noise-canceling wireless headphones are one of the best gifts for travelers who need a silent retreat.

Why folks will love it: Perfect for drowning out airplane hums or bustling market noises. It’s an auditory oasis wherever you go.


Safety and Security

Travel tales should be filled with wonder, not woes. These are perfect gifts for travelers who make security their priority! Ensure that the only unexpected surprises on your trips are the delightful kind!


9. Pacsafe Portable Safe

Photo from Pacsafe

Security meets portability. Perfect for business travelers, the Pacsafe Portable Safe is a personal vault on the go.

Why folks will love it: Light yet tough, this bag keeps prying hands at bay, making beach days or hostel stays carefree. Keep your passport holder and documents folder safe in this handy bag.


10. She’s Birdie Personal Alarm Keychain

Photo from She’s Birdie in Amazon

A siren in your pocket! She’s Birdie personal safety alarm is a loud call for attention when you need it the most.

Why folks will love it: Compact yet mighty, get these as travel gifts for people who often fly solo and want an added layer of protection in unfamiliar locales.


11. Zero Grid RFID Blocking Wallet

Photo from Zero Grid in Amazon

Invisible armor for your cards. This RFID blocking wallet by Zero Grid ensures digital pickpockets get nada, zilch, nothing!

Why folks will love it: Sleek in design but solid in function, this wallet’s a modern-day hero keeping identity theft villains at bay.


12. Addalock Portable Door Lock

Photo from Addalock

Turn any door into a fortress. With this Portable Door Lock, ensure your temporary abode stays intrusion-free.

Why folks will love it: A game-changer for frequent travelers. Whether in a BnB or a hotel, they sleep soundly knowing they’ve added an extra lock to their safety.


Travel Comfort and Convenience

These travel gifts are for jet setters and road trippers who want (need) unmatched comfort and convenience on every journey, no matter the distance.


13. Wellow Compression Socks

Photo from Wellow

Step up the travel game with Wellow’s compression socks. Designed to boost circulation and reduce leg fatigue, they’re a traveler’s secret weapon for long-haul flights or extensive walking days.

Why folks will love it: Say goodbye to swollen feet and hello to comfy strides! These socks are a game-changer for keeping legs fresh during and post-travel.


14. Sawyer Mini Water Filtration Straw

Photo from Sawyer

Drink up without worries with a Sawyer mini water filtration straw. Ensure safe, clean water no matter where the journey takes you.

Why folks will love it: It’s compact, efficient, and crucial for places with questionable water quality. Health is wealth, especially when traveling.


15. LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle

Photo from LifeStraw

Drink up, adventurers, without a worry in the world! The LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle turns questionable water sources into refreshing sips.

Why folks will love it: Quenching thirst safely on global escapades just got a makeover. A must-have for off-the-beaten-path adventurers and sustainability champions.


16. Pack-It Isolate Clean/Dirty Cube

Photo from Backcountry

Separate the clean from the not-so-clean with ease. This packing cube is a compact solution for on-the-go laundry organization.

Why folks will love it: No more plastic bags or mixing dirty clothes with clean ones. It’s all about organization and freshness, even on the move.


Subscriptions and Memberships for Vacationers

Grab a cuppa and get cozy, because we’re about to deep dive into the kind of gifts that keep on giving! Here’s a lineup of subscription services that’ll make any traveler’s heart do the cha-cha.


17. Super Duolingo or Rosetta Stone Subscription

Photo by freepik

Ever dreamed of haggling prices in fluent Spanish at a Barcelona market? Well, here’s your shot! With Duolingo Plus or Rosetta Stone, becoming a global chatterbox just got easier.

Why folks will love it: It’s like having a passport to blend in anywhere. Plus, “Lost in Translation” moments? Not on their watch!


18. Audible Subscription

Photo by freepik

The journey might be long, but with an Audible subscription, travelers can immerse themselves in riveting audiobooks, transforming layovers into gripping adventures.

Why folks will love it: Long flights, train rides, or lazy beach days become infinitely more engaging with a vast library of stories and knowledge at their fingertips.


19. Music Streaming: Spotify Premium or Apple Music

Photo by freepik

Cut through the silence in every traveling experience with some beats! Be it Spotify or Apple Music, getting your loved one a subscription means turning their ordinary travels into cinematic experiences.

Why folks will love it: The power to personalize a trip’s soundtrack means traveling through the hills with rock classics or relaxing on a beach with soothing tunes. Every destination gets its own vibe, making memories even more melodious.


Food and Drink Lovers On-the-Go

Hungry for adventure? We’re serving up some scrumptiously fun travel gifts that’ll make anyone’s journey as delicious as they are memorable. Bon appétit, travelers!


20. BroBasket’s Customizable Liquor Basket

Photo from BroBasket

Enjoy drinks from around the world without leaving your vacation spot! With BroBasket’s selection of international alcohols, you can taste flavors from different countries right on your hammock or sunlounger. Cheers to worldwide drinks without the jet lag!

Why folks will love it: Ever dreamed of sipping on Kentucky bourbon, Dutch vodka, Mexican tequila, Irish whiskey, and good ole craft beer all in one vacation? With options to add bottles like Jack Daniel’s, El Jimador Reposado Tequila, or Blue Moon, BroBasket will transform any getaway into a global tasting tour.


21. BroBasket’s Fitness BroBox

Photo from BroBasket

This is for our wanderlusters who can’t leave their workout routine behind, even on vacation.

Why folks will love it: Vacation doesn’t mean leaving behind healthy habits! The Fitness BroBox comes packed with healthy picks like 180 Snacks variety pack, fruit and nut bars, and more! And if you’re looking for a protein punch? There’s Pure Protein Bar and Whey Protein Powder to fuel your travel workouts. It’s the ideal companion for health-conscious travelers!


22. AeroPress Portable Coffee Maker

Photo from AeroPress

Can’t survive without your favorite cup of coffee? Neither can we! The AeroPress Portable Coffee Maker ensures that a stellar cuppa is always just a press away.

Why folks will love it: On mountain peaks or in bustling cities, this gadget’s got coffee aficionados covered. Brew-tifully simple—and delicious!


23. Swig Life Insulated Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler

Photo from Swig Life

Cheers to maintaining the perfect sip temperature! Swig Life’s insulated stainless steel wine tumbler is elegance, efficiency, and excitement all wrapped in one shiny package.

Why folks will love it: Wine on the beach or a cold brew in the woods? This tumbler keeps drinks just right and spill-free!


Sail Away!

All these may be the finest travel-themed gifts, but remember, the most memorable trips are made up of tiny moments, thoughtful gestures, and the perfect travel companion—be it a book, gadget, or accessory. With this guide in hand, you’re not just gifting items but experiences, memories, and a pinch of wanderlust. So, whether you’re the traveler or the gift-giver, here’s to many more adventures, stories, and unforgettable horizons. Safe travels and happy gifting!