Here is our full list of FAQs ready at your disposal!

What type of corporate gifts do you offer?

We create unique and personal gifts  for your company, clients and events, and we’re committed to providing great taste, comfort and joy with every delivery.  Our corporate gifts can be standalone items such as  engraved products and spirit items. Or, they can be  the more  customized snack/liquor gift basket,  equipped with  featured or specially sourced  spirit items and goodies.

Where do products ship from?  


Do you ship internationally?

We unfortunately do not!

Which shipping carriers and methods are available?

UPS Ground, Overnight, 2day, 3day

Can I ship to multiple addresses within one transaction?

 Yes, you may! Once you check out, you can checkout as if you are delivering all of your baskets  to one location.  Before or after your order is replaced, we can collect your additional addresses and upload them into our system.

How much does it cost to ship to different locations?

Shipping costs will vary depending on your recipient's location. If you would like a quote on the estimated shipping charges, please reach out to us! Otherwise, feel free to click here to play with our shipping date calculator.

What if my package arrives damaged? 

If your package arrives damaged, The BroBasket we will be able to offer replacements or a refund, depending on the severity of the damage. In any case where a basket arrives damaged, The BroBasket will require a photo this way a replacement or refund can be facilitated, depending on the circumstances.

Can I build a special basket that is not shown on the website?

Yes, and we can customize every facet of it, down to the stuffing in the basket! 

Who do I contact  for a quote?

Call us at 844-446-2443 and ask for a corporate gifting specialist. We will be happy to assist your throughout the entire process.

Can I request products that are not on your website?

Yes!  If you are looking for us to outsource special products, we will be able to provide more details the moment you reach out to us regarding the request and provide more details to us!

Do you offer corporate/ order size discounts?

Yes, we do!  You will just want to give us a ring to discuss what we can do for you!

Can I add my own company merch/swag to the  gifts?

Yes, you may! We also store many of our client’s merchandise in our warehouse for future events!

Can I whitelabel the baskets?

Yes, we can swap out our branded items with non-branded ones for you! We can also use your company logo to brand the baskets  for no additional cost. 

Which products are available for engraving?

You have the ability to engrave cigar cases, flasks, glasses, coasters  and bottles  with your company name or logo

How do I add my custom engraving/logo  through your portal?

You will be able to add your company logo in the checkout process.

If we are preparing a special order for you, we will collect this before or during the  checkout process!

Can I see a picture of my basket before it goes out?

Of course! We will take as many photos as necessary to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your gifts presentation!

Can I change the basket that the gift comes in?

This is definitely possible!  Please reach out to us and let us know what you are looking for! 

How does customization impact lead time?

This will depend on the type of customization you are looking for. 

-  If you are intending to engrave numerous items, we will be able to provide a time estimate the moment we get details on the  order size! 

-If you are looking for us to outsource special products, we will be able to provide a time estimate the moment we get details on the request/ order size!

What if we don’t know all recipients’ addresses?

-It is quite okay if you do not know the addresses  prior to placing your order.

You will just want to ensure that you get these addresses to us in time to ship your baskets to your recipient! 

How long will shipping take?

 We offer UPS ground ,Overnight, 2day, 3day

Ground can take anywhere between 1-5 days, depending on the location of your recipient. Click here to play with our shipping date calculator and see where your recipient stands!

Can we use our own shipping account?

This is unfortunately not currently possible. 

Can I schedule eGiftcards ahead of time?

Yes, we will  only have your gift card delivered on the day of your choice!

How do I track my orders?

You will receive tracking information for all of your orders once the packages are shipped!

Will my recipient see the gift’s price?

No, we do not send any receipts or invoices with our shipments.

Do you offer non-alcoholic alternative beverages?

Yes, we do - Check out our range here